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Disney•Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Pre-Parade Starts Today at Disney California Adventure Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Our celebration of Disney•Pixar’s original film “Inside Out” starts today at Disney California Adventure park with special, pre-parade appearances by the movie’s main characters, the five Emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness.


Arriving just ahead of daily performances of Pixar Play Parade, the “Inside Out” pre-parade brings these five new characters and their colorful, curious world right through the heart of Disney California Adventure park, allowing them to experience for the first time all the sights, sounds, smells and excitement of a day in a Disney park.


Bringing an innovative storytelling approach to audiences, the film “Inside Out” ventures inside the mind of Riley and introduces us to the Emotions that guide her. Based in Headquarters, the five Emotions are hard at work, led by lighthearted optimist Joy, whose mission is to make sure Riley stays happy. “Inside Out” is directed by Academy Award® winner Pete Docter (“Monsters, Inc.,” “Up”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Up”) with an original score by Michael Giacchino (“The Incredibles,” “Ratatouille,” “Up”).

The “Inside Out” pre-parade continues daily all summer long, and you can also catch Disney•Pixar’s “Inside Out” in theaters everywhere this weekend!


  • So glad to hear everyone is excited to see the Emotions in the park. At this time, there are no plans for any of the characters to appear for regular character greetings. When they’re not participating in the pre-parade at Disney California Adventure, the Emotions are kept pretty busy helping Riley get through life in San Francisco. 😉

  • Another vote here–Seems like they’ve been avoiding any mention of whether at least Joy & Sadness will make meet appearances, even just at the Studios, like they did at the movie meet-up.
    If so, is there some rights problem, or is it the idea that they “don’t appear on the outside”, which was never a problem when Tinkerbell or Wreck-It Ralph had to appear in their own environments?

  • Will they only be in the parade or will they be in park for photo opps and autographs?

  • Is there a chance that any of the Emotions will ever join the cast of characters at Disneyland or DCA? I’d love to be able to meet them!

  • Hi – is there a schedule of when their parade happens? My daughters (and us!) would love to see it when we come down Sunday! Thanks!

    • Cobham – Sorry, I may have missed getting this reply to you before your visit. The “Inside Out” pre-parade runs just before daily performances of the Pixar Play Parade. Those times vary, but are available at and on the in-park Times Guide.

  • Oh ! It’s so great ! I wish we had this one in France!
    What do you mean by “smells”, is the float producing anything?

    Thank you very much !

    • Isabelle – Smells do not emanate from the float itself. The characters react to the things they experience in the park, such as the smell of churros or popcorn (YUM!).

  • James’ wife here – I love the concept of this film. From what I can glean, I think children will gain insight into their own inner beings and learn empathy when they see others have conflicting thoughts and emotions inside as well.
    If I still had “little one’s” it would a MUST SEE for them.
    Anytime we can bring people together, that we all share similar concerns, it’s a good for all of us!


    • It really is a wonderful film. My boys loved it, and it especially resonated with me as a parent. Be sure to take some tissues along. You’ll laugh and cry and cry from laughing so hard!

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