QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Walt Disney World Resort Fireworks?

Fireworks are truly a highlight of a day at a Disney Park. How well do you know our nighttime spectaculars at Walt Disney World Resort? Test your knowledge below – some of the answers may surprise you!

Walt Disney World Resort Fireworks

Which Disney character narrates “Wishes” fireworks at Magic Kingdom Park?
TInker Bell began making her “fireworks flight” during the show in what year?
The first fireworks show ever performed at Walt Disney World Resort was in honor of the opening of what resort hotel?
What was the first fireworks performance at Magic Kingdom Park called?
Holiday fireworks shows, like the Fourth of July performance, are how much larger than the nightly show?


  • That is an interesting quiz. There’s a bug in the quiz. 🙁 The first answer does not get recorded and if you try to go back to it the system only accepts a different answer.

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