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Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar to Open this Fall at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

Tucked in between the soon-to-be-expanded Paradiso 37 and recently opened BOATHOUSE restaurant, a new Disney owned and operated Food & Beverage offering has been taking shape. Today, I’m thrilled to share more details on this aviation-themed lounge, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.


With a prime location along Lake Buena Vista and seating for 150, the venue will feature unique cocktails – such as the “Hovito Mojito” with Barsol Quebranta Pisco, fresh lime juice and simple syrup – and small plates such as “Air Pirates Everything Pretzels” with house-made mustard and beer cheese fondue.

The design team has gone to great lengths to ensure that every element – from the propeller-based ceiling fans and diving bell “booth” to the “Rolling Boulder Meatballs” on the menu – fits within the storyline.


And just what is that story? Ardent fans of the “Indiana Jones” films may recognize Jock Lindsey as Indy’s frequent pilot; he’s also the owner of a pet snake named Reggie – an important detail, trust me on this! In the main room, guests will discover an expansive bar, aviation decor filling the room, vintage travel posters covering the walls and correspondence between Jock, Indy and their fellow adventurers on display. Guests can eat, drink and be merry outside as well, in Jocks’ old steamboat, now in permanent dry dock and aptly named “Reggie;” and in nearby seating on the adjacent deck.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is set to open this fall at Downtown Disney. If you’re as excited about this next adventure as I am, let me know in the comments below!


  • I echo Gina, any idea about making reservations? My next Disney trip is 24 days away and I would love to get my family a reservation.


  • We are hearing it is opening this week but no sign of being able to make reservations. Any ideas of the opening date and when reservations open

  • SUPER EXCITED! We’re big Indiana Jones fans here. Wondering when menus will be posted and when you can make reservations? Will this be a part of the dining plan?

  • Hi, very cool idea , is there going to be a dinner menu ? I will be there from 10/21 – 10/26 this year will it be open ?
    Thanks Tony

  • Any news on when this Resturant is due to open? There is nothing listed on the Resturant list for down town Disney and when you call dining they have little to no information about the Resturant. Looks great would love to be able to dine here with my family.

  • My daughter will be getting married in September at the Wedding Pavilion – does anyone know when the restaurant will be taking reservations? We would love to add that to our list of “must-see-and-do!”

  • Do you know if this will be quick service or table service? I’m hoping for quick serving with ADR like Be Our Guest (of course!)

  • Big Indiana Jones fan here, We have a 2 week vacation planned at Disney for our Honeymoon early September 2015. I’m hoping this is open then 🙂 We already have Cinderella’s Castle and Be Our Guest restaraunts booked, this would be a great addition for our Honeymoon.

  • My wife and I are big Indiana Jones fans, and will be celebrating our 20th anniversary at Walt Disney World this December (we spent our honeymoon there too!). I sure hope Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is open then, because we would absolutely make this a must-see on our visit.

  • Awesome! Do you know if this venue will accept reservations? I hope this be opened by early November!

  • That sounds fantastic – you should get my friend David to come over and hang out there. He’s the spitting image of Harrison Ford!

  • This is great! Will it be appropriate for children? We have a 5-year old who frequently insists on being called Indiana!

  • LOVE that they made an Indiana Jones inspired restaurant. It’s one of my favorite movies, can’t wait to go!

  • If Chilled Monkey Brains is not on the menu, then really, What is the point?

  • Awesome to hear about this! WDW needed more Indiana Jones flavor to the WDW resort and this is perfect!

  • I’m really glad to hear that this will be a Disney operated restaurant. I’ve generally enjoyed the Disney resort restaurants and the signature in-park restaurants more than the 3rd party restaurants in Downtown Disney over the last decade.

    It’s sad to see that this great looking new restaurant is replacing the old Adventurers Club. But I remain hopeful that with all the new space in Downtown Disney, that Disney will find room for some entertainment venues like the old AC and Comedy Warehouse.

