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It’s Almost Time for the Diamond Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment


When the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration kicks off May 22, you’re invited to take a trip down the Rabbit Hole and experience the Diamond Mad T Party, a splendiferous new version of the popular nighttime entertainment experience at Disney California Adventure park. Diamond Mad T Party will feature heart-pounding live entertainment, interactive fun and delectable delights all wrapped in sparkling décor and seasoned with some unique tributes to 60 years of Disneyland Resort.

During the Diamond Mad T Party, the main stage explodes in a swirling kaleidoscope of sparkle, shine and sound. The Mad Hatter has assembled the most amazing and talented band this side of Wonderland, featuring live contemporary and classic rock favorites as well as newly mashed-up Disney tunes given a rare Mad T Party twist! And when the band is not onstage, the White Rabbit DJ takes over and plays the latest and hottest dance tunes around.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, our whimsical and mischievous hosts for the party, have taken a trip down the Rabbit Hole and back in time, where they found themselves inside the magical Disney Vault. Eager to share where they have been and what they have seen, Dee and Dum have loaded their trunk and brought back some fanciful artifacts to add to the Hatter’s Diamond Mad T Party!

Nearby at the House of Cards, Mad T Party guests have opportunities aplenty to dance and play along to interactive activities or just chill out with a cold drink from the Drink Me Bar or Chiller truck. New this go ‘round is a fantastical photo location created in the spirit of the Diamond Mad T Party while paying tribute to Disney past.

In addition, fans of the Hottest Deck in Town will be dealt an extremely lucky hand, as the Hollywood Backlot Stage becomes the dazzling new location for this talented dance crew. They will be bringing their high-energy and infectious performances to the party with a brand new look on their brand new stage.

So get practicing your Futterwacken and other dance moves. We’re just a couple weeks away from all the muchness that will be the sparklingly, spectacularly delightful Diamond Mad T Party!


  • Yay!!! So beyond excited!! Is it here to stay again? If not, when is the last day it will be going on??

  • Mad T is my favorite thing and I’m so happy it is coming back! Is it only back for the length of the 60th anniversary festivities, or will it continue on? It’s one of the main reasons I keep my annual pass and I hope it is back indefinitely

  • Couldn’t be happier that the Mad T Party band is coming back – I’ve barely been to the park at all in the months while the show has been on hiatus – the Mad T Party band is my favorite! Don’t really care about losing the arcade or the aerial act – it’s all about the band – and the DJ and dance crew are a bonus!

    I too wonder if we’ll be getting a nice open edition rack pin with that great Diamond T logo on it? Or other merchandise?

  • So HAPPY that the Mad T Party is back!!! We are from FL and this was one of our FAVORITE attractions at DL!!! Wish we had a version in WDW!!!

  • Do we know if there are going to be pins released for this new Mad T Party?

    And also…

    Do we know the show times for the 22nd?

    Just curious lol.

  • Hi Shawn!

    Is the T party expected to resume on the 22nd specifically, or might there be a chance to see the new party next weekend?

    • Andrew – It starts May 22.

  • Are the Queens of the Sky acrobats or something similar coming back also? That was my favorite part of Mad T 🙂

    • Rodolfo – There won’t be an acrobatic act as part of this version of the party, but I think you’re really going to enjoy some of the other surprises the team has in store!

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