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Disney Parks Blog Readers ‘Recruit’ Guests for Tomorrowland

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Did you see the new film “Tomorrowland” over the weekend? On Friday, May 22, 500 Disney Parks Blog readers were treated to a special screening of the film – and were then made honorary Tomorrowland recruiters. Armed with Tomorrowland pins, our group returned to Magic Kingdom Park to search for brilliant minds and optimistic people who could shape the future.

Check out all the fun that they had during the screening.


  • It’s definitely more of an action-packed thesis than a movie, but it’s one heck of a ride and I left the theatre feeling, “oh, THAT’S what possibility feels like!” The creators did a phenomenal job of translating Walt’s optimism and human optimism from the past to today’s world. It’s deep, for sure, probably beyond the patience of the summer crowds (anyone notice how George Clooney’s character parts ways with Tomorrowland, Athena, and his optimism in the 1980’s? Not an arbitrary plot-device). Still, I got a lot out of it and I hope that kids do, too. It’s a Great Big Beautiful one. 😉

  • Personally I didn’t go due to lack of money. When I saw the one commercial that drew me in, the one where the little boy is on small world, I decided to buy it on dvd so that if I am going to spend a bunch of money I can watch it more than once. I think the biggest problem with tomorrowland is despite seeing over ten commercials or trailers I still have no idea what in the world it is supposed to be about. If your customers can’t figure out what the movie is about then they probably won’t make an effort to pay hard earned cash to see it. There are a few sparks of potential I have seen but nothing with an overall I need to see what happens plot.

  • Absolutely agree with Tyler; this is a terrific movie that deserves more acclaim than it’s getting. If you’re “on the fence” about seeing it, Go! The acting, special effects, cinematography, and message are outstanding. Walt himself would love this one.

  • Agreed, Tyler. It seems like people are skipping out on this one like they skipped out on “The Rocketeer.” The good news? The Rocketeer is hailed as a classic two decades later. I think there’s a whole generation who will reflect on “Tomorrowland” very nostalgically in the future, hopefully demonstrating its phenomenal, daring message.

  • I can’t figure out why but it seems like few outside of the Disney fan community even gave Tomorrowland a chance, and they’re definitely missing out on a brilliant movie

  • Hey, look, it’s my son and I!!! Thank you, Disney Parks Blog for inviting us to join you in filming this video!!!

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