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First Look: ‘Frozen Ever After’ at Epcot

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

The story of “Frozen” has swept the hearts of people around the world, and we have been busy bringing it to life in our parks — from royal greetings with Anna and Elsa to sing-alongs to special screenings of the animated short “Frozen Fever.”

We first told you about our plans for a “Frozen” attraction in Epcot last fall and today, we’re thrilled to share a first look at what’s coming when it opens in 2016.


“Frozen Ever After,” is an adventure fit for the entire family that will take guests through the kingdom of Arendelle. The fantastic Disney storytelling combined with new technology and favorite moments and music from the film will make guests feel like they stepped into the magical world of “Frozen.”

Guests will be transported to the Winter in Summer Celebration where Queen Elsa embraces her magical powers and creates a winter-in-summer day for the entire kingdom. They will also visit Elsa’s Ice Palace and the ice-blue world of the North Mountain along with other locations before returning to the Bay of Arendelle. Of course, favorite “Frozen” characters, including the Snowgies from the animated short “Frozen Fever,” will be part of this new attraction, along with the spectacular sights inspired by the film.

The Norway Pavilion’s exterior will be expanded with many unique Norwegian architectural features and the interior design of the “Royal Sommerhus” will reflect the cultural arts and crafts of Norway, providing a charming setting for guests to meet Elsa and Anna.

We’ll have more updates to share in the future, so keep checking for details right here on the Disney Parks Blog.


  • I am a grownup with teenage boys who don’t care for the movie, but our family all is excited about this. I love the culture that is on display in the World Showcase, but I concur with others that it is still Disney, not a museum. Epcot needed another “ride” for families, and this was a clever idea. The only thing I don’t like is that I fear it will make World Showcase more crowded with people bringing their little ones just for that.

  • Just returned and saw the expansion is huge. I hope they can provide an attraction that appeals to little kids and adults alike. Most kids take in a little culture of each country, and if old enough, question the adults or parents. It’s a lot of walking if you do all of the countries in one swoop; to have this ride is essential to family entertainment. Whatever happened to adding Brazil and a family roller coaster, or Switzerland and our east coast version of the Matterhorn? Looks like Hollywood Studios is getting the BIG makeover. This is a minor one for Epcot, but a nice break for families sweating through a hot summer day. I hope they ditch the Norway info-mercial for tourism since Norway lends no financial support. A new Frozen animated film would be nice, with references to the Norwegians. All bases covered.

  • So “Maelstrom” is being replaced? This is very disappointing. I so enjoyed learning about the actual culture of the countries in World Showcase, but now real learning opportunities are being trampled by displays of fiction – I’m sorry to say I will never be riding Norway’s ride again. Understandably, the story of “Frozen” is based on Scandinavian folklore, but really? How far does the erasure have to go? I was just as bummed by the change of the Mexico Pavilion.

  • With all my grandchildren

  • I’m going to celebrate my 65th birthday in July 2016. I hope it’s okay en by then

  • i hope this means ratatoullie can come to france or tangled to germany or big hero 6 to japan

  • Entertainment for kids and kids-at-heart in the form of rides is a key part of EPCOT already. The original “franchise” concept of the countries sponsoring the content of the showcases seems to be slipping and Norway appears to be one of the countries “backing down” its long term commitment; except for the restaurants. So Norway is in no position to complain. Maelstrom already had a lot of stories / fantasy built into the ride experience. So modifying the ride makes perfect sense for Disney in light of the HUGE success of Frozen. I’m hopeful it starts a trend. EPCOT in general needs a boost. Hopefully Imagination pavilion is next up 😉

  • Ride looks wonderful. Belongs in Fantasyland. Trolls might be fantasy, but they are part of the history of Norway.

  • I don’t know if anyone has asked this question, and I hope someone in Disney Parks will be able to answer this: What Fastpass+ tier will this attraction fall under? May have to use Animal Kingdom day for a second Epcot day in order to actually be able to ride this attraction!

  • Scott from IL~ Did you really say that Morocco is a fictional country? And that London is a part of Europe and Europe is all the same? Morocco is a real country and Europe is made up of many different, diverse cultures. You’re post does seem a little sarcastic so perhaps you know that Morocco is real and Europe is not all the same. Greece is a part of the European Union as is Turkey and they are definitely not the same as England.

  • David said; “Frozen will be almost forgotten, is senseless.”

    I doubt that very much. As an example, The Lion King (1994) is still being used a lot in Disney parks today, and Frozen is Disney Anmation’s biggest hit since The Lion King. Frozen is a film that will continue to be loved for generations.

    Andy said; “However, I realize children LOVE Frozen and this is the best thing the imagineers can do to serve a demand that parkgoers have.”

    It is important to point out that many adults love Frozen as well.

  • When I heard Maelstrom was going to be replaced for Frozen, I was upset, and while time (and seeing it closed in person last time I visited) softened the sting, I am still a little sad. However, I realize children LOVE Frozen and this is the best thing the imagineers can do to serve a demand that parkgoers have.

    Will I ride this next time I’m at Disney World? Probably. I’ll miss Maelstrom, but nothing is forever, I guess.

