Today in Disney History: ‘World of Color’ and Silly Symphony Swings Open at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Five years ago today, “World of Color” opened for Disney California Adventure park guests, after dazzling media at a special premiere the night before. Take a look back at the star-studded event:




Also on June 11, 2010, Silly Symphony Swings opened – take a look back at the construction of this attraction in the video below.

Have you seen the new “World of Color: Celebrate!” yet? Tell us about it in the comments!


  • New WOC is a great update & celebration for the 60th Anniversary! If you earlier bloggers here don’t agree, I question how old you are because this is a GREAT montage tribute & history especially those of us who grew up with WOC-TV! & a new Disneyland Park! I have seen every version from the preview debute to the updates to the Holiday version and this is magically just as wonderful with “liquid colored waters ” & fountains to animation & fire & old & new special effects. The only thing missing should have included Mary Poppins, who was/is, an iconic film achievement for Walt, the industry & Oscar winning! … and come on, Julie Andrews is Disney “royalty”. After all, she’s …”wait for it-legendary”, thank you Neal Patrick Harris, who is a great host to complement & highlight Mickey & the late-great Walt himself. Come on “younger generation”, Disneyland was the first of its kind thanks to Walt & his vision, set the standards we are all so used to now that it’s only fitting to have this very well done celebration to remind us of the story & magic as only Disney could do & include a great job of special effects, animation, film footage with the Opening day speech, the start of Mickey to Frozen and more! Thank you Disney, for a job well done for the 60th Anniversary! Keep it going for all of the 60th Celebration thru all 2015!!! This is wonderfully magical with all the new 60th tributes !

  • I actually like both versions of the show. Yes, the new “Celebrate” show has a different tone, but it is still fun. It includes a lot about Disneyland (which is appropriate) and has some cool segments. We all know that the original show will return at some point, but for now this new show seems to be a crowd pleaser.

  • While others have said that the previous WOC show was emotional for them or brought them to tears, although I enjoyed it very much, it was never that emotional for me. However, I did get emotional when I saw the new WOC show. Perhaps it is because I grew up watching Walt Disney on the Wonderful World of Color television show. I loved all the clips with Walt Disney – they were so appropriate for the show and for the 60th Diamond Celebration. I loved how they fit them in, such as when Walt says he wouldn’t change anything, and for those who stay for the very final song, how Walt says good night. I loved the history that is told and felt the fountains, lights, and fire all added great accents. I hope they keep this show around for a long time. I want the rest of my family to be able to see it when they come.

  • Of the new shows introduced for the 60th, I’ve gotta say I was slightly disappointed in the new World Of Color, mainly because the original so easily brought me to tears and took me on such an emotional roller coaster that I don’t think anything could really top that. That being said, after watching it a second time, I realized that there was a worth to this show that hadn’t previously been explored. For so many of us avid Disney fans, knowing the history of Walt Disney and the company is