S’Mores Are a Treat This July at the Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Fans of our S’mores gourmet apple, prepare yourselves – this summer is about to get even better as we “treat” you to a few other surprises from our candy kitchens at the Disneyland Resort! Our candy makers have come up with some new concoctions inspired by some of your favorite gourmet apple flavors. Joining the S’mores apple for the month of July will be a similarly themed (and tasty) marshmallow wand, crispy treat and bark.


The gourmet apple and marshmallow wand are dipped in caramel and milk chocolate, then carefully layered with graham crackers and toasted mini marshmallows. You’ll notice that the crispy treat is prepared almost identically, without the caramel. How could we possibly top all of that? With milk chocolate drizzle, of course!

Looking for something with a bit more “bark” than bite?


The S’mores bark is made of milk chocolate and marshmallow, topped with graham cracker pieces as well as toasted mini marshmallows.

You won’t have to “camp out” to enjoy these new treats – look for them beginning July 1 at Candy Palace on Main Street, U.S.A., and Hunny Spot in Critter Country in Disneyland park; Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure park; and Marceline’s Confectionery in the Downtown Disney District.

Which one will you try first?


  • We’re heading west in August—hope they still have them!

    • Hey Stuart! The S’mores treats featured here will most likely only available in July, however, double check when you visit in August. I know the candy makers are busy preparing for next month’s treat, which I will be sharing with you all shortly.

  • We’ve tried the S’more apple….looking forward to trying these new creations!

    Hunny Spot??? I always thought the place in Critter Country was called Pooh Corner. Am I wrong??

    • Hi Issac! You are correct the store location in Critter Country is Pooh Corner, however Hunny Spot (our candy kitchen) sits within the store.

  • And over at DCA will the Smore Bar, the one from the 24 hour event, be making a comeback? It tasted really, REALLY good, and this is coming from someone who had to eat it once back home and melted/re-solidified to the paper.

    • Hi there! Good news, the S’more bar available at Clarabelle’s during the 24-hour party is still available, and today, they actually introduced a mango bar. Enjoy!

  • Are the S’mores apples available at MK? I’ve always find the various candied apples slightly intimidating, but these look too good to pass up.

    • Hi Amy! These particular treats are only available at the Disneyland Resort, however, I know that many of our candy kitchen locations at the Walt Disney World Resort feature similar delectable goodies!

  • Definitely on my TO-DO list , when I visit Disneyland this weekend. You guys are amazing and thanks for letting people know about all the great stuff that you introduce in the parks every now and then:)

    • Thanks Ravi, that means a lot! I hope you get to try it!

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