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New Garage Walkways Now Open at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

Everywhere you look at Downtown Disney, signs of the future are popping up as the area transforms into Disney Springs. The latest can be seen in the parking garage.


As the first of two planned parking garages for Downtown Disney, the Orange Garage at West Side opened late last year and continues to introduce enhancements to surprise and delight guests.

My favorite addition thus far? The smart technology that clearly shows how many spaces are available at each level and even identifies open spaces with an easily recognizable green light above the spots. If you’ve parked in the garage recently, you know how awesome those little lights are.

This week, we’re celebrating another milestone – the opening of two new walkways that give guests a direct connection to the West Side promenade in two locations: adjacent to Splitsville Luxury Lanes and near Planet Hollywood. These new bridges to the property are accessible via the second level of the garage and give guests the option to use stairs, elevators or escalators (my go-to mode of arrival). With lush landscaping and new hardscape finishing out the space, the walkways are a beautiful new addition to what will eventually be Disney Springs.

To experience these enhancements for yourself, park in the Orange Garage during your next outing to the Downtown Disney Area and make your way to level two – with so much new to explore, hopefully your next visit is just around the corner.


  • These garages sound great! What is the clearance height for vehicles to park in them?

    • Eddie and Alex, the clearance for all levels is 9 feet — if your vehicle is taller, you can park in one of the nearby surface lots. Either way, self-parking will continue to be complimentary.

  • I’m not sure that I’d call a walkway something that “surprises and delights guests”, but I’m glad to see that the garage is coming together. The sooner the parking situation is fixed at DTD, the better.

    • Dan, for me, the “surprise and delight” is more about the smart technology. I recently parked in an airport garage and sure missed those helpful green lights.

  • Darcy, will the garages get any Disney touches added in the future? Right now, while very nice, they look like they could be at a mall in Phoenix.

  • Similar question to Eddie above: can a van with luggage carrier(Bullet) be able to get in the garage. If not where best to park it?

  • I think the new smart technology is great, trying to find a spot in a garage can be frustrating and with the lights and how many spots are available will get parked and into the Disney fun faster!!! Good Job DINSEY!! Love the article Darcy!! PS Love the name, don’t change anything!

  • We were there in February and got to check out the new technology of the green lights over open spaces. I was fascinated at how it turned red once you pulled in and after you turned the car off, the light went out. Very cool and impressive – way to go Disney!! I just hope they don’t start charging for parking since my parents live there and they like to go over to Downtown Disney quite often; charging to park would be a deterrent for them and other Florida residents.

    • Shannon, no worries … we have no plans to start charging for self-parking, even in the garages! (Thanks goodness; I’m a frequent guest here, too, and I love that parking is complimentary.)

  • I like the parking garage light idea but they don’t work for me. Being color blind the red and green lights look the same to me. I found it frustrating. Parking garage at Orland Hospital South is better with blue light for empty and no light for filled works better for us color challenged people 🙂

    I do like the new parking garage at Disney Spring.

  • I experienced the garage last week; and I was more frustrated than anything else. Mostly with lack of signage than the actual garage. PLEASE put signs up so you can find your way BACK to the garage from say, the Co-Op market. Also, poor signage on the garage end to let you know which level the walkway is on made my arrival aggravating. Granted, it is a beautiful facility, but a few more well placed signs would be helpful. THANKS

  • We parked in the garage for the first time this past weekend, and I was impressed with the height clearance (first time I haven’t felt “closed in” in a garage) and the ease of finding a parking spot. I was just surprised that it was named the “Orange” garage. I expected something more “Disney-esque”! But it was a great parking experience and so easy to get in and out of!

  • What is the address or GPS satellite coordinates for this garage? I understand it’s near Disney Springs aka Downtown Disney, but my GPS navigation system wants an address or coordinates.

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