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New Disney Park Pack – Trading Edition Coming to the Online Store Starting in May

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I have exciting news for Disney pin collectors! Starting May 14, we will release the first Disney Park Pack – Trading Edition on the Disney Parks online store. This Online exclusive box of pins includes a limited edition 500 pin that is only available in the Disney Park Pack, as well as two open edition pins guests will receive before they are available in locations at Disney Parks.

“We wanted a way for guests to continue collecting unique Disney pins before or after their Disney vacation,” explained Jeanne Lewis, merchandiser for Disney pins. “I love that the Disney Park Pack will contain a low edition size pin which is something we know guests love collecting. We included two open edition pins to give guests some additional trading power.”

Jeanne told me the limited edition pins are part of a series and may include characters from animated features or attractions at Disney Parks. The limited edition pins will also have two embellishments (like pin-on-pin or special fills) making them a great collectible item.

I tried to get a sneak preview of the pins but she said the Disney Park Pack pins will be a mystery each month.

A new Disney Park Pack will be released on the first Thursday of every month. Retail price at introduction is $39.95 and includes shipping. Due to the unique nature of this item, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns.

For more information, please visit

Happy Collecting!


  • I’m a bit disappointed. I assumed the pins would have been Disney Park subject matter pins. For something called a “Park Pack” there’s not much Disney Park content. I understand that Disney Pins and Pin Trading are Park activates, I guess I was expecting something more.

  • I was wondering, as the first packs are starting to arrive in homes now: You stated above:

    “as well as two open edition pins guests will receive before they are available in locations at Disney Parks.”

    One of the two open edition pins had already been released in Disneyland Paris. When you stated available in locations at Disney Parks, did you mean in the US only, as this is only available to US residents, or did you mean any of the parks?

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  • I got mine later than most, at 6:15 PDT on my order.

    I logged in about 30 min before and they were sold out. When I had more time, I logged back in and kept hitting add to basket with sold out message every 2-3 seconds. After about 10 min, one must have dropped out of someone else’s shopping cart and fell right into mine.


  • I click on Add to Bag and nothing happens. Fix your store Disney!

  • I started looking at midnight EST, and kept refreshing the page. It appeared sometime between 3am and 3:30am EST (I dozed off, and thankfully woke up in short time). I purchased one. It said “backordered” so I’m not sure if that means the current shipment sold out and this was added on, or if they were just that way to start. So that means it was midnight Pacific time that it probably appeared.

    This is from my email receipt:

    Order Placed: 05/14/2015 12:32:24 AM PDT

  • The other issue with this item, is every time i have tried to get registered for the email notification about this product, as available from the hyperlink above, i keep getting a null response. I have tried the current DS user login & create a new account with new email, etc.. and still end up with the partial registration page and no error message. Even called 3 times to guest relations and the last time they tried to register and it didnt work for them.

  • By May 14th.. who knew they’d put them up in the middle of the night?

  • Considering the sold out posts, I’m certainly hoping that I successfully ordered a Disney Park Pack. I was emailed a receipt for the purchase “05/14/2015 03:41:24 AM PDT”.

    I had nearly forgotten to check the website this morning but I had kept this blog post up on my web browser since May 6 as a reminder. I looked up at the top of my screen and scrambled to order. Here’s hoping that the receipt is indeed correct and I’m one of the lucky few.

    Now, I just have to mark my calendar & be lucky in June, July, August….

  • I don’t know when they were added to the store, but as of 6am PST, they were sold out.

  • Very disappointed that these were sold out by 7am 🙁

  • I know you had this question before, but now that the first one was released and sold out, what time did it go on sale? I waited up until midnight and then looked at 5:45am and it was already sold out.

  • Steven would you mind telling me exactly what time the Disney Park Pack was released online this morning? Thanks!

  • The Disney Park Packs were available at the link Steven provided as of 6:40 AM here in the Eastern Time zone (Massachusetts) as I was able to successfully order one.

    This was a gift to myself before getting ready to leave for work.

    I do wish that there was a subscription option but since there is not then I eagerly anticipate ordering the next Disney Park Pack!

  • Item No. 7411056741607P

  • THEY ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!!! 2 per GUEST!!! I bought 2….one to keep unopened and the other put on my pin bag! Excited.

  • Dear Steven,

    Thank you for this information. I am excited to begin collecting these Pin Packs.

    I would also like to compliment you on your patience, in answering the same questions, repeatedly.

  • Can someone outside of US order but have it shipped to US address?

  • Does that $40 include international shipping or will I have to spend another 40 for that?

  • Thanks for the updated information, Mr. Miller. It is very much appreciated. Is there any possibility that this program may expand to something similar to how DS UK/Europe offer Limited Edition online pins? They preview the LE pins & sets to collectors prior to the release through the use of a banner on their pin page which states what is being released and the day it will be available. There are so many dedicated Disney pin collectors throughout the US/Canada who would welcome the chance to have the opportunity to purchase LE pins through DS Online again similar to years ago. There just are no other avenues to do so. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Will this ship to Hawaii? Thanks!

  • Mr. Miller, it would be very helpful to find out when this product goes on sale on the date of Thursday May 14th. Also will there be only 500 or will there be different LE 500 pins i.e. 2000 available with a possibility of one of four LE 500 pins? Thank you for taking the time to respond. I know there have been lots of comments and lots of interest.

