Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise Continues to Dazzle

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Hey Disney fans! Over the past couple weeks I have seen many of you dazzling in Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration product. It’s been amazing! So what’s next? You may want to put on your sunglasses, because if you are looking for some serious sparkle, check out the black and white embedded ear hat!


If you’re curious as to how much this would be to add to your collection, hold on to your wallet … this specially created Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration ear hat is a limited edition of twenty-four (24) and is $2,000. Whether you want a peek at the ear hat or decide to buy, you’ll find it in Disneyana and Disney Showcase in Disneyland park and World of Disney in Downtown Disney District.

If you’re looking for something else that “sounds” good, then I have just the item for you. Some of you may have had the opportunity to get the first edition of the limited-edition crystal embedded headphones in May. SMS Audio is the official headphones of the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort and the sound quality is impeccable. The second edition of the headphones will be releasing soon and will be an edition size of 60. One of the main differences you’ll notice is the much darker blue stones. Here’s your first look!


I know that many of you have been curious on availability of Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration product through Merchandise Guest Services. Please keep in mind that a VERY limited assortment will be available through the Merchandise Guest Services team beginning June 22 and an even more limited assortment will be available online in August.

Which Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration souvenirs have you picked up?


  • Any idea when the 60th celebration women’s rhinestone zipper jacket and pant will be available online for purchase?

  • Will anything for 60th anniversary be available in november when we come?

  • We are booked to come in mid November so hopefully the 60th ears and other items I have my eye on will still be available. Would be very sad if they are not. Looked online at Disneystore but do not see any 60th Celebration items. I’ll keep my fingers so please keep the 60th Celebrations stocked for all of us coming later in the year!

  • Thank you so much for the update on the Shag release. Regarding the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Prints, is there any chance you could find the SKU for the 50th Adventureland deluxe print? It is the only one I’m missing. Merch. Guest Services has never been able to find it (I realize it is sold out at the moment).

  • What is the price point of the headphones? or should I just call the Merchandise Guest Services #1-877-560-6477?

  • Will they restock any of the special blinged out vinylmation? It sold out the 1st day!!!

  • Is there somewhere you can look at the merchandise in order to call the merchandise line?

  • Hi. I’m also looking for the Swarovski ears. Can they be ordered through merchandise guest services when back in stock?

  • We booked our trip a year ago based on the actual anniversary date. Looks like by the time we get down there on July 16th, all of the merchandise associated with the 60th will be gone.

    Can’t change all of our non-refundable airfare, and the Vacation Club Villas are sold out till the end of the year.

    Not really too happy with Disney Merchandising right now… But I do hope that we will have a good time with the 100,000 nearest and dearest Disney fans.

    • Hey Karen! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. With over 500 items for the Diamond Celebration there are quite a few things to choose from. Perhaps not the particular items shown here, but certainly there are many apparel, accessory, headwear, home decor, souvenir, pin items and more available. I hope to share details soon on merchandise that might even be available while you’re here. So keep watching the Disney Parks Blog.

  • Hi Michelle! Do you have any idea if/when the crystal embedded Minnie ears headband (similar to the ear hat and headphones in this article) will come back in stock? It’s only limited release, not limited edition, and every cast member I asked said they would be getting more, but didn’t know when. Thanks.

    • Hi Lauren! The plan is to get more of the crystal headbands, we’re just waiting for confirmation on when they will actually be available. I can certainly update this comment for you when I learn more.

  • Michelle, I was just wondering if there is any news on what special or limited merchandise if any will be offered on the Anniversary date July 17, 2015 I was just wondering because I will be Staying in Disneyland for the entire week for the Anniversary and plan on being in Disneyland that day. Thank You,

    • Hi Anthony! The teams are still working on a few details, but hopefully I will have some news for you shortly.

  • Is there a 60th Anniversary CD or plans to release one? I can’t get the Live the Magic song out of my head, and I would love to have it.

    • That is a great song! As of now there are plans to release a legacy collection, but not one that would include that song at this time.

  • Another question: for the 7/25 shag release, will wonder ground have deluxe prints of the 50th anniversary artwork as well? I know they had a few of each piece for the release of “morning in the magic kingdom,” but they sold out very quickly. (Also, do you know the title of the new piece?)

    • Update! It appears there will be a selection of deluxe prints featuring some of SHAG’s 50th Anniversary images available at the release. This includes Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Main Street and the 50th Anniversary map. In addition, a small selection from the Morning in the Magic Kingdom collection will also be available including limited edition prints, deluxe prints and the postcard. I hope that helps. As for the title of the new piece, it’s called “A Perilous Adventure.”

  • If that new ear hat is only limited to 24, then you should have limited the number that a customer can purchase. The day those came out, there was a lady the bought the only 3 that were at WOD and they soon ended up on EBAY!!!! You should limit it to only ONE! Sad that most of this limited edition stuff is being bought in bulk and ending up on eBay!!! 🙁

    • Thanks for your feedback Cara. Our Diamond Celebration merchandise is actually limited and has been since the launch. For limited editions items it is a limit of two, for open edition items it is a limit of five. I’ll certainly share your feedback in regards to a different limit. Many of the open edition items currently out of stock should be back in stores soon.

  • Will this Disneyland celebration go on past January 2016? May to May hopefully? Going next year and would love to see all this wonderful merchandise up close!

    • Debbie, if you’re here in January there is a great chance you’ll find quite a bit of our Diamond Celebration merchandise on hand.

  • Any update on whether there will be a different “Official” Disneyland 60 CD instead of the Legacy version? Also, would you still not have any knowledge whether that jacket Tyler S. wore from 5/22 (some pic’s on the blog) will actually be offered sometime later?

    • As of right now, there is only the Legacy version. In regards to Tyler’s jacket, I loved it too. But that item will not be available as part of our offerings at this time.

  • Are any of the 60th items going to be available on Disneystore as part of the Park Merchandise available?

    • Hi Shannon! As of right now the plan is to have select offerings online sometime in August. I’m not sure what the assortment will consist of as of yet, but I will certainly update you when I find out.

  • Saying they will only offer a VERY limited assortment in all caps is INCREDIBLY upsetting. If it is open edition and in stock, it seems it should be made available, as that is what that department is there for…

    • Thanks for the feedback Jonathan. The reason being as that some items are actually out of stock, so those items wouldn’t be available to our Guests right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide an update soon as to what types of items our Guests will be able purchase.

  • Do you have any update on that small resin castle by any chance?? 🙂

    • Hi Jonathan! No updates as of yet. But I will definitely keep you posted.

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