  • Sounds great! Any idea of exactly when it will open?

  • I am excited about the new restaurants! I am not thrilled with Paradiso 37. In my opinion the food is not to Disney standards. The service is mediocre. I wish they would bring back the Adventurer’s Club. At least it was out of the ordinary with excellent service and entertainment.

  • Wow, looks grat! Brings to mind the old Adventurer’s Club to me, and how fantastic that place was – still can’t believe it’s gone in some ways, and nothing in that space after several years…maybe Jock’s will provide the Indy Jones type of vibe that was called to mind at AC – guess there’s no plans in the works to revive that old charmer…but maybe some of the magic will be in Jock’s or at least give that same kind of enjoyment…can’t wait to check it out, stroll the lake with that cool mojito!

    • If you loved the Adventurers Club, check out Steven Miller’s latest story about some new merchandise coming soon to Disney Parks: — there’s a T-shirt I’m certain you’ll want!

  • Oh this is awesome! We are heading down in October I hope it’s open by then. The scene with Indy and Reggie is one of the most memorable and one of the best from all the Indiana Jones movies

  • This looks very cool but like much like Indy I prefer not to be around “Reggies” I will probably skip this one.

  • This is really good to hear. I can’t wait enjoy a new Indiana Jones environment. I’m also an avid listener of Ed’s (see above) podcast, The IndyCast, so I’d love to hear an interview with an Imagineer on there sometime.

  • Nice! What month exactly is it opening, anyone know?

  • You know that the big body of water adjacent to Downtown Disney isn’t Lake Buena Vista, right? LBV is on the other side of Buena Vista Drive, near the hotels on Hotel Plaza Blvd.

  • This sounds AWESOME. As a huge fan of Trader Sam’s, I’m curious about any similarities. are you able to comment at this time if Jock Lindsey’s will have any souvenir mugs or “surprises” when certain drinks are ordered?

    • Jared, Benjamin and Belinda, looks like you’re all avid mug collectors! Good news, there will be special mugs for certain drinks — stay tuned for more details to emerge as the opening date nears later this fall.

  • Can’t wait to make the trek from Australia to see this! We will be covering this on the next episode of IndyCast – hopefully we can get some Imagineers on a future show to discuss their insights into designing the bar…and maybe some news on Indy 5….

  • Love Love Indiana Jones, so excited for this

  • Very cool! So excited to try it!

  • Please don’t let the snake be a prominent piece! I want to visit, but not if I have to face that!

  • Indiana Jones !! Awesome. That will be so cool. My family and I will be in Disney in late October. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be finished by then. I really would love to see this place. I grew up watching all the Indiana Jones movies and love them all. Is there a completion date in mind?

  • This bar looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it out.

    I have two questions about it though:
    1. Will the snack menu include any interesting vegan items?
    2. Will the bar sell any unique souvenir mugs or glassware?

  • As an overseas visitor, can I ask what months make up “fall”?
    In my country, mid – summer is June 21st, so autumn would be August, September, October. Is this the wake as “fall”?

    • Hi Brenda! This year, our fall season starts on September 23 and ends on December 21. Hope that helps!

  • I hope there will be unique souvenir drink mugs on the order of Trader Sam’s.

  • Sounds like something almost as fun as the Adventure’s Club. I hope it lives up to AC and Trader Sam’s.

  • Wow, this is AMAZING news! Obscure enough for casual visitors to enjoy but full of possible geek out moments! Can’t wait to try these cocktails!

    • David, I totally agree! Even though I’m not an “Indiana Jones” expert, I know enough to know I’ll love this new venue!

  • I’m extremely happy that Disney decided to give something an Indiana Jones related theme. It’s such an iconic movie franchise and set of characters and I hope this is just the beginning of much more Indiana Jones to come. Looks fantastic!!

  • I am excited beyond belief. This shows that Indiana Jones is alive the minds of everyone, hopefully giving Disney more reasons to start working on Indy 5

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