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#CoolestSummer Ever: Magic Kingdom Park Cool

Magic Kingdom Park is a wonderland of pleasant places and experiences waiting to be discovered, and then made into regular visit traditions. When the summer sun is beaming it brightest, every seasoned guest has favorite attractions that are refreshingly air-conditioned and/or cooled nicely with fans and are relatively moderate as to queues (of course, “subject to change without notice” and all that stuff).

Anyway, here are a few super summer “ahhh-tractions”:


Mickey’s PhilharMagic – What a great attraction for fans of classic Disney and great music! Again, the queue is primarily inside, amid funny “concert posters”, and the show is breezy and thoroughly delightful. (Here’s a bit of trivia: Hollywood studio singer Gene Merlino sings in the chorus of “You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly”, just as he did in the original 1953 film!)

When Elephants Fly

Dumbo The Flying Elephant – Whoever came up with the idea of a circus tent waiting area, complete with benches and plenty of fun for kids, deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, or at least a smoked turkey leg. You’re given a handy device that glows when you can enter the queue, after waiting in air-conditioned bliss. And when it’s time to fly with Dumbo, he tries really hard to catch the breeze as you whirl through the air.

Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor – By midday, who couldn’t use a chuckle or two in a stylish night club setting where Mike Wazowski presents the all-time best of the wincingly worst in super silly jokes and riddles. (My favorite riddle: “How do you know when an elephant has been in your refrigerator?” “He leaves his footprints in the butter!”)

Country Bear Jamboree

Country Bear Jamboree – This is a cherished Audio-Animatronics classic, as laid back as an contented ol’ dog taking a break in some cool, shaded grass. Highly recommended if members of your group are starting to get as revved up as long-tailed cats in a room full of rockers. (In my family, moodiness can sometimes also be cured with a quick snack and cool beverage. Not that anyone is ever moody on a Walt Disney World Resort dream vacation. It’s probably just my relatives.)

What are your favorite Magic Kingdom Park attractions for midday cool-downs?


  • Hall of Presidents. It’s really really cool in there, plus where else do you get to see all the Presidents in one room?

  • People Mover. I could ride that over and over if they’d let me. Perfect spot for a brief snooze or a fun way to see Tomorrowland in a whole new way!

  • The Carousel of Progress. A chance to sit, get out of a light rain, take off those sweaty ponchos, enjoy a drink and some AC, and of course a fantastic show!!

  • The Casey Jr. Splash n’ Soak area a blast for the younger kids! They are cooled down immediately. You can hardly get them out of that area any time of the year! Even when its cool!

  • I’ll second Jason’s vote for Hall of Presidents: I’ve liked it since I was a kid–much more than American Adventure at Epcot, which felt overproduced–and the animatronics are so realistically detailed, it’s more fun to watch the other presidents during the roll call and while Lincoln is speaking. Like Carousel of Progress, it’s got the Walt & Roy-era class of an early-WDW attraction.
    (And anyone who wants to make the usual jokes about “boring history” at a Disney park…Fine, go sit outside and enjoy the hot sun.) 🙂

  • To add to the already great suggestions, I like to go to Tom Sawyer’s Island. Most of the island is heavily shaded and exploring the caves is a great way to cool off too!

  • To cool down the Hall of Presidents is great. I also suggest It’s a Small World.

  • Can’t beat sitting down and enjoying Sunny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s.

  • James’ wife here
    @Tara #2 YES! We stay on for two turns!
    @jason #1 YES!
    @Eric #3 YES!


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