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PHOTO GALLERY: Special Images of Mulan as ‘Ping’ at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today in Disney history back in 1998, the film “Mulan” was released in theaters.

In the film, Mulan disguises herself as a male soldier named “Ping” to take her father’s place in the Imperial Army in a fight against the Huns. Along her journey, she finds strength and bravery within – as well as love with warrior Shang.


In honor of today’s anniversary, Disney Photographer Ryan Wendler shot these amazing images of Mulan dressed as Ping.

For more from our Princess Photo series, visit the post below:


  • Let’s get down to business…and defeat…the Huns!

  • My daughter LOVES Mulan! These are amazing! My daughter agrees :).

  • Excellent. Great to see Mulan – a complete rarity in the parks. How about bringing her out more often?

  • Love Mulan , One of my favorite Disney movies . I wish they had the digital copy when I bought it .

  • Image 3 is awesome.

  • What a great photo shoot. While Mulan is a strong and courageous character regardless of which of her outfits she is wearing, it’s really wonderful to see images that specifically speak to that strength and courage.

  • For all the people asking “When will we see Ping in the parks?”, well, we DID, when the movie came out–Some of the more lucky people caught her (him?) during the Long Lost Friends days last year. That’s why you’re seeing the park costume in the photos.
    Shang was also around in those ’98-’00 days too, but haven’t seen much of him lately, and Shan Yu only shows up on Villain nights.

    Now that even some of the late 90’s post-Renaissance movies (Pocahontas, Hunchback, Hercules) are finding love again with new generations, might be time to being their characters back, after being “kicked out” for the movies not doing as well in theaters at the time.

  • Please consider having Mulan in the parks wearing the outfit she was wearing when she defeated the Hun boss, Shan Yu.

    Here’s why:

    What makes Fa Mulan a heroine is NOT the time she spends in her fancy dress (the scenes of her failure with the matchmaker) but her time as Ping (stops the Hun army in one shot) and after, when she saves the emperor. Dress her as the heroine! The save-the-emperor costume would be best because the cast member would not have to pretend to be a man named Ping.

    Note also, this is the outfit in which she ends with Li Shang for all those romance lovers out there.

    You can do it Disney Parks people!

  • Gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing. It would be amazing if Ping would be a character to meet at Disney. Many girls identify with a strong, female character, not just princess types

  • So happy to see Mulan get some much deserved attention! My family’s favorite Disney heroine. Would love to meet “Ping” in the parks someday.

  • These photos are stunning! I’m so happy to see Mulan is getting some love today. She is such a wonderful, strong character and a fantastic role model for young girls. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

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