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Magic Kingdom Park Mountain Challenge Completed

Steven Miller

by , Communications Manager


Earlier this morning, I shared my plans to conquer the mountains of Magic Kingdom Park for the 24-hour party. I’m happy to report that my challenge has been completed. Here’s a quick look back at my journey.


My morning started with an out-of-this-world journey on Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. I love the entrance and exit queue at this attraction. When I was younger, I would stand for hours listening to the music. One day, I want to recreate the lighting and decor in my home.


My next stop was Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in New Fantasyland. The Dwarfs cottage in the queue may be my favorite thing as it looks like it leaped off the movie screen. I also enjoy the launch down the first hill, and the climb with the shadows of the Dwarfs projected on the wall is awesome!


My afternoon saw a stop at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland. A special thanks to attractions cast member Miguel for jumping in my photo at the entrance. The image made me laugh after I saw it. Once again, the queue for this ride is fantastic. There are so many hidden details including my favorite, a nod to Rosita from the Tropical Serenade in Adventureland.


I finished my mountain challenge with a drop down Chikapin Hill at Splash Mountain in Frontierland. I managed to get a face full of water while riding in the last row. I consider it the perfect start to the “Coolest Summer Ever” at Walt Disney World Resort.


  • Where do you stow your hat while riding?
    I never bring a real hat into the parks for fear of losing or crushing it on the faster attractions.

    • @Jeffrey – I removed my hat while on the attractions (especially Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as it’s the wildest ride in the wilderness – ha!). I held it in my hand during the rides.

  • Love the “EARS” ! Where di you get them 🙂 Congrats!!!

    • @Rod – Thank you! My girlfriend made them. She disassembled a Minnie Mouse headband and sewed the ears to a fedora I purchased. She also added the purple ribbon as I was trying to match Jerrod Maruyama’s “Hipster Mickey” artwork as closely as I could.

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