Shopper’s Guide to the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Beginning May 20 – 22, several locations will begin to sparkle with dazzling Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration merchandise. Rest assured that as time goes on, more and more locations will join in the excitement. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know before you go shopping at the Disneyland Resort.

May 20

Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise


Disney Parks │ PANDORA Jewelry Collection (limit three (3) of each per guest, per item)

  • Disneyland park – La Mascarade d’Orleans (opens 9 a.m.), New Century Jewelry
  • Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co.
  • Downtown Disney District – World of Disney Store


  • Disneyland park – New Century Jewelry
  • Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co.
  • Downtown Disney District – Disney Vault 28, World of Disney Store

May 21

R2-D60 Droid

May 22

Art & Collectibles

  • Disneyland park – Disneyana
  • Disney California Adventure park – Off the Page
  • Downtown Disney District – World of Disney Store

Dooney & Bourke and HARVEYS

  • Disney Vault 28 (opens 8 a.m.)


Limited Edition Pinocchio Plush (First in a Series of Four)

  • Disneyland park – Emporium
  • Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co.
  • Downtown Disney District – World of Disney Store

Limited Edition Pins


  • Downtown Disney District – D Street (opens at 8 a.m.)

I recently shared details on the “Up All Night Makes Me Dopey” merchandise and cupcake for the 24-hour event, so be sure to add that to your list of things to pick up!

Here are a few other things to know before you go …

Purchasing limits will apply to Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise. If you’re curious as to what that entails, items considered limited edition will be limited to two (2) per guest, per day, per item. Open edition items, will be limited to five (5) per guest, per day, per item.

Let us know which shops you plan to visit in the comments below!


  • Do you know when will the tan/light blue dooney and bourke purses be available on the online disney store?

  • Do you know when the other Limited Edition Plush toys are going to come out

  • And is there away to buy it online

  • Hi as of now is the pinocchio plush still available at disneyland and California adventure or are they sold out or no longer selling them?

  • are the Death Star balloons a limited edition item? or a regular item to find at stores??

  • Hi! This question is a little unrelated, but is the Steampunk collection still available in Disneyana? Or has the merchandise changed for the 60th?

    Thank you!

  • Hi, I hope to make my first visit to Disneyland later on this year but I was wondering if there is a way to buy a set of the Diamond Anniversary Mickey Balloon Shaped popcorn buckets online or over the phone ? Just in case they are no longer available when I visit. Thanks

  • Hi Michelle, I live in Australia an a Disney baby celebrating my 60th July 18 this year. I would have given anything to be in a position to attend the celebrations this year, but not to be. Maybe our next big one?

    I am wondering if there is any way I can purchase the pandora diamond charms – Micky’s head and the blue ball or set of 3 if that is the way they come. i just loved the the time I spent at the park when I visited in 74 & 76. Getting these charms would mean the world to me!

    My birthday cake of course will be Mickey Mouse from a Wilton tin I purchased over 30 years ago.


  • Hello! Will the Diamond Celebration pins only be sold in Disneyland, or will they also be at DCA?

  • Good morning. I now live on the East coast but was wondering if there is a 60th pin bag that is available? Also, is there a website to purchase any of the merchandise or can I call DelivEars and order it that way? Thank you! Annette

    • Hi Annette! Sorry for the delay. There is a pin bag that was created for the Diamond Celebration. Inquire with Disney Merchandise Guest Services about availability after June 22.

  • Hi! I was born in 1955 the year Disneyland opened! I have purchased every anniversary watch that has come out and really want the 60th one this year. Is it only going to be sold in CA at the park? There is no way that I can visit any time this year and would like to know if it will be available for purchase any other way. If there is a list for the “random selection” how would I get on it? I have to have a 60th anniversary watch to wear on my 60th birthday in August!!! Thank you! Linda

    • Hi Linda! A small assortment of items will be available online beginning this August. So definitely keep an eye out. Or check with our Disney Merchandise Guest Services team after June 22.

  • Hi Michelle! Is the Holographic R2-D2 figure sold at the same shop that R2-D60, the Star Trader? Thanks!!! 🙂

    • The holographic R2-D2 figure would definitely be available at Star Trader in Tomorrowland if it’s available.

  • Are the Dooney bags limited edition or open edition? I really want one but I don’t want to have to wait at Vault 28 and then not be able to get into Disneyland for the day. Please let me know, because I’m trying to figure out what time to come to the parks on Friday.

    • Carissa, I’m hoping you made it down. I apologize for the delay in my response. The bags are considered open edition and will continue to be carried throughout the celebration.

  • I will be there the 30th of May – 2nd of June. Will there be plenty of merchandise? Worried that they will run out.

    • Ellen, a lot of our merchandise certainly sold quickly, but we are continuing to replenish the stock as we are able to for those key items.

  • Any 60th Disney Dollars?

  • Will the Dooney bags be available in the parks also? Or ONLY at Vault 28. Seems kind of odd that they would have attraction and park themed merchandise only available outside of the park for the 60th anniversary.

    • Kylie, the bags will be available at other locations inside the parks in the coming weeks.

  • I have a question. What is going to be available in Disneyland and which stores? Is there going to be Disney Diamond Merchandise in California Adventure too? Will it all be out on May 22nd?

  • Has an end date been decided for the 60th events and merchandise? We’re going at the beginning of 2016 and are afraid to miss it. We’re wondering if we to work a day into our D23 Expo trip!

    • Victoria, I think you’ll be pretty safe with your travel plans and the celebration will certainly be in full swing by then.

  • Will there be new Disney Dollars designs released this week for the 60th?

