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Fetch New Disney Tails Pet Products This Spring at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


Disney Tails, a new line of pet products for dogs, will be coming to Disney Parks this spring. You may recall a sneak preview of these items during the dog days of summer last August. I recently caught up with the Souvenirs department at Disney Theme Park Merchandise to get a first look.

Fetch New Disney Tails Pet Products This Spring at Disney Parks Fetch New Disney Tails Pet Products This Spring at Disney Parks

Guests will find several colorful leashes with matching collars that give a slight nod to Mickey Mouse. There will also be a personalized dog tag that comes with easy-to-apply letters and numbers.


Other items will include a collection of toys inspired by Mickey and Minnie Mouse and iconic food from Disney Parks. The Mickey Premium ice cream bar looks so real that I wanted to eat it.


The team produced a handful of apparel items including bow ties, neck ties and a collection of bandanas. I particularly liked the scarf featuring Dug from Disney-Pixar’s “Up” (Squirrel!!). There are also some Pirates of the Caribbean authentic bandanas containing new artwork being introduced this year.


To round out the assortment, there will be four dog bowls each with embossed Mickey Mouse icons.

Look for Disney Tails items to arrive this spring in select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

Look for select items on the Disney Parks online store at


  • Hi. I came back from Disneyland beginning of July and the only products I found were the chew toys. I don’t see them on-line either! Where can I can the little ears and the squirrel! bandana? Thanks!

  • Hi! I’m going to Disney World in September.Where and what parks can I find the Disney Tails Collection for pets? This is so cute and a great souvenir for my Yorkie.

  • Ok, I understand you only released dog items. But if you had bowls for smaller dogs, they could be used by both cats & dogs – same with smaller collars with Mickey’s on them but not dog prints.

  • Just returned from Disney, and for anyone needing a collar over the size of small….they only have them at downtown Disney. You can find XS and Small at any of the parks, but anything over that is only at Downtown Disney and Fort Wilderness.

  • Master Gracey (our yorkie poo) is looking fabulous in his Haunted Mansion bow tie! Can I tell you how excited I was to be at the Emporium the day they first went on the shelves? I love these products and his Mickey ears chew toy is holding up nicely. LOVE THIS!!!!


  • Steven you should give away to guests which have Service Dogs chasing squirrels. Heard about one Service Dog from a Cast Member who was a manager and told me one SD barked non-stop at a squirrel.

    ERRT, Emergency Rapid Response Team, which has a Service Dog for Veterans Suicide Prevention Program. All our Program Dogs are named after Disney Princesses and Female Disney Characters. Could you make bandanas for them.

    You saw two of them at Star Wars Weekend, Tink and Honey. Tink is in the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards this year. She is in the Service Dog category.

    Honey is the one I am training for an Autistic Child and will be passed the leash in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom. Could you gather all your Disney Executives for June 15th in front of the gates at Cinderella’s Castle. And, make a child’s wish come true? And, bring in some of the dog gear which you have planned.

    For all the hard work ERRT does you know I love that R2-D2 luggage roll on and donate it to ERRT. We could use it to transport our work clothes when we do Disaster Response.

    ERRT’s next dog to train will be a Golden Retriever. It is for a child which has a brain tumor, whom we met at Walt Disney World. She lives in Arizona and Canine Companions for Independence cannot give her a Service Dog due to her age. ERRT is taking a time out and train a Service Dog for her as soon as Cinderella and Honey are with their new handlers.

    Welcome to Walt Disney World where ERRT trains Service Dogs for Veterans and disabled children 12 and under.

    If you could make a Tinker Bell Hat for Tink.

    If you have time I will be by Star Wars Weekend constantly training. So look for us.


    I am a huge huge fan of the Pixar Movie “UP”, I have a hand-made Russell costume complete with my own Ellie badge, hat, sash, backpack and other essentials for Halloween and my trusty DUG(Boarder-Collie) sits by my side when we pass out Halloween candy.

    I cannot wait until I can purchase him a (or 5) of the Dug bandanas!!! Wish they were one of the items available online as I would be buying them now.

    “I have just met you and I love you”

  • It would be nice to be able to order more of it online. The ID tag and collars in particular…

  • We were down there in March and were looking for some things for our pooch. I was shocked that Disney didn’t have a pet product line! I think y’all overheard my wife and I talking about this and finally got to it! So really, it was my idea, and thanks you! 😉

  • Here’s another vote for cats stuff – we were just at Disney in March and said how we’d love to bring home things for our furbabies!

  • Quit trying to make Fetch happen Gretchen. 😉 Joking aside, I am so excited about all the dog stuff but especially the Haunted Mansion bow! I can’t wait to buy most of it. Good work team!

    • @Anjanette – Ha! Ha! Ha! Nice reference. I’m glad to hear you liked the items. 🙂

  • I was also really excited thinking I’d be able to get something for my two cats. Maybe I’ll purchase the adorable collars anyway to see if they’re small enough. Cats are as big as small dogs anyway, right? 🙂

  • Where’s the love for hedgehogs and prairie dogs?

