Find Your Favorite Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Souvenir During our 24-Hour Event

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

With so many dazzling Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration merchandise choices, it wasn’t hard to get caught up in the excitement during our recent shopping adventures at the Disneyland Resort. Ashley and I were all ears trying to find out what Disney fans were buzzing about!

It took Ashley and I only a moment to find our favorites.

Michelle is All Ears for Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Buzz Ashley is All Ears for Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Buzz

Erin continued to dazzle us, setting her sights on the Diamond Collection. Something sparkly for America’s Sweetheart!


What about Tyler? Well he couldn’t resist keeping us on track with the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration train.


Last but not least, Rachel loved the Diamond Celebration ALEX AND ANI bangles so much that she got one for her mom, too!


Where have your shopping adventures taken you Diamond Celebration so far?


  • I was so sad this weekend when I went to Disney and the did not have the crystal encrusted Minnie ears. Do you know if they are going to come back? We got several cast members telling us they were limited edition and they will not be back, and some that said they might come back. Several girls after I asked had the same question. My sister and I really want them! Thank you for the information!

  • Another question for you..I noticed there is a new piece by the Thomas Kinkade Collection for the 60th. Is this available as just a deluxe matted print/unframed? (If so, could I get the SKU?)


  • Michelle, I have a couple more questions:

    Would it be possible to get the sku for the small resin castle (for 6/22!)?

    For the Decades art that releases on 5/28 by Jeff Granito, will the deluxe print be open edition?

    Last, during the 24 hour party, Tyler was wearing a Disneyland 60 black jacket (I know it’s pictured on a couple of Rachel’s posts). Will this item be made available to guests??

  • Got there at 5am and wasn’t able to buy a 24 hour pin because people were buying them up to resell. Very disappointed. Was told different locations for the nice Minnie ears too and they sold out before I could buy them. I hope you guys at least bring the ears back. Overall I was disappointed with how merchandise was handled for the event.

    • Kelly, the ears may have been out for a brief moment but I assure you they were there Friday afternoon, even I bought a pair.

  • I got my Minnie Ears headband and blue mug (that I can’t WAIT to use) a pin, but I totally forgot to grab a bracelet! I guess I’ll just have to head back 😉

  • Love all the merchandise!!! I would love to buy some merchandise to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th Birthday. I live in Australia, so if there any way for me to buy merchandise online? Thanks

    • Christine, you can certainly contact our Disney Merchandise Guest Services team after June 22. Or check online via in mid-August.

  • Any new 2015 Disney Dollars on sale?

    • Hi Stanley, I haven’t seen them yet.

  • question on the ADORABLE ears: Are those limited production or will they be continuously restocked throughout the year? As a big fan of the ears, it would be sad to not be able to get those today and see them scalped on ebay.

    • Karen, no need to worry. The ear hats will be available throughout the celebration.

  • Michelle,

    Did you say there is a small resin figure of the castle for the 60th anniversary? Has that been released yet??

    • Hi Jonathan! Yes, there is indeed a smaller resin Sleeping Beauty Castle figure available in our locations like China Closet, World of Disney Store, etc.

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