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Sun Rises Over The Land Pavilion at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Have you ever noticed the ceiling inside The Land pavilion at Epcot? Next time you’re rushing to Soarin’, waiting to take a trip through Living With The Land, or grabbing a bite to eat at Garden Grill or Sunshine Seasons, be sure to check it out. The ceiling is festooned with four balloons that each represent one of the earth’s seasons.


Each balloon, winter, spring, summer and fall are decorated differently – and the real morning sun shining through makes a lovely accent!

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  • The balloons high up in the Land pavilion have been a “core” memory from my first Disney World vacation when I was a kid. I remember looking up and seeing them and being fascinated. Last month during our vacation, I made sure while eating at Sunshine Seasons, that my kids looked up and appreciated the beautiful balloons. It is still one of my favorite places in Epcot.

    Sunshine Seasons always serves fresh foods. I find it relaxing to take in all that is going on around us while we sit back and enjoy the healthy food choices while appreciating the open and airy room and ceiling.

  • Hi,
    Yes the balloons used to rise up and down – miss that! Seems like an easy fix and don’t what happened? Hate it when things that used to work don’t work anymore. Does anyone know why?

  • Hello—off topic….any idea when the Epcot Eat to the Beat 2015 concert lineup will be released? Last year it was released on May 9, 2014. Thanks!

  • James’ wife here – If I am not mistaken many years ago the balloons would rise up and down. I never actually noticed they represented the four season, next time I will be more careful and pay attention see how I did that…an “excuse” to plan another trip! Always having too much fun in the Land Pavilion and all of EPCOT!
    <3 WDW!!

  • “Sunshine Seasons” – I see what you did there…

    BTW, the balloons in the atrium are a holdover from a proposed balloon ride called “Blueprints of Nature” that was part of the original concept for The Land but never built.

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