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New Show at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Will Cast a Spell on You

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Summer may just be getting started, but I’m already looking forward to fall and the return of my favorite event at Magic Kingdom Park, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. And this year’s party will be extra fun with the introduction of an all-new show on the Castle Forecourt Stage.


In “Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular,” the mischievous Sanderson Sisters from Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” return to the mortal world for one night during the Halloween season. With only a few hours to run amuck, the three sisters decide to use their magic to throw the best, evil Halloween party this side of the graveyard!

With the help of the Disney villains, Winifred, Mary and Sarah gather together sinister shadows, nefarious nightmares and the power of their frightful friends to conjure the ultimate Hocus Pocus Party Potion and cast a spell on everyone in the Magic Kingdom Park. “Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular” features appearances by Dr. Facilier, Oogie Boogie, Maleficent and other great Disney villains, along with dancers, projections and special effects that combine to make this new show a not-to-be-missed Halloween treat.

“Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular” will be presented exclusively during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, held select nights at Magic Kingdom Park from September 15 – November 1, 2015.


  • Is it possible to have photo with Dr facilier please?

  • Shawn,
    Will Hocus Pocus be involved in this next year as well, or is it just a one time thing?

  • Shawn,
    Is this going to be around next year as well, or is it just a one time thing?

  • Is it THE Sanderson Sisters? Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy?

  • Will they be doing a meet and greet/ picture taking with the sanderson sisters?

  • so the villain spectaular will frollo and the queen of hearts will be replace and is there a brand new boo to you parade plus new floats

  • Thank You Shawn Slater For Including Oogie Boogie, Lady Tramaine, Jafar, Hades, and The Sanderson Witch Sisters In The Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular along with Captain Hook, Dr. Facilier, Maleficent, Snow White’s Evil Stepmother Queen, and Cruella De Vil too I just I hope I will be able to find meet, greet and pose for pictures with them and any other Walt Disney Villains available.

  • Any word yet on a not so scary exclusive sorcerers of the magic kingdom trading card? I have collected all of the Halloween party cards and currently looking for Christmas ones but the Sanderson sisters on a card would be awesome…

  • I have annual passes do these include Mickeys Not so scary Halloween party?

  • Ok Shawn this is my family’s first year attending the Mickey’s not so scary event. We are really looking forward to seeing the Sanderson sister’s Ok so does that mean it’s two separate tickets we will need to purchase?

  • It’s bad enough that as a Season Passholder you still have to pay extra to get into this event, but Disney will only give Season Passholders $4 off per ticket, and they also limit which days you can attend if you purchase tickets as a Season Passholder.

  • Have been to the Not So Scary Halloween Party. It was fantastic. The Headless Horseman riding through the park was incredible and can’t wait to see the sisters show. Loved the costumes and the Trick or Treating. Everyone gets a bag ( even adults) and many wore costumes ( some really scary) Great Night!

  • Hi will the pass holders get any discounts? And I have never been to a Mickey not so scary Halloween party so do they provide you with bags to collect candies there and are you forced to wear costumes. What happens when you don’t have a ticket to the party but your already in the park? Thanks please respond

  • Will annual pass holders have a discount?

  • Can’t wait to see this show!

  • How does this event affect AP holders? Will there be a separate charge for this event? Any discount?

  • You guys are full for the 30th and 31st already?!!?!? :'(

  • So even annual passholders have to purchase a separate ticket?

  • Will character meet & greets that normally stop at about 6:30 (Merida) be extended for the MNSSHP?

  • I am so excited for this! This is going to be awesome! We have tickets for the first party night on Sept 15 and that’s also my wife’s birthday. I love the Sanders sisters. MNSSHP is our favorite holiday party of all.

  • Hello! Any word if they will be having something similar to the villains sinister soirée like last year? We are so hoping this returns or at least something that will be similar 🙂

  • I will be taking my daughter on a mini vacation Sept 25-27 to celebrate her 10th birthday. Last time I took her she was about 4 years old. Although she knows about our trip to the Magic Kingdom and all the extras held in store for her…she has no idea that we will be attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Hocus-Pocus happens to be one of her favorite movies, so that in itself will make it even more extra special! Disney does it again….yayyyyy!

  • Is there anyway to get an update via email, text, etc. to see if something similar to the Villians meet and greet…Sinister happening this year. Just so we can purchase the tickets asap.

  • Looks like the schedule is still unavailable. Not sure what’s up with this since Disney World has had dates up for months.

  • Is anyone aware of when Disneyland is coming out with their dates for Halloween events?

  • Hi,

    For the past 5 years I have been attending the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party held at Disneyland. Is this event not happening at this park this year? It has become a tradition for our family to go to this event each year, I am trying to plan our trip for the fall and would like to know dates and addition events that we can attend.
    Thanks and have a Magical day!

  • Would love for a meet n greet with the Sanderson Sisters or for them to be added to the Villain Soiree. Also, if they could add the specialty villain cocktails and treats, like at the Villain Party…that would be super cool!!

  • What time does the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular start?

    • Jennifer – Show times are still being established, but you’ll have several opportunities to see the show during each Halloween party night.

  • I’m so excited! We’re going on our Honeymoon during this time and already got our tickets, this is just icing on the cake!

    • Congratulations!

  • Will they be posting the select dates any time soon? I REALLY REALLY want to go when the Sanderson sisters are there

    • Laurie – Tickets and date information are available now at To go directly to the page, just click on the hyperlink where you see Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in the body of this blog post. “Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular” will be presented every night of the party, so you can pick any date that’s available.

  • any word on if they will be doing the villain sinister soiree again?

  • From the concept art, it looks like Lady Tremaine will finally be included! That’s awesome because she is one of my favorite Disney Villains! I think she should be featured more in the parks!

  • Hi we have 14 day disney passes, do we still need to purchase the Halloween party ticket

    Sooo excited – our first Disney Halloween!!

    • Yvonne – Sounds like you’re going to have an incredible vacation! Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a special event, separate from regular Magic Kingdom Park admission, so you will need an additional ticket in order to attend.

  • Wish I was going to be there! So excited to see the Sanderson Sisters getting some MNSSHP Love!

  • Why is this not going to be at Disneyland also?

  • Do you know what nights this event will be held on? Is it going to be the same as Mickey’s Halloween Party?

    • Holli – Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park is held select nights Sept 15 – Nov 1, 2015. The dates of Mickey’s Halloween Party (a different seasonal event which takes place at Disneyland Resort) are still being determined for this year and have not yet been announced.

  • Will Maleficent or Oogie Bogie be meeting for the guests?

    • Jonathan – Character greetings and other details about this year’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party are still in development at this time. We will have more information closer to the end of the summer.

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