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First Look: ‘Frozen Ever After’ at Epcot

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

The story of “Frozen” has swept the hearts of people around the world, and we have been busy bringing it to life in our parks — from royal greetings with Anna and Elsa to sing-alongs to special screenings of the animated short “Frozen Fever.”

We first told you about our plans for a “Frozen” attraction in Epcot last fall and today, we’re thrilled to share a first look at what’s coming when it opens in 2016.


“Frozen Ever After,” is an adventure fit for the entire family that will take guests through the kingdom of Arendelle. The fantastic Disney storytelling combined with new technology and favorite moments and music from the film will make guests feel like they stepped into the magical world of “Frozen.”

Guests will be transported to the Winter in Summer Celebration where Queen Elsa embraces her magical powers and creates a winter-in-summer day for the entire kingdom. They will also visit Elsa’s Ice Palace and the ice-blue world of the North Mountain along with other locations before returning to the Bay of Arendelle. Of course, favorite “Frozen” characters, including the Snowgies from the animated short “Frozen Fever,” will be part of this new attraction, along with the spectacular sights inspired by the film.

The Norway Pavilion’s exterior will be expanded with many unique Norwegian architectural features and the interior design of the “Royal Sommerhus” will reflect the cultural arts and crafts of Norway, providing a charming setting for guests to meet Elsa and Anna.

We’ll have more updates to share in the future, so keep checking for details right here on the Disney Parks Blog.


  • I applaud Disney Parks blog for leaving the negative comments up–a step in the right direction.

    I’m hoping against hope this attraction isn’t the Little Mermaid ride (Frozen style). If it’s to eventually be accepted, despite being in the wrong park, it needs to be more than just a ride-through of the movie scenes. Please let it be more than that.

  • To the last few comments, we get that, but folks like me feel that the ride DOES belong in World Showcase and in the Norway pavilion (the story it’s based on, The Snow Queen, originated in the Scandinavian countries, so it fits). And don’t worry–they’re not changing the pavilion completely and they are not going to trash World Showcase!

    Also, Magic Kingdom is already EXTREMELY crowded a lot and that’s another reason why the Frozen ride is being built at Epcot–to lure some of the guests away from the over-crowded Magic Kingdom and into the in-need-of-an-attemdance-boost Epcot. Plus, Magic Kingdom is mostly landlocked now anyway.

  • Man, where were all these doom & gloom voices back when Lion King was popular? How many people would have complained about WDW became Lion-ified when that movie got 2 parades, 3 attractions, and eventually an entire theme park based around that one (popular) film.
    Read what is being said. Major elements of Norway’s culture will remain (even be beefed up a bit). All that’s going away was a much-dated attraction that was most notable for its heckling value and how disjointed its story was.
    Frozen will bring more people to the pavilion, where then they can explore the history of Norway along with it. Walt knew that by entertainment, you can spur the need to learn.

  • Sad to see that all real elements of Norwegian culture are being erased from the attraction.

  • As nice as this might be I still do not get what this has to do with the International Showcase. Will Disney start to get rid of all the real countries and ruin the meaning behind that part of Epcot? The confusion is not with the ride but where it is located.

  • A theme park resort like Walt Disney World deserves a Frozen attraction area similar to what Oriental Land Company’s Tokyo DisneySea is building.

  • As a Norwegian-American, this confuses me. What does this ride have to do with Norway? And why must it be a part of World Showcase? Seems like this ride was meant for Fantasyland, not the honorable Norway pavilion.

  • Carrie– ….No. The snowgies are NOT “boogers”. Perhaps you need to watch the short again.

  • I don’t think the problem is a “Frozen” ride as much as it’s in the wrong park. World Showcase at EPCOT is the wrong place for it. Magic Kingdom is where it should be – and I’m sure everyone at Disney knows that but having just re-imagined Fantasyland what so they do? Tear up the park? It’s a problem for them. I think the Frozen hate is over the top, yes there’s saturation of the movie but really it’s not that different from the situation when “The Lion King” was released.