  • Michelle, will the Pinocchio plush be limited edition or still available when I visit the parks as par to D23 in August?

    • Alan, the Pinocchio plush is considered limited edition. I would recommend checking on the availability of the item with our Merchandise Guest Services team on June 22. However I know they have been extremely popular.

  • Hi Michelle!

    Thank you for the helpful post. I was wondering when it comes to purchasing limits in regards to the HARVEYS bags specifically, when you say foropen edition items 5 per item does that mean five per poster or 5 bags total? Thank you so much!

    • In the case of Harveys that would have been five of each style bag.

  • Will the Annual Passholder 60th Anniversary pins also be available only at the Little Green Men Store Command? Hopefully not as the SoCal Annual Passholders are blocked out on May 22nd.

    • You can definitely find the passholder pins at Little Green Men Store Command and other pin purchasing locations throughout the resort.

  • I’m just hoping some of the limited edition items don’t sell out when I’m at DL for the half marathon over Labor Day!

  • Hoping there will still be Alex and Ani bracelets when we arrive in September. Or will they be available online at some point?

    • Elena, I think you’ll be in pretty good shape.

  • Hello Michelle! Will the Disneyland Diamond Anniversary Limited Edition pins be distributed throughout the summer, or all released just this week on May 20-23? I will visit Disneyland starting on June 1. I was hoping to be able to get 60th Anniversary limited edition pins, and other items that you have listed here the first week in June. Thank you.

    • Randy, be sure to visit Little Green Men Store Command, Julius Katz & Sons and Disney’s Pin Traders for availability on any of the limited edition items.

  • Will Disneyland be getting new 60th Anniversary shopping bags too instead of the “Disney Parks”?

    Also, will Grand Californian Hotel be getting any other assorted logo merchandise? Specifically, a Nike Performance Polo like Deluxe resorts at Disney World are offering?

    • I think you’ll like the new bags. As for any additional new offerings at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, not at this time.

  • I will be there on the 21. Do I need to worry about the Alex and Ani bracelets being sold out?

    • Hillary, did you get one? Which one did you pick? I got the Disneyland Forever bangle. I couldn’t help myself.

  • Do you know when Merchandise Guest Services will allow orders? (Will there be a delay)?

    Will you have more pic’s of the collectibles/clothing? (Hoping for more info, sku/pricing/online availability, on the snowglobes, resin castle figure, polo, and fleece throw!!)


    • Hey Jonathan! Let me see what I can do. Disney Merchandise Guest Services will not accept any inquires until June 22.

  • hello i wanted to know if the pandora charms will need a wristband or something like that on may 20 and will they be sold as soon as the park opens? as well as in wold of disney? or will i have to wait till the 22 ? is there like a list or somewhere that you can like sign up to get one? please help!

    • Jessica,
      I’m hoping you were able to get all of the Pandora charms you were looking for. My apologies for the delay in my response.

  • Is the Mickey and Minnie 60th anniversary Vinylmation box set being released at Dstreet on Wednesday the 20th or Friday the 22nd???

    • The Vinylmation Minnie and Mickey actually released on the 22nd of May.

  • Will there be any special commemorative tickets sold for the 60th? I have the one from the 50th with the recording of Walt’s opening day speech and would love to get something similar for this anniversary.

  • For the Dooneys: will they be wristbanding people for vault 28 and if so at what time? I don’t want to miss out while inside the park.

  • Which Vinylmations will be released on Friday?

    • Hi Gregory! There will actually be a couple of Vinylmation pieces coming out on Friday. I don’t expect any others to be out sooner than that. I can tell you there is a great limited edition Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse set, as well as a few others.

  • Which Vinylmations will be released on Wednesday?

  • Hi!

    Just making sure that Dooney Diamond Collection will be available only at Vault 28…not in the park or other stores.

    • @Chestnut, yes the Dooney & Bourke bags along with HARVEYS will be available starting May 22 at Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown Disney District. Please keep in mind for the Dooney & Bourke, that it is the collection that is a light blue and white. The dark blue toned bags are not available until July.

  • Are the Alex and Ani bracelets limited edition or open edition?

    • Hi Angelica! They are open edition which means we will continue to carry them, however keep in mind that limited quantities are available.

  • *crossing fingers for the Pandora and Alex and Ani to have enough to be around on the 28th, but not getting all my hopes up*

    :/ After that it’s wait till August! AUGUST!

  • Thank you for this information. To purchase the Dooney’s at Vault 28, do you need to get a wristband or anything like that? Or just get in line?

    • Hi Donyale! At this time wristbands will not be issued for the Dooney & Bourke bags at Disney Vault 28. But things are always subject to change, based on the need.

  • Will the pandora pieces be available online at disney store? How much does each Pandora charm cost? Also, will Disney store offer Mickey’s Fun Wheel online again soon? Thanks a Disney & Pandora fan!!

    • Hi Lois! We are so excited to offer the Disney Parks PANDORA collection in parks first. Should they become available online it won’t be until late Summer. The prices are as follows: 60 Year Celebration (Round, Blue with the 60D) is $70; the Mickey Sparkling Hat is $65 and the 60 Dazzling Years (Mickey Mouse Shaped Head) is $55. I hope they are able to add other fan favorites like the Mickey’s Fun Wheel back online shortly. Keep checking.

  • So some of the non-limited edition 60th anniversary merchandise will be available before the kick-off on the 22nd? Are these things like the clothing, plush, earbands, etc.?

    • Hey Stacy! Yes, that’s correct. Start looking for Diamond Celebration merchandise beginning May 20 including apparel, headwear, home décor items and much, much more.

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