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New Attraction Coming to Tokyo DisneySea in 2017

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Our partners at Oriental Land Company shared last week that a new attraction themed to the world of the Disney•Pixar film “Finding Nemo” and its upcoming sequel “Finding Dory” (to be released in 2016) will open in Port Discovery at Tokyo DisneySea Park in spring 2017.


Guests will board a submarine that “shrinks” to the size of a fish and uses a ride system that seamlessly blends visuals from the films with a motion system. In this immersive underwater experience, guests will be able to explore the vast ocean from the same point of view as Nemo and Dory and meet different characters and make new discoveries each time they ride.


The development of this attraction is only possible because of the collaboration between Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Oriental Land Company. The teams have worked together to create new, popular attractions and entertainment at Tokyo Disney Resort and make the resort one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. We are also pleased that the teams will continue this collaboration as they work with the production staff of “Finding Dory” who will help create the visual images for this attraction.

We look forward to immersing our guests at Tokyo DisneySea in an underwater adventure in the big blue world!


  • StormRider will close permanently around mid-May 2016

  • As much as I love Finding Nemo, I’m actually disappointed about this attraction going into DisneySea. One of the best things about DisneySea is its theme-ing, and I just don’t think Nemo fits the Steampunk/old world vibe that Port Discovery (the area the attraction is going into) has going on. This actually fits the theme of Epcot’s Future World much better than the current Nemo ride does as this new attraction features both new/future technology (as opposed to old “steampunk” tech) and conservation information.

  • Yeah it’s replacing Stormrider. One of these days I really want to go to Disneysea.

  • I’ll miss StormRider but I am very excited to ride this new Nemo attraction.

    Eric – Yes, Turtle Talk with Crush is located in the bottom level of the SS Columbia Ship in the American Waterfront port of Tokyo DisneySea. It is, of course, the most elaborately themed version of that attraction with it being set in early 20th century New York.

  • Eric from MA,
    There is Turtle Talk at TDS. It in the American Waterfront. It’s in a weird spot. You have to go inside the lower bow of the big ship “Columbia”. I did it once. The cast tried to deter me from going on it because it is only in Japanese, but I was determined to do every attraction in the park and it needed to be crossed off my list. Done and Done.

  • And if so, can WE get StormRider for Tomorrowland if they don’t want it anymore? 🙂

    Looks like a larger Star Tours 2.0, and the Asian parks never got Turtle Talk with Crush, did they?

  • Is this replacing Storm-rider?? It looks just like the Storm-rider theater. What will happen to Captain Scotto?? Will we no longer be able to see him eating his sandwich during our pre-flight orientation before we ride into “The Storm of the Century”???

    On the other hand, this looks very kid friendly. Which is nice if you have a family. Even though, I stand by the opinion that TDL is for Family and TDS is for lovers! And who doesn’t love DisneySea?!?!?!!

  • The bottom concept drawing looks just like StormRider. Is this attraction replacing StormRider?

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