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Look Ahead to New Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks Later in 2015

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

As summer begins at Disney Parks, here is a sneak preview of items coming later this year. This is one of my favorite articles to write as I get to share some awesome things currently in development.


Time For MagicSliders
One of the more popularly requested accessories for MagicBands at Walt Disney World Resort is a watch. I’m happy to report there will be two MagicSlider timepieces coming this summer – a Minnie Mouse analog timepiece and one with a digital display.


Disney Pins From Regions Beyond
Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion-themed shop located in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom Park, inspired two open edition pins coming late summer. One pin resembles the brooch that female cast members wear in the location, while the other looks like a sign found outside the shop. You can see both of those items in this previous article.


Cogsworth and Chef Figment
Cogsworth may be one of my favorite characters from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” I was happy to see there will be a medium-sized figurine coming this September. This figurine is the companion piece to the Lumiere figurine we released in 2013. The best part – Cogsworth’s face is a working clock!

Also arriving this fall is a new 12-inch Figment plush created especially for the 20th Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. My favorite festival of the year returns to Walt Disney World Resort from September 25 through November 16.


Villainous T-Shirts
This fall, Chernabog from Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” and Hades from Disney’s “Hercules” will be featured on new Disney Villain T-shirts. I love this artwork created by Disney Design Group artist Dave Keefer.


Disney Theme Park Holiday Ornaments
This year, we will release ornaments featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in attire representing different Disney Theme Parks. It’s probably no surprise that I adore the Epcot ornament especially since Mickey and Minnie are wearing their spacesuits from the 1980s.

Look for these and other items coming to select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort.

Which item is your favorite? Please share in the comments below.


  • The Cogsworth looks AMAZING! He will look spectacular next to my Lumiere! You guys always create such amazing things! Thank you!

    • @Michael – Thank you for the kind words. I’ll share your feedback with the merchandising team. 🙂

  • I was waiting for Cogsworth!! Does the pendulum move as well?

    Will you have another post pretty soon for more sneak peeks at the Food Wine 20th Anniv. merch?

    • @Jonathan – The pendulum moves on Cogsworth. I’ll have a first look at merchandise for the upcoming Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in a few months. We haven’t received all samples for the event. The Figment plush was one of the first items I’ve seen which is why I included it in this story.

  • I like the Minnie face watch for the MagicBand, I hope they do a Mickey one too. 🙂

  • It’s about time! (Pun intended.) I’ve enquired about watch sliders since magicbands came out. I can’t live without my watch on my wrist – and having both a MB and a watch was pretty annoying.

    My only complaint is that I like the Minnie one, but I’m a guy and would prefer a Mickey one. (The Digital one looks sort of dull looking – but for now I might be stuck with that it appears.)

  • Glad to see that Chef Figment will be available at the Food & Wine Festival! He’s definitely on my list. Hopefully there will be a Figment Food & Wine pin or two also:) Are there any plans to bring out a Figment or Dreamfinder MagicBand? Thanks!!

    • @Stephen – Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog. 🙂

  • LOVE the Figment!! Figment is my all time favorite Disney character, and the International food and wine festival is my favorite time to visit! Thank you of combining the two!
    More Figment is always my request when I go to Epcot 🙂 keep it up!

    • @Gail – Glad you love Figment as much as me!

  • I am excited for the ornaments. I hope they will be around for more than just the holidays as I might not be able to get there until the end of January. I am also excited for the Figment plushes!

  • LOVE the Time magic sliders!!!
    Incredible idea, makes the magic bands even more effective than they already are.
    Quick Question, are the waterproof?

    • @Kristy – The timepiece MagicSliders are water resistant.

  • That Cogsworth clock is awesome! I can’t wait to put him on my mantel. Also, hooray for Magic Band watch sliders – that’s just the excuse I need to keep wearing my Magic Band even after I get home from vacation. 🙂

  • Seeing the Cogsworth Medium Figure does my heart so much good this morning! The team sure outdid themselves! (Any idea of a loose, general time-frame that the Cogsworth figure will be released for sale at the parks?)

    Steven, this is exactly why I have your posts bookmarked in my browser. I visit nearly every day. Keep this great news coming! 🙂

    • @Bill – Cogsworth is due to arrive this fall, possibly in September but I don’t have a confirmed date at this point. Thank you for the kind words! 🙂

  • Are either of the MagicSliders waterproof?

    • @Ethan – They are water resistant.

  • The MB Sliders, do you have an approximate date they would be released??

    • @Alexes – Both MagicSliders were recently released in select locations at Walt Disney World Resort.

  • So excited for the Cogsworth! I love my Lumiere. I have been watching for the return of the Chip mug, it has been gone since I looked in Feb and Apr. I am hoping it will be back when I visit in July. Fingers crossed!

  • Is there any new information on the 2015 wave of astromech droid parts for the Droid Factory?

    • @Richard – Let me check with the merchandising team. I know all the pieces and parts were introduced during Star Wars Weekends. I believe it’s enough to make 24 new droids.

  • I’m definitely eyeing that Chernabog shirt. Handsomely done!

