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Decorative Hand Sanitizers Join a Summer of New Souvenirs at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


This summer, Disney Theme Park Merchandise is introducing several new souvenirs at Disney Parks. These items will make great gifts for loved ones or serve as a nice memory from your Disney vacation. For my first “Summer of New Souvenirs” story, I’m highlighting my favorite new things – decorative hand sanitizers. Having a son, I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go, and these designs are fantastic!


There will be approximately 20 new hand sanitizers arriving at Disney Parks in late June and early-to-mid July. The artwork features popular Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Anna, Elsa and other select Disney Princesses. Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland park and Cinderella Castle from Magic Kingdom Park will also be included in the mix.


Each hand sanitizer comes with a specially designed 1 fluid ounce bottle and a key chain split ring with lobster claw clasp. At this time, we will not offer refill bottles yet you can refill the bottle with your favorite hand sanitizer once empty.


The Force is strong with my favorite designs featuring R2-D2 and Darth Vader. They are due to arrive this August in select merchandise locations at Disney Parks (they are insta-buy for me!).

Hand sanitizer will retail for $8.95 (plus tax). Please note that retails are subject to change without notice.

Look for additional Disney Parks Blog articles in the coming months with other new souvenirs.


  • I have had 2 different people looking for me for the sanitizer holders to no avail? My son is down there now and hasn’t seem them? Are they available and if so where? Thank you… Sue

  • Any chance they’ll be available on the cruise ships? We sail in 2 weeks,

  • I just love that super helpful Stitch Sanitizer!

  • Steven, what is the status for 2015 Disney Dollars? I am quite the fan and collector of pins, dollars and cells. I have called multiple times to the gift card and dollar phone line at Disney World and they keep telling me that they have no news on the release if any? I really can’t believe that for the 60th none are to be issued?

    Michael (a 69 yr old grampa and 1955 DL 1st timer)

  • Will there be a Winnie the Pooh or Duffy?

  • Will these be sold in Disney Stores around the country? *crossing hopeful fingers*

    • @Jennifer – These items were created especially for Disney Parks. They will be carried in select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

  • Would they be available in Downtown Disney stores?

    • @Paul – Yes.

  • Are any of them fragrance-free, for those of us with allergies?

    • @Merle – These hand sanitizers are odorless.

  • I’m thinking these will not go away after summer… We’re heading down in January 2016 – and can’t wait to get a few of these!

    • @Lori – Your thinking is correct. 🙂 Safe travels!

  • Hello are they comming to Disneyland Paris?

    • @Karin – I’m not aware of any plans to carry them at Disneyland Paris at this time.

  • 2 questions.

    Question 1: I see you said they have Princess and from the photo there I only see Belle,Ariel & Anna. My question is well Princess Aurora be one of these characters to. She is my number 1 favorite Princess from them all.

    Question 2: What stores in Disneyland will cary them like World of Disney Store, The Empourlm at Main Street. Just what stores in Disneyland will have these.

    • @Jeffrey – For this first assortment, I did not see Princess Aurora. Since these items are considered souvenirs, you will find them in many locations at Disneyland Resort once released. I don’t have a confirmed location list at this time. From my experience, I’ve seen these kinds of items offered in many stores.

  • No Tinker Bell??

    • @Rhonda – Not at this time.

  • I want them ALL! giggles.What locations will these be sold at? Thank you.

    • @Jessica – I’m glad you like them! At this time, I don’t have a confirmed location list. I can say these items are souvenirs which means they will be carried in multiple locations. The best places to find them would be at bigger locations such as the Emporium or World of Disney. Yet, I can imagine they will be offered in numerous places throughout Disney Parks.

  • I love these!! Great idea Disney!!

  • Is this available in a spray? The liquid gives me a bad skin reaction and I can’t use it.

    • @Julie – I’m sorry to hear this. At this time, we won’t be offering spray versions.

  • I always carry Hand Sanitizer so these Disney ones will be awesome. Do you know how much they will likely to cost?

    • @Janine – Each hand sanitizer will retail for $8.95 (plus tax). Please note that retails are subject to change without notice.

  • These are fantastic! A much needed and wanted accessory at the Parks and beyond the Berm!

  • Does this also mean that Tower of Terror will be the new icon for Hollywood Studios?

  • These will be perfect stocking stuffers!!

  • Please, please, PLEASE tell me these will be available online! I need Pluto, Monorail, Pumpkin Mickey, Darth Vader and Donald! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

    • @Liza – I wish I had better news. These items won’t be offered on our Disney Parks online store at this time.

  • Will these be available through the Disney Store online? Sadly, I will not be visiting the parks until next year.

    • @Amy – Unfortunately, these items will not be offered on our Disney Parks online store.

  • Finally!! My husband and I both carry bottles. I’m excited to see there will be holiday ones too. These will be on the “must” purchase list on our next trip. Thanks, Steven for sharing.

  • Can’t wait to get them all!!!

  • These are great! I especially love the Mickey pumpkin one. Will that one be available this summer also, or not until Halloween?

    • @Julie – The Halloween one should arrive with the rest of them this summer. The Star Wars themed ones will arrive in August.

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