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First Look: Cinderella Castle Adds Regal Turrets at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Throughout the year, we’ve been bringing you updates on the enhancements that are being made in the Central Plaza area between the end of Main Street and Cinderella Castle, which include new pathways, gardens, and fireworks viewing areas.


Today we’re happy to share a first look at another milestone for the area – the addition of new turrets that flank Cinderella Castle. The turrets extend the castle’s royal look across the new expanded area.

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  • The surrounding moat with the ducks swimming along added to the enchantment of the Castle… I wish they had kept it intact. The Castle won’t be the same without it 🙁

  • I’ve been coming to Disney World forever! At MK I could see the Fireworks from anywhere on Main St. and the left of Casey’s Corner and the right Ice Cream Parlor… what’s the Deal with the Fast Pass??? So, if I don’t use a FP I won’t be able to See the Fireworks… are you serious??? The $$$$$ people Pay at the MK should be Served w/ popcorn… even with a seat!!!

  • We were just there and the grounds are beautiful that they have added to enjoy the viewing for fireworks. The added pathways are nice and the turrents will be an added addition to the Castle when completed. Not happy, that the viewing area is a FP. I believe the FP’s are getting out of hand. This viewing area should be open to all the guests enjoying the Magic Kingdom and the end of their day. If they want to limit the people in there, then do so, but take away the FP and count people going in.
    Thank you

  • looks cool! I love that the Disney parks are always adding new features 🙂

  • Very nice! It is almost as beautiful as it was the night I stayed there.

  • Turrets are still under tarps, and Partners statue is still in its box.

  • So that’s what was under those tree like boxes!

  • We were at the MK today (Thursday) and had our photos taken in front of the Castle. There were several large items covered in fabric printed with lush landscaping. (Similar to the false fronts that drape main street when there is construction going on in the buildings façade.) Possibly they were covering the turrets, but there was no evidence of any turrets that we saw. That was as of 7:00 pm.

  • I was at the Magic Kingdom this evening, the turrets were still behind tarps, and the Partners statue was under a box.

    Will they be unveiled tomorrow for the 24 hour event?

  • Please make a place that people in wheel chairs can watch the fireworks at no extra charge. It took me 43 years to get my father to go and he was so disappointed that he couldn’t see! He said he will never go again. I feel so bad about that and I can never get that moment back.

  • I can’t wait to see it on December 2015!

  • I pledge allegiance to The New Turrets and the new central plaza for which they stand . And to the imagineers who came up with it and built it ,
    The spirits of the Magic Kingdom are smiling upon you .
    At least in my view , the Magic Kingdom is getting what it has been needing for the longest time at long last .

  • Looks great! And I have to say the comments here in this section get stranger and stranger every day……SMH.

  • Each time we would like to go to the MK it is Blocked out or it is just so busy and crowded no places to walk around. The Bigger park is Epcot. I know not many rides but a little easier to walk around.
    If you can not stand at the Train Station to watch the Fire works where else that is either not blocked out by fast pass people or some event. Just like Epcot you want to see the fireworks from the lake but you can not since they always have some kind of event going on and it is blocked out from viewing unless you pay for that area.

  • Can’t wait to see them in person this August!

  • You are correct, these turrets are being used to control projectors and more in Central Plaza and castle.

  • When will this start? I am going in august and really would hate to see the castle covered up for my friend’s first visit.

    • The turrets debuted at the park today. 🙂

  • Well looks good but have you got rid of the smoking sections no one likes to walk past those any more. More Trees would be nice. How much for the special sections to view the Fire works and how many days ahead of time for the special locations to view the parade and Fireworks????

  • I’m pretty sure they are housing the projectors for the castle.

  • If i had to guess, the turrets are going to house the show production equipment. There used to be two small unmarked buildings on either side of the castle where cast members who ran the shows in front of the castle could control the sound and special effects. I’m not sure how much detail is in this picture, but those building seem to be missing, as far as I can tell.

  • Is Walt Disney still in a box? Will he be out of his box tomorrow?

  • This looks absolutely beautiful. I love seeing all the new enhancements coming to Magic Kingdom.

  • It looks like the turrets on the far right and far left are larger. Are they going to house anything, like a food stand or something?

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