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Twenty Eight & Main Collection for Discerning Gentlemen Coming This Year to Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


One of the merchandise programs I’m most excited about this year is called Twenty Eight & Main. This Disney Theme Park Merchandise exclusive collection of quality goods was designed for the discerning gentleman who enjoys visiting Disney Parks (hey, that’s me!). When I first saw artwork last summer, I couldn’t wait to tell the world just how awesome it looks. I caught up with Bobby Bongiorno, merchandiser for graphic apparel, to learn more about what other gentlemen like me can expect later this year.


“Twenty Eight & Main will be known for quality and attention to detail,” explained Bobby. “We intend to use unique fabrics and washes for many items. We will also include embellishment techniques such as light weight embroidery, patches and appliqués to create items that will be functional and will fit great. The look will be classic, yet stylish and modern in every sense.”

The collection will contain apparel items such as short and long-sleeved shirts, vintage-style T-shirts, hats and more. There will also be accessories including drinkware, D-Tech phone cases and other travel items.


The thing I love the most about this collection is the artwork! I like the subtle nods to attractions, shops, shows, characters and experiences at Disney Parks.


The Arts & Collectibles team used some of the Twenty Eight & Main artwork at the small kiosk called The Sign Shop in the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace.

I asked Bobby about the inspiration behind the program’s name.

“The name was inspired by the year of Mickey Mouse’s debut and the timeless Main Street, U.S.A.” replied Bobby. “The lion reaching towards the star symbolizes Walt Disney’s pursuit of his dreams. The same lion can be found on the coat of arms featured on iconic Disney Park castles.”

Twenty Eight & Main will debut this fall in select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for additional details about shirts coming to the Disney Parks online store this summer.


  • I have to agree with those who want to see something other than T-shirts. Disney used to have a selection of dress shirts and ties in a addition to polo shirts. Sadly, the shirts and ties are gone, and many of the “polo” shirts are the Nike golf shirts. Simple supply and demand probably drove this decision, but I would love to see more offerings that aren’t as casual.

  • Will these be available in larger sizes? Even though XL shirts fit, they don’t fit through the shoulders.

  • Will there be any items in this collections for kids? My son likes this collection.

  • Please tell me that Rocketeer logo will be available as a t-shirt?

  • I can’t wait for this store to launch. I’ve been dying for decor and clothing that isn’t quite so in your face Disney, requires some insider knowledge and allows me a subdued way to show my “Disney side” 🙂 These pics show EXACTLY the type of thing I’ve been looking for!

  • Great designs, but how about MORE POLO SHIRTS!!! or collared shirts in general. Some of us don’t wear t-shirts very often anymore.

  • Sounds awesome. But one market of males Disney constantly misses is the larger male market for those of us needed extended sizes 4xl or larger. Please for the love of Walt give us some options with this new line. For us larger males we are already used to paying more for our clothes why not give us the options with this and other coming lines?

  • Steven: Regarding your answer to Amy about the Disney Boutique line for women, and having seen many of those pieces at Disneyland, it does NOT appear to meet the criteria that Amy (or I) am looking for in women’s wear. The Disney Boutique line is much more “trendy” than “classic” with lots of flared bottom hems on shirts and wide scoop necklines that are drafty and make me feel like I’m not properly dressed. We want normal fitted t-shirts with hems that are long enough to be tucked into jeans without being bulky or pulling out of our waistbands every time we turn around. And we want classic designs on them, basic park attraction logos (it’s a shame the Park Attraction poster tees were never made available in ladies’ sizing, I would’ve bought them all!), and non-girly, non-blingy vintage styles like the Twenty Eight & Main collection. There are lots of women who don’t like the trendy, girly designs that are clogging the shelves. Please think of us too! 🙂

    • @Christine – I will share your feedback with the development team.

  • The artwork and graphics look fantastic! Total inspiration!

  • Looks great! Wish there was something similar for girls

  • Man I LOVE these designs!! I wish they had them in women’s styles as well. The best tees always seem to be in the men’s style t-shirt. I wish Disney would offer more things like this in a ladies (fitted) style as well. There are many of us that prefer the way a ladies tee fits over a shapeless, larger men’s style shirt. Unfortunately whenever I shop for tees at the parks it seems like the majority of the ladies style tees are Princess or character tees – something I’m just not into. I seem to have a very hard time finding ladies tees that have more unisex park-centric designs on them (like these). It’s very disappointing. 🙁

    • @Amy – Thank you for your feedback. Twenty Eight & Main was created specifically as a men’s apparel and accessories brand for Disney Parks. I know that we recently introduced a new women’s apparel brand called Disney Boutique. I’ll share your thoughts with the development team.

  • This sounds very interesting. I’m hoping that there will be some polo/golf style shirts–I’ve already got way too many Disney T-shirts, but it’s been difficult finding Disney polo shirts (other than the generic Mickey logo and Mickey golfing shirts) at the parks these last few years. I’ll be watching for these items during my trip to WDW in November.

  • These are fantastic! I sure hope at least the t-shirts will be offered online. The Florida Project shirt is a MUST!!!

    • @Adam – There will be a few Twenty Eight & Main shirts offered this summer on the Disney Parks online store. The rest of the items will arrive this fall in select locations at Disney Parks.

  • I also want the adventurer club shirt. Any idea when the store will be open and when or it we can order things with Disney Merchandising? GOing in August and would love to spend money there!

    • @Debbie – At this point, Twenty Eight & Main is more like a brand. The items will be offered in a few different locations at Disney Parks. Look for things to arrive this fall.

  • The Twenty-Eight & Main stuff looks fantastic! I can hardly wait!

  • Girl or not, I want the Adventurer’s Club t-shirt. And it WILL be mine.

    • @Erin – Sounds like a great plan. Kungaloosh!

  • Do want.

  • The Florida Project shirt is possibly the BEST t-shirt ever created by Disney!!!! Take my money now.

    • @Scott – Steven Miller favorited your comment. 🙂

  • I remember seeing the Adventurer’s Club sign in a previous post and thought it would be an instant buy for me but I already have to many things for my walls. I still may get it though, but am I reading the article correctly stating that some of these will in fact be on t-shirts? If so, the AC would be an instant buy for me.

    • @Chris – The artwork may be used on a variety of items. The sign was one of the first items offered. Kungaloosh!

  • Steven,

    Do you know if the Disney Parks Online Store will be offering 25% off Park Merchandise again soon? (Memorial Day Weekend??)

    • @Charles – That’s a great question. I’ve not received any update about such a promotion. I know they sometimes offer such things for the online store.

  • Are there any more theme park specific Nike Golf/Perfomance polo’s planned? The light blue one that was just released is *excellent*.

    Also, are some of the Deluxe Hotels getting different logo merchandise this summer? It’s something I had originally heard when I was there last month.

    • @Jonathan – I’d have to ask for both questions.

  • Oops. I just reread the article and saw the “this fall”. I’m really looking forward to Nautilus and Rocketeer merchandise.

    • @Belinda – The Rocka-who? 🙂 I’m glad you are a fan like me. The artwork looks fantastic!

  • This looks and sounds exciting. Will it be in time for Fathers Day?

  • These items look fantastic! Can’t wait to see more, and hopefully purchase them.

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