    Most Disney cats are villians!

    • @Mike – Ha! Don’t let the cats hear you. I don’t know of any plans for items for such pets. 🙂

  • Just wanted to add my wish to see kitty products. I always want to bring my cats a Disney present, like many other pet parents. My cats used to love the catnip balls and I still have many of the bowls I purchased in the past. Kitties deserve equal treatment in this new line of Disney Tails!

    • @Kathy – Thank you for your feedback.

  • Which Disney shops will carry this merchandise?

    • @Tammie – Here are a few locations where you may find select items at Walt Disney World Resort:

      – World of Disney and Marketplace Fun Finds – Downtown Disney Marketplace
      – Emporium – Magic Kingdom Park
      – Mouse Gear – Epcot
      – Once Upon a Time – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
      – Island Mercantile – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

      The items will most likely be set in June at Disneyland Resort locations. When that happens, please visit these stores:
      – World of Disney – Downtown Disney District
      – Pioneer Mercantile, Bonanza Outfitters, Pooh Corner – Disneyland park
      – Trolley Treats – Disney California Adventure Park

  • I have cats, and I would spend $$ on each one! I was hoping to pick up some new collars for them in June, but no cat collars. I’ll keep spending my cash at Vera Bradley!

  • how much are the pet bowls? and are they small dog friendly? I have a yorkie who would love them! Also where in disneyland will they be available? 🙂

    • @Michelle – The dog bowls have a retail of $16.95 each (plus tax). Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

      The bowls measure approximately 9 1/2″ wide and 3 3/4″ tall. They might be a little high for your dog.

      The items are due to arrive at some point in June at Disneyland Resort. They will be offered in the following locations when that happens:
      – World of Disney – Downtown Disney District
      – Pioneer Mercantile, Bonanza Outfitters, Pooh Corner – Disneyland park
      – Trolley Treats – Disney California Adventure Park

  • OMG! Finally! I have sorely missed the pet items since the pet shop closed in Downtown Disney! THANK YOU!

  • Love that the collars have sturdy metal buckles. Will there be sizes for larger dogs? I would love to pick up a leash and collar for Figment, our Shar-Pei.

    • @Brian – From my understanding, the collars are one size fits all. They seemed big to me and could fit a wide range of sizes.

  • Where’s the stuff for cats?!

    • @Meredith – The dog ate it? 🙂 In all seriousness, there may be cat items in the future. This first assortment is focused on dogs.

  • Steven, is there any update on the New cast member pins that were supposed to come out in April? I’m really looking forward to collecting the necktie pins, but I’ve been checking on a weekly basis and cast members say they have yet to receive anything.

    • @Nick – Great question. I’ve contacted the Disney pin team and will follow up once I receive a response.

  • I’m seriously the happiest dog mom! I hope they’re available the first week of June so I can get those cute little bow ties for my sweet baby! His name is Sampson and he doesn’t know it, but he’s a Disney fan, too. 🙂

    • @Gena – Several of the items are currently available at Disney Parks now. Hope you have a great trip.

  • Yes – I’m glad I’m not alone in noticing the complete lack of items for the cats in our Disney families. My little Dinah loves to get dressed up and it’s disappointing that Disney is ignoring all the creative possibilities of cat merchandise.
    With the extensive list of iconic cat characters throughout Disney films, I’m surprised that cats are so vastly underepresented when it comes to Disney merchandise as a whole – especially as the popularity of cats in social media and in society continues to rise.

    • @Mary Beth and Michael – Thanks for the feedback. This first assortment is focused on dogs. There may be future items for cats but nothing confirmed right now. The development team is aware of your comments. Thank you.

  • I agree we have a cat and would love to see something for him. He loved the cat treats we would bring him home each year when we would visit. Please consider us cat people to.

  • What about cat stuff?

    • @Barb – This first wave is focused on dogs. There may be cat items in the future. I have a black tuxedo cat named Kevin Flynn yet I highly doubt he would wear a bow tie for me. Ha!

  • Please think about adding ceramic pet dishes. Alot of pet parents will not used rubber or plastic dishes. I LOVE the new pink collar and leash set. Belle will be getting the leash soon. 🙂

    • @Robin – Thanks for the feedback.

  • I agree with Andrew! I was excited to read this post to see what I could buy for my cat, but saw it was only dog items…

    • @Anon – This initial assortment features items for dogs. There may be a future assortment for cats but nothing confirmed at this time. I’m a cat person too. 🙂

  • Happy to see the return of the pet products! My pup needs a Disney collar so that everyone in the family is in on the Disney paraphernalia!

  • I’d be more interested in these products if it looked like Disney Tails Pet Products understood that “pet” and “dog” are not synonyms.

  • This is what I’ve been waiting for! Rudy is going to look so good in his Disney merch!

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