    • @Casey – I asked the online store team yet they do not have a confirmed time as to when the Disney Park Pack will be added to the site on May 14. There will be four variant limited edition 500 pins.

  • will this be available to international customers?

    • @Martin – Unfortunately, international shipping will not be offered for the Disney Park Pack.

  • If the price includes shipping in the US will there be a discounted international shipping price? Shipping to Australia is ridiculously expensive.

    • @Sam – We will not be offering international shipping for the Disney Park Pack at this time. I wish I had better news for you.

  • Hello, will these be available to be shipped to Canada too?


    • @Corvyn – International shipping is unfortunately not available for the Disney Park Pack. I’m sorry I don’t have better news at this time.

  • This might be a nice thing IF and this is a BIG IF – Disney can actually make it fair. None of these LE online items are ever fair. The item numbesr are always leaked, those in the know can use them just before the item is actually live and that is how sell-outs occur in seconds. It’s not possible for 500 people to order before most ever see the item live on the site unless they knew how to get to it without waiting for it to appear.

  • Is there a time (ie:12:00pm pst) when we can purchase the set on May14th?

    • @Canh – I do not have a confirmed time as to when the Disney Park Pack will be added to the Disney Parks online store on May 14.

  • How many pins are in the box

    • @Amber – Three pins total – one limited edition 500 pin and two open edition pins.

  • I have the feeling it is going to be really hard to get one of these boxes. unless there are a few different “LE 500” pins to get. like in the new Marvel box there was 4 different shirts you could get. Also I wish There was an offical stand alone site for the box.

    • @Ashley – There will be four variant limited edition pins with each release.

  • Please kindly provide the exact release date and time. Will it follow the normal DisneyStore release schedule being midnight Pacific time?

    • @David – The first Disney Park Pack will be released on May 14. I do not have a confirmed time as to when it will be added to the Disney Parks online store. Subsequent Disney Park Packs will be released on the first Thursday on each month starting in June.

  • Kindly provide the exact release date!

  • how many pins will be in the pack?

    • @Nick – Three pins – two open edition pins and one limited edition 500 pin.

  • Hey @Steven will these be available for outside of the U.S.?

    • @Steven – Great name. 🙂 The Disney Park Pack will only be offered to guests in the domestic United States at this time.

  • Will there be anything else inside the box or will it just be the 3 pins listed above? Thanks!

    • @Garrett – Just the three pins.

  • The LE pin is an LE500, does that mean only 500 Park Packs will be available each month?

    • @Don – Please see my reply to Phillip above (#11).

  • will there only be 500 available each month? Or will each pack have a LE 500 pin in it?

    • @Phillip – Each Disney Park Pack will have the same two open edition pins. There will be four variant limited edition 500 pins, meaning that a different limited edition pin may be available in each box.

  • Hi Steven, What great news – love when there is something new in our pin collecting world! Due to the LE size – will it be limited to one per order or one per person per day? Also, can we expect it to be released in the middle of the night? We used to LOVE the days when it was approx. 1PM EST. When it is released in the middle of the night, by the time so many of us are up (even very early) for work, it is already sold out. Thanks for any updates 🙂

  • so how many pins come in a pack?

    • @Katie – There will be three pins – two open edition pins and one limited edition 500 pin.

  • So if I understand, that’s $40 for three pins?

    • @Erin – You understand correctly. 🙂

  • Will there be purchase limits? IE 1 or 2 per person?

    • @Hope – There will be a purchase limit of two (2) Disney Park Packs per Guest.

  • Really sad it’s not going to be a subscription service like it was advertised last September. Everyone is going to snatch these up every month so quickly.

    • @Sarah – I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. We aren’t offering a subscription service at this time due to current system limitations. We will, however, offer a new Disney Park Pack will on the first Thursday of every month starting in June. The first Disney Park Pack will be released next Thursday, May 14.

  • Major kudos for making it online, but please make sure to check IP’s/destinations for delivery. With what the Diamond pins are going through, you will have traffic on the site to the point of crashing and you will have people complain if we see a single person with 20 of them in a show off picture.

  • Is there a price for how much this will cost?

    • @Heidi – Retail price at introduction is $39.95 and includes shipping.

  • Do we know what time they go on sale? These will sell out in seconds.

    • @Ryan – Unfortunately, I do not have a confirmed time as to when they will be added to the Disney Parks online store on May 14.

  • Will the online listing describe or show what the three pins look like or will it be a blind box type purchase? Will all of the boxes have the same three pins?

    • @Stacy – Each box will have the same two open edition pins. For the limited edition 500 pins, there will be four variant pins (a pin with a similar design that contains a slight variation in color, etc). This means that a different limited edition pin may be available in each box.

  • Very cool. Is this a monthly subscription or do I need to purchase the new release every month? Since tomorrow is Thursday, I’m assuming they go on sale tomorrow at that DisneyStore URL you gave? Any idea as to what time the launch online will occur?

    • @Ethan – This item will be released on Thursday, May 14. Starting in June, the Disney Park Pack will be released on the first Thursday of each month. The URL to use is

      Currently, it is not a monthly subscription, but a new Disney Park Pack will be released each month (if that makes sense).

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