  • The hate is not against Frozen as a movie. IT is a huge success and a good movie. People are upset that something related to a animated movie is going into World Showcase which is intended to represent cultures around the world. A Frozen themed attraction would be more at home in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasy Land. If anything should be added to World Showcase, it should be more Countries like originally intended, or at least new rides added to the countries that already have the buildings, but were never built like Canada and Japan. Both of those countries never got the ride systems they are actually built around.

  • To those who are upset about the negativity, please note that little is negative about Frozen and its getting an attraction. The anger is over where the attraction is going. It seems that many who are enamored with it don’t understand what the vision of EPCOT was and how it’s just being erased. Sure, Norway doesn’t own the pavilion any longer, that doesn’t mean it should be transferred from non fiction to fiction. Frozen may have been a blockbuster, but it’s still a fairy tale and should not be placed in the World Showcase. That’s all.

  • I read the WSJ article about how Disney is going whole hog on the franchise thing. Of course, you’d have to be blind not to notice this. I think there is a failure in the halls of Burbank to realize that EPCOT is its own IP, valuable in and of itself, beloved for what it is. It most assuredly does need freshening up and renewing, but it does not need rides based on the latest hit movies, tangentially themed to the purpose of the area where it being placed. It will probably be a hit for 5 year or so and then it will be a 20 minute wait or walk on, since ultimately the long term success of a theme park attraction depends on how good it is and how well it fits, not what movie is beloved at the moment. This, too, seems to have become an unknown in the upper echelons of the company. Carsland will be a long term success because it is well done and fits in DCA, not because it is the best franchise. Splash Mountain is not a big draw due to the enduring cultural appeal of Song of the South.

  • Philip– I agree!

  • Keep the new attractions coming. I’m a Norwegian and I’d like to see the pavilion be more alive and interesting. Yes, losing Maelstrom is too bad. Not sure if it is true, but someone mentioned that except for this new attraction, Epcot’s last ride was Soarin’ and that is coming up on 10 years. Yes, 10 years without a new attraction to this park.

  • It’s very sad how hateful some of these comments are.

    The Frozen hate has gotten really old. This ride looks pretty cool, and it is sure to be popular.
    People really have to understand that Frozen is Disney Animation’s biggest hit since The Lion King. Frozen received acclaim from both critics and audiences, won a Golden Globe, two Academy Awards, and became the highest grossing animated film of all time. Plus, it is a great film with characters and music that audiences love, in addition to a great story. As such, there has definitely been a big *public demand* for merchandise and content.

    I love Frozen, and I’m glad it’s been such a success for Disney.

    Will Disneyland in California ever receive a Frozen ride?

  • I agree with Scott. Please don’t make any changes to the bakery. It’s bad enough we lost The Maelstrom and that EPCOT is losing sight of what it was supposed to be all about (and I like Frozen just as much as the next person, but leave World Showcase to represent real world cultures)but if we lose the delicious foods at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, I will be very upset. I need my school bread.

  • I cannot stand all the negative comments above. I wish that they would stop being so wrong and mean-spirited.

    Please give the new ride a chance anyway. You’ll most likely end up enjoying it anyway.

  • This will be a valuable addition to Magic Kingdom, Part Deux.

  • Are there going to be ANY details, like the Mexico Pavillon, that represent the culture and actual country of Norway? And will there be a new Norway video… or is that where the meet and greet going to be?

  • I will miss Maelstrom. A great ride. Hard to believe it is 27 years old. Still, this will be a fantastic ride as well. Let’s face it Epcot needs more attractions for the really young crowd. This serves that market.

  • This would have been so much easier to accept if it was going into the Magic Kingdom and not World Showcase.

  • Will there be any changes to the bakery? I hope not. I love going in there and getting a warm pretzel with the brown Norwegian cheese on it. There are becoming fewer places on property to get hot cheese these days. Do they eat the brown cheese in Arendelle?

  • In my opinion, this is a very bad idea.
    What next, removing The American Adventure for a Phineas and Ferb ride?

  • Enough with Frozen already. I come to Disney World to see Disney, not just Frozen. Everywhere you go now it’s all about Frozen. The whole summer party and castle show in MK, there was a whole ice skating rink in HS, now you’re tearing down a tribute to a beautiful country to shove more Frozen in there. I think AK is the only one that’s safe anymore. Stop. With. Frozen.

  • Will there be a section that will help me book a family vacation to Arendelle? When I was at Epcot last year, the people in the Norway section looked utterly confused when I told them I didn’t want to visit their silly country, I wanted to go to Arendelle!

  • Is there an estimated date of opening? We’re planning our trip in May of next year!

  • Will Disneyland be receiving something similar to this for their park?

  • The Norway Pavilion is owned and operated by WDW. The country of Norway no longer has any ownership interest and hasn’t in a while. That could be one of the reasons why it is being incorporated into a MAJORITY pleasing attraction, that will brings substantial income to WDW and excitement to guests. Citizens of Norway were contacted for permission. They couldn’t have cared less and advised concerned individuals to “get over it” and “let it go”.

  • I will miss the Maelstrom and agree that this ride might’ve been better suited to Fantasyland, but I’ll ride it wherever it is! I really hope it still has trolls, though. The trolls were my favorite part of Maelstrom, and there were trolls in the movie, so…!

  • Although I’m sure this will be done well (as most things the imagineers do are), this was a poor decision. I don’t think wedging a fictional land into area that’s supposed to be educational and immersive was the best choice.
    DHS could have used a new ride.

  • I for one am excited for this attraction. It’s a shame how bitter everyone else is for this

  • So, “Snowgies” are boogers, right? So there are gonna be animated boogers on this ride?

  • Wow, can’t believe the comments above. As a canadian visiting the canadian pavilion I still enjoy going to it even if it is a unique interpretation of canada. I am excited to see what the do with the Norway pavilion, I’m sure it will be beautiful and fun as I loved frozen. This area needed a change and I think it’s great and I look forward to seeing what they do with it. Please have more Frozen wear for adult woman, I would buy it in an instant. It’s not just the children who love it, us 40 something love it as well. Good job disney!

  • How about instead of putting fictional characters in World Showcase, Disney actually invests in Future World. You know, Wonders of Life or Universe of Energy, Imagination… All these need updates.

  • I will be coming when this opens. Disneyland will have to do without us for one year.

  • I’ll pass.

  • Will the accessibility to this ride be addressed? Will there be a seat or boat that allowed an easy transfer? Or is this going to be the same as the maelstrom with steps down to boat and back out? Have a child that REALLY wants to ride this! Thanks

  • I love that this is being done in a culturally sensitive way, and will continue to inspire future generations to learn about the exciting and diverse countries of the world around them. It fits in perfectly with Norwegian heritage, and helps to further the mission of the park. It’s edutanement at its finest!

  • This is exactly what I expected when I heard Maelstrom would be re-themed to Frozen. Still not sure what the fictitious land of Arendelle has to do with World Showcase, but I’m sure the kids will love it! Good job, Walt Disney Imagineering. You dreamed it, you did it.

  • So basically nothing about the history or culture of Norway. wasn’t that the whole point of the World Pavilion to educate people about other cultures?

  • This is very disappointing. I would have liked at least some lip service to the culture of Norway. Keeping the theme of World Showcase would have been nice.

  • If Akershus is Frozenfied, will there be collectable mugs? Also will there be Frozen themed Helly Hansen clothes, or will the shop still be purely Norwegian themed?

  • Have you made any improvements to increase the capacity of the ride? It sounds like it follows the same track and will use the same boats.

    Also, have you decided to change the name of EPCOT yet? It doesn’t seem to really apply anymore.

  • Bring the trolls back back from over the falls please instead incorporating a FICTIONAL land into a pavilion that’s supposed to showcase a REAL country

  • Will there be any tributes(apart from the boats) to Maelstrom and will there be any Hidden Mickey’s?

  • Well, that’s sure… something. I will bet that the Norwegians are thrilled that their pavilion is going to house something this… umm… “magical”.

  • Will The Norway Pavilion be suitably renamed to The Frozen Pavilion as well?

  • This looks like a great place for my family to take our Christmas photos!

  • Will the Frozen ride still have the oil rig? I loved that thing.

  • …We’re really goin’ there, huh?

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