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Humphrey’s Service & Supplies Sets Up Shop When Grizzly Peak Airfield Opens May 15 at Disney California Adventure Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

With so many exciting changes coming when the new Grizzly Peak Airfield opens May 15 at Disney California Adventure park, I bet you’re curious about the location formerly known as Fly n’ Buy. Wonder no more!

Humphrey’s Service & Supplies at Disney California Adventure Park

Humphrey’s Service & Supplies will be the “campers welcome” headquarters of Grizzly Peak – that type of small-town gas station, general store or “vacationer’s paradise” that you might find on a trip through California’s majestic Sierra Nevada mountains. The location is named for Humphrey the Bear, a scruffy, snack-loving bear who appeared in several Disney animated shorts in the 1950s.

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Walt Disney Imagineering show writer Carolyn Gardner, who had this to say about the new location: “Humphrey’s Service & Supplies is an homage to the roadside stops of the late 1950s and early 1960s when families packed up the station wagon and set out on vacation. My family took long trips like that, and in the summer, we rolled down all the windows because our station wagon didn’t have air conditioning. When we’d spot a gas station, dad would fill up the car and we kids would run to pick out a cold drink from the soda machine. First thing I’d do was put that icy cold glass bottle on my forehead and neck, just to cool off.”

Humphrey’s Service & Supplies will have all the ‘bear’ necessities you’ll need for a day trip, or even a hike through the Disneyland Resort. Happy campers will find gear for their Junior Rangers, as well fleece and hats, or if you’re more apt to ‘bear’ (or bare) your shoulders, there’s even a tank top. Hunting for more? Keep an eye out for camping essentials themed to the great outdoors including a thermos, lunchbox, lantern and card games.

Also opening with Grizzly Peak Airfield on May 15 will be Soarin’ Over California, with updates to its screen and projection system. Don’t miss this visually enhanced guest favorite!


  • I remember the Humphrey cartoons. I saw a few online (probably posted illegally).
    Is the reference to Humphrey still in the Hungry Bear restaurant in Critter Country?

    Will Humphrey be making appearances?

    • Hey Jeff! I’m actually not sure about the reference at Hungry Bear Restaurant. But I’ll certainly take a look the next time I’m out there and let you know. As for an opportunity to meet Humphrey. There are currently no sightings of Humphrey planned, especially since he lives in Brownstone National Park.

  • Pick it up, put it in the bag bump-bump! This is exciting news. Hopefully we will be able to meet Humphrey and take photos with him

    • That’s actually a favorite cartoon of mine!

  • I know my son would absolutely love a Humphrey plushie. I bet he’s not alone! 🙂

  • Will they sell poke sticks to pick up trash? Preferably ones that play the ‘bump bump’ song 🙂

    • What a fun idea Janelle! Unfortunately not at this time.

  • Now if only there is a building name after Ranger Woodlore.

  • Love me some Humphrey the Bear. Those cartoons remind me of my childhood….

  • Nice. I’m glad that the Imagineers are still able to improve Disney California Adventure. Grizzly Peak Airfield is going to look great.

    • We’re really excited for it Fred! I’m glad you are too.

  • My family and I are huge Humphrey the Bear freaks!!! Please say that there will be some awesome Humphrey merchandise and collectible pins! Thank you for honoring the vintage Disney classic cartoons. Hope to see the Brownstone Park Ranger there too.

  • Cool. Bring on the characters walking around and the toys and some bears in the rapids ride too!

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