    Now, my biggest concern is merely just from the concept art that it looks like it might be one of those rides with screens displaying video that Universal likes to do. I really hope that if there’s video in it, it’s minimal like Journey of the Little Mermaid and is mostly animatronics.

    We’ll miss you, Maelstrom, but I hope this ride is a fun replacement.

    I’m glad the boats are staying at least.

  • What is the estimated month for the 2016 opening?

  • Personally looking forward to this. My one comment is that I hope WDW doesn’t “forget” to have a passholder preview like they did for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. If past experience is in any way predictive, a passholder preview would be our only opportunity to ride this for at least the first year or so.

  • You are correct Marie. If you want your kids to see the real thing then take them. The EPCOT world showcase is just a glimpse into the country. I have been to England and many other countries and plan to take my daughters too, to see the real deal. Disney Cruise!

  • So it appears there is a lot of negative reaction to the redoing of the Norway attraction. To be clear, I enjoyed the Maelstrom ride. I also enjoyed Frozen in the theatre and at home. I am for the historical theme of Norway as I am for every other country in the pavilion. Frozen is a movie and here in 2015 it’s popularity, like any other movie fades. The Disney Cruise Line with Norway excursions and Frozen themes is appropriate, but to change a whole ride, which by the way isn’t even open until 2016, Frozen will be almost forgotten, is senseless.

  • So many negative people. Didn’t see this much anger over the change to the Mexico ride to “Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros”.
    And am I the only one who thought the Maelstrom ride was lame?

  • Seriously though, Disneyland in California should really get a Frozen ride too! Don’t leave out the Disneyland Resort.

  • “Worst ride idea ever”

    Shannon– No, not by a longshot. Two words: Superstar Limo.

  • It is real easy to troll (haha get it?…Frozen?…troll?) and hate on a Frozen attraction, but it is a very strategic move on Disney’s part. I would hope that even though the attraction will be heavily based on the fictional world of Frozen, there would be a way to incoporate the culture of the pavilion by showing where Frozen’s inspiration originated from. Not to mention, Walt himself proposed ideas for an attraction based around the story of the Snow Queen. Personally, I like Frozen…I do not think it is the best nor the worst franchise. Would I have liked to have seen more attention to different titles like Wreck-It-Ralph & Tangled (restrooms do not count), ABSOLUTELY! But fact is, Frozen is a cash cow and Disney needs to jump on it while it is still hot. Epcot was never even supposed to have characters in it to begin with! Imagine if it was like that today, the park would be very boring. Hopefully, once Frozen is complete, some other attractions could get some much needed overall. I mean, Imagination and Universe of Energy…please…these need to be focused on badly. I look forward to this attraction, it is something new and exciting, and hey, it may alleviate some of the lines during Food & Wine! I am excited to see what technologies have been leveraged to bring this to life and I am hoping there is a ton of Olaf and Sven in the attraction as well.

  • My daughter is a big fan of Frozen, so I know she will enjoy the new ride. The Maelstrom was a bit dated. Can’t some Norwegian culture just be incorporated into the ride, to make everyone happy? I love Epcot. It is always a refreshing break from the Magic Kingdom. I love Magic Kingdom most, but the open spaces and landscaping of Epcot are alway a wonderful contrast. I think we all get used to certain attractions and become attached to them for sentimental reasons. It is hard to see things go. Hopefully we can all create wonderful new memories with this new attraction. We have to keep in mind, for the new generation, this will be more appealing. I miss lots of things that Disney has taken away….Mickey and Minnie’s house for one. Snow White and Mr. Toad??? Sometimes I wonder why we can’t keep more of the old. Isn’t there room for new, without taking away some of the classics? Sorry, this is a bit off topic, but I am not a big fan of the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. But, to prove a point, I am sure there are folks who love it. Back on topic, I was a bit surprised that Disney was so slow on the uptake as far as the success of Frozen was concerned. We stood in line in Norway, for almost 3 hours to see Anna and Elsa. The next visit, they had been moved to Fairytale Hall, where they should have been from the start. seee A

  • Worst ride idea ever

  • Just like to point out that the England Pavilion in EPCOT is a pretty poor representation of the country I live in, but I enjoyed it for its quaintness.

    If you’re so concerned about educating children, why have you taken them to Disney World for their holiday instead of sending them to science camp? You can’t really complain that a theme park owned by a company who is known for creating fictional worlds is veering away from reality slightly. Besides, for all you know there will be an extra part of the pavilion dedicated to the area of Norway that inspired the film.

  • “the MAJORITY of people have been disappointed and speaking up since last year”

    The majority of people on the *Internet* have been disappointed. That is not necessarily an accurate representation of how the general public really feels. Internet complaints are often from a very vocal minority.

    If Disney has in fact been surveying park guests, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people are in favor of this.

  • The Frozen attraction DOES NOT belong in Epcot. It belongs at the Magic Kingdom or Disney Studios. The Norway attraction should reflect the true Norway – not a make-believe Norway. What’s next? Mulan-land in China? Come on Disney, the MAJORITY of people have been disappointed and speaking up since last year – are you listening? Of course the new attraction will be poplular (everying Frozen is) but totally out of place. What about those surveys Disney always takes in the parks – have they surveyed people about this? What a HUGE mistake.

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