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Disney Days of Past: A Summer Job at Magic Kingdom Park

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Remember your first summer job? I remember mine. It might have been a lot more fun with these guys.


Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and Dopey head to work at Magic Kingdom Park in 1978 getting ready to dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig in the mine the whole day through.


  • A summer job in any of the following roles would be wonderful:

    Show Quality Operations
    Whirly Drive Unit Operator
    Character Performer

  • A summer job?
    July 24th will be 42 years.

  • My little sister starts the Disney College Program this Fall! I am so excited for her and just a tad bit jealous!

  • James’ wife here (not #1 James above) Love that old black and white of the Dwarfs! It’s great seeing those photos, look at all the land around the castle! They kept digging and got that nice new Mine Train ride too! Great job fellas!
    Gosh my family and I love Disney, we dream of moving down to Disney and working there some day…Dreams can and do come true!

    <3 WDW!

  • Wow! That’s the year my parents took us for the first time.I was two and a half and my sister was five and a half. This year we are hoping to go with our infant daughter. That will be 3 generations!

  • Working for Disney in any aspect is the ultimate dream job!!!

  • I would love to work the summer at WDW. It would not be my 1st job, maybe 10th, but that’s OK with me if it’s OK with the Disney HR department đŸ™‚

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