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First Look: Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Souvenir Vintage Stein

Over the past few months, I’ve teased some of the new souvenir novelty food and beverage items created for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration — like the balloon-inspired popcorn buckets, and the artwork for popcorn buckets and hot mugs. Today, I’m showing you my personal favorite of the 60th anniversary items.


This stunning souvenir vintage stein features whimsical representations of favorite lands and attractions, and is topped with Sleeping Beauty Castle. This plastic stein is lightweight enough to carry around at the park, while being beautiful enough to display on a shelf (which is exactly what I’m planning to do).

Look for the stein, in addition to other specialty food and beverage items when the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration kicks off on May 22.

Cheers to 60 years!


  • Will these be available throughout the park or only at a few select locations?

  • Where will this be located for sale at the Parks?

    • Select food and beverage locations throughout Disneyland Park. 🙂

  • I’m going to need to get a second job! So much great merchandise!!

  • I agree with Don. So many cool things!

  • If I may ask, what is the Retail price of this stein?

    • The stein with soda will cost $10.19 (plus tax).

  • Long shot, I know, but will these be available online/through mail at all? I really like that design, but we’re headed to WDW this year. 🙂

    • Hi Mike, Unfortunately the Souvenir Vintage Stein will only be available at select food and beverage locations in Disneyland Park.

  • Where in the parks will this be sold?? Which food and beverage? How tall is this?

  • Those are plastic??? Looks AWESOME!!! Cant wait to go get one of these babies!!

  • You lost me at plastic. Seriously, I have this gorgeous ceramic and pewter EPCOT stein I bought in the Germany pavilion Stein Haus. Why couldn’t you have done something like that for the 60th?

  • To go with Judy’s question, How many ounces will it hold?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Looks a lot more expensive than it is! I’ll be picking one up for sure.

  • Wow, I love it. One more thing I’ll be dragging around the park all night. Lol

  • It’s actually stunning. It’s definitely going to be on my ‘need to purchase’ list.

  • Love special merchandise… but do we really need a beer stein for a park that does not sell alcoholic beverages?

  • I saw it last night while standing in line at the Stage Door Cafe. So obviously, they are selling them at that location. very impressive looking. I had no idea it was plastic

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