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Disney Days of Past: ‘Pocahontas’ Marks 20 Years

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Walt Disney Pictures “Pocahontas” celebrates its 20th anniversary this June. Pocahontas and her friends have had a presence in Disney Parks throughout the years.

Today, guests can still enjoy the magic of Pocahontas at Disney’s Hollywood Studios nightly at “Fantastmic!” Here’s a great action shot of John Smith swinging into the action.


Pocahontas’ sense of adventure around any river bend still endures twenty years later.


  • The “Spirit of Pocahontas” stage show at Disneyland was perhaps the best they ever did in the Videopolis theater. Unfortunately, the staging was a bit to complex and the performers kept getting sprained ankles, so the cast got smaller and they show had to be reworked.
    But wow, did we have a fantastic performer in the lead role. She would have been a great choice if that show had gone on to Broadway.

  • At Disneyland over the past few years, we met every single Disney princess except for Pocahontas. She did make an appearance in Mickey and the Magical Map, but it would be nice to have a meet-and-greet opportunity.

    What I would really like to see is the full cast of of princesses available at Fantasy Faire (have a random schedule). Between the current Fantasy Faire lineup and Ariel’s Grotto (character breakfast/lunch), you can only meet the same five princesses.

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