  • Steven, When will we see the Attractionista Dolls in the parks? You had mentioned them in December.

    • @Cheryl – Stay tuned as we just received final samples. They look great and will be coming in late summer. I’ll have some additional information about them in a future Disney Parks Blog article.

  • Any chance the Cogsworth Clock will be available online? I have been waiting for this little guy forever!!

    • @Nicolette – That’s a great question. I’ve not received confirmation as to if or when he’ll be carried online. Cogsworth won’t arrive until at least September at Disney Parks.

  • Also, price of Cogsworth would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • @Nicolette – I unfortunately don’t have a confirmed retail at this time.

  • Love the Figment plush, but does this mean that there won’t be a Duffy plush for the Epcot Food and Wine festival this year as there have been for past festivals? Thanks.

  • Are the new magicband slider watches waterproof? When will they be available?Also, will they be available on DisneyStore under the Disney Parks Products? Thanks for any info!

    • @Teri – The MagicSliders are water resistant. They were recently released at Walt Disney World Resort. I am not aware of plans for them to be released online at this time.

  • 1) Will Mrs. Potts, Chip, and rest of set be released in the future as well? I’m still kicking myself for not buying all three (Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts when they were released via Disney Store in 2010!)

    2) Will there be Mickey & Minnie ornaments for all four of the WDW parks?

  • I cannot wait for the Epcot ornament!

  • How much are the magic slider time pieces, do they include the band?

  • I’m guessing the Lumiere you referenced is the one that that has led lights in the head and hands… If so I will certainly do all in my power to make sure I get Cogsworth to be next to him. Those 2 are my favorite companion characters from any Disney movie. I’ll cross my fingers for a Mrs. Potts w/ Chip next year and maybe the feather duster after that.

  • Hey Steven,
    Will the ornaments be offered online or only in the parks?
    If they are only in the parks, can you please let us know the item numbers to order over the phone.
    They seem like a must have for me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • The watch accessory is exactly what I need! I cannot even tell you the number of times I look at my magic band as though it is supposed to tell me what time it is! THANK YOU..while the grey one is hideous, the Minnie Mouse is adorable and I can’t wait to purchase it.

  • The wife and I are exceptionally disappointed in the EXTREME lack of Tangled merchandise. It’s almost as if Disney doesn’t realize they made a Tangled movie. They give her a bathroom in the Magic Kingdom and about 1/200th of the merchandise that Frozen has. It’s absolutely insane how little Disney cares about that movie.

    Thanks Disney.

  • WOOHOO! Now I will have a good reason to wear my Magic Band all the time. (People were starting to look at me funny.)

  • Cogsworth is so cool! I love that he is an actual clock!

  • The Cogsworth clock design is awesome and I can’t wait to buy this clock. And really all products are fantastic.

    Really can’t wait for these products. 🙁

  • Will the hades tee be avialabile this august? would adore getting one on my first visit!

  • I am looking forward to Cogsworth as well! I love the watch sliders but am wondering where does one get the red band with the white polka dots?

  • I absolutely love Cogsworth!! Please make sure he’ll be available in Disneyland Paris as well 😉

  • Maybe they could use the sliders to show what your celebrating. Then you would not have to wear a pin if did not want to.

  • Regarding the ” two open edition pins coming late summer”, can you provide more insight as to when late summer is? Making a trip in early August and hope they will be available. Thank you!

  • Happy to hear about the watch sliders. I agree the digital one dull. Several comments asked about a Mickey slider yet I saw no reply as to if its a possibility. Also it was mentioned thT TRHE SLIDERS ARE Available at select locations Can you tell us where? We will be at Walt Disney World on Monday.

  • There usually is a figment event. Will there be one this year. Or more specifically a new grand jester figment bust.

  • I just noted your comment on getting a first look at F&W merchandise in the near future. One item my wife and I use weekly is a white canvas tote from the 2008 festival. It has a coated interior for spill cleanups, and pockets at each end for bottles. We picked up 2, and they are still holding up after heavy usage. Have never seen them after 2008. Would love to see them return.

    Can’t wait to see the new items!!

  • Hi Michael. Any word on when the character nutcrackers will be released? As shown in your post at the end of last year.


  • Apologies – I meant to address the above message to Steven!

  • Friend! It has been confirmed the release date of Cogsworth for September?

  • Hi any release date yet on the Cogsworth clock yet? Just got the Lumiere and can’t wait for Cogsworth

  • We are stay @WDW until Monday 9/14 any chance I will be able to take home Cogsworth? Grabbed my Minnie watch slider as soon as I checked in at Zawadi

  • Has Cogsworth been released yet?

  • When is Cogsworth coming? No one in the parks will provide a straight answer.

  • Any updates on when Cogsworth will be available?

  • Any new info when Cogsworth will be released?

  • Any updates on when Cogsworth will be available? Based on the questions already posted it has a lot of interest.

  • Still watching for updates on Cogsworth… Please? 🙂

  • Cogsworth has apparently been released because he can be found for sale on Ebay.

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