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Video: 24-Hour Summer Kick-off Celebration at Walt Disney World Begins May 22

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

It’s almost time to kick off the “Coolest Summer Ever” here at Walt Disney World Resort with this year’s 24-hour celebration. And as we watch the clock and count the days until the party begins on May 22, we’re sharing some of our favorite sights and sounds from past all-nighters.

Time flies during the 24-hour celebration but we have 24 things to squeeze into your 24 hours at Magic Kingdom Park. So, what’s your favorite part about our all-night celebrations? Let us know in the comments section below.


  • I hope you will have some special “Meet and Greet” opportunities.

  • Thanks for the tips everyone! It’s just what we needed to know!

  • For this 24-hour event and also 24-hour events at Disneyland, is there somewhere that guests can get an hour’s sleep. I live only about 1 1/4 hours from Disneyland so I would much rather not have to get an expensive hotel room just to take a nap before driving home? Can we nap in our car in the parking structures?

  • This will be my 3rd 24 Hour Marathon at Disney World. 🙂 Can’t wait. By around 2am we usually pop a 5 hour energy drink (or 2) and it gets us through that last stretch. 🙂 First year I fell asleep on the bus back to the Resort. It’s important to rest the night before… that’s key.

  • Awesome!!

  • Hi, In response to trinna on May 8, having been to every all nighter at WDW, let me help by giving you some pointers.
    First, many people go to get in first thing in the morning. There is excitement and anticipation in the air, media and sometime free giveaways. Boats and monorails run and you want to make sure to get there at least an hour before. (some wait the whole night before, but this is not necessary.)
    Once you are greated with a special entry show from the train platform, the gates are open. You will immediately notice that once you are in, most people rush to the emporium to check out the merchandise. Some of it goes early, so I would recommend you do that immediately if you are interested.
    You will then find that the park isn’t really that crowded yet, as attendance builds thru the day. You can come and go like any other day, but be aware that after 4 the attendance really starts to build. There are long waits for monorails and boats and if you are not at a Disney hotel, long lines start to form at the tollplaza. Attendance keeps building and building until about 10 Pm and then slowly, it reverses itself. By midnight, there are still many diehards left , however, the big crowds have come and gone. Pay attention to the schedule because although most major attractions stay open, some do close down for an hour or two to refresh and test. Also food options start to diminish.
    overall, relax and go with the flow. it is a fun time and even if you are not there the full 24 hours, it is just as fun. We usually “Poop” out around 2-3 AM.

  • @Trinna-
    You’re allowed to leave and enter the park whenever you like ( as long as it is during park hours ). Monorails and ferries should be running at all times as well. At least that’s the way it worked last year. Hope this helped 😉

  • We’re looking forward to attending our first 24-hour celebration, but we have planning questions. For instance, what are the entrance/exit rules? If we want to attend the morning, take a break, and return AFTER midnight, will we be able to get in? Will ferries and monorails run? What if we push through but only last 21 hours? Will we be able to leave?

    Please help!

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