New Made With Magic Items Debut for Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


Nighttime at Disneyland Resort is now a little brighter with the release of new Made with Magic items. Created especially for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, we have introduced a celebratory ear hat and a magical paintbrush. I caught up with Tracie Alt, merchandiser for headware, to learn more about the ear hat.


“This is the first new Made with Magic ear hat released at Disneyland Resort since 2012,” explained Tracie. “This new hat includes an all-over 60th anniversary pattern and a specially designed patch. We also made the hat lighter and improved the overall fit.”


The paintbrush has multiple light-up functions and operates the same way as the previously released Sorcerer Mickey wand. Guests can use the paintbrush to change the light patterns of other Made with Magic items. You can see how Made with Magic works in this recent Disney Parks Blog article.

Both the ear hat and the paintbrush will interact with select nighttime spectaculars at Disneyland Resort. Guests can also use these new items at select Disney Destinations around the world.

Look for these and other Made with Magic items in select merchandise locations at Disneyland Resort.


  • I pre-purchased the Diamond Anniversary ears for a surprise trip for my daughter in November. I may be wrong but I thought they either lit up when they interacted with the specific attractions or you could just “turn them on”. I haven’t been able to figure out how to “turn them on” to make sure they are working. Did I make up this feature or am I missing a button somewhere?

  • Maybe they could use those sliders on the magic band to show what your celebrating vs wearing a big pin!

  • Does anyone know the exact locations within the park that are selling the Paintbrush? I have only been able to find the Sorcerer’s Apprentice wand.

  • Hi, can these ears be personalized ?

    • @Jayne – Personalization is not an option for Made with Magic ear hats.

  • We are surprising our son with a trip to Disneyland this fall. Will these items be available for purchase online so we can use them as part of the surprise?

    • @Cristin – That sounds like a great surprise trip! I have not heard of immediate plans to offer these items on our Disney Parks online store.

  • I live in Spain and I am looking forward to my first ever trip to Disneyland in September. I hope These items will be available then xx

    • @Kevin – I hope you have a wonderful trip! These items are currently available at Disneyland Resort and will be carried through the rest of this year and into 2016.

  • Thanks Steven!

  • I looked back at Michelle’s post as you advised Naomy to do, but I only see the same terminology that I see here: “during the celebration” or “throughout the celebration.” Has anyone specified if “the celebration” merchandise will be available for the summer, the rest of 2015, or a full year from the start date? If so, could you link us there, please?

    • @Trinna – We will continue to carry items throughout the summer. Availability of items is subject to change without notice. You may see some additional items added throughout the year. While many of the merchandise items were set in locations last week, the actual 60th anniversary date is July 17. Yet, we’ll carry things through the rest of this year and into next.

  • Geeze $25.00? I love Disneyland and all, but I don’t love how Disneyland keeps hiking up the price of things in the park. Thank goodness for the annual pass. It’s the only way you can even remotely afford to go to the park anymore.

  • @ Tyler
    Yes, that was the original parade’s idea of guest interaction. I believe they cut it out due to the parade being long already and to keep everyone happy since you know there’d be people angry on the fact they didn’t get to change the color onto part of the parade during the parade stop.

    And what kind of interaction are we talking about? Are they special lamps that are actually LED’s that allow children to change their colors for that extra bit of magic that cast members point out to them or is it like the original Color Ears and if they’re in a certain area it changes to the specific colors? (Cozy Cones and Orange for example.)

  • correct me if I’m wrong but originally wasn’t the paint brush made so that during a parade stop of Paint the Night you could actually control the colors on the floats and performers near you in Hong Kong Disneyland? Hence the title “Paint the Night”

  • I was there this weekend. They are the same price as the other merchandise, $25 once you factor in taxes. I presume that since the old hats still work with the Disneyland night shows that they should work with the paintbrush, but I didn’t have my hat with me to test (the batteries were dead and I was getting ready to walk out to door with no time to dig out new batteries or a screwdriver). Having examined the new hat, it is much lighter and looks to be much more comfortable than the first generation hat. Looks like there is a battery (or group of button batteries) in each ear vs. the 3 pack of AAA batteries on the crown of the first gen.

  • Hello Steven,
    Those new Made with Magic items looks great, I plan to get the paint brush for sure next week! Will the older Glow with the Show Ear hats work with these new Made with Magic items, and work with the 3 new Disneyland Resort night time shows, the first ones that came out in 2012? My family still has those hats and plan on using them again next week. Thank you!

    • @Randy – Yes! The previously named “Glow With the Show” ear hats will continue to work. We changed the name to “Made with Magic” last fall, but the pixie dust that makes the ear hats glow is still the same. 🙂

  • I will definitely pick up these items when I go in June. Do you know roughly how much they are?

    • @Andrew – Each Made with Magic item is $30.00.

  • Will the Diamond Anniversary merchandise be available all year?

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