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Disney Days of Past: Mickey’s Birthdayland at Walt Disney World Resort

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

In May 1988, Mickey was moving into his house at Magic Kingdom Park prepping for upcoming visitors to Mickey’s Birthdayland. This seventh land of Magic Kingdom Park opened on June 18th, 1988 to guests at Walt Disney World Resort.


Chip and Dale even joined in the fun by baking Mickey a giant birthday cake to celebrate.


Opening in honor of Mickey’s 60th Birthday, Mickey’s Birthdayland welcomed guests until 1990 when it became Mickey’s Starland.


  • I am actually doubting my own memory on this one, but I know we went to the Mickey’s Birthday Party show here in 1989 (of course the show was that everything went wrong preparing for Mickey’s party, but ultimately an amazing looking birthday cake popped out of the “oven”!), and I seem to recall that at the exit everyone got a free cupcake – is that possible? Does anyone else remember that?

  • #1 – Anthony

    Perhaps: “Disney Days of the Past”.

  • My family and I loved the love show and sometimes I catch myself singing the song. “Happy Birthday, birthday to you!” Loved it when it was birthday land

  • James wife here – Love those photos! It’s great to see the little houses, they were so adorable to walk around and see…too bad they couldn’t have been repurposed somewhere else along the train route or something else.


  • OK – I know this is stupid; and I don’t know why it’s been bothering me, but it has been since the very first article…

    Why “Disney Days of Past” instead of “Days of Disney Passed”, or even “Days of Disney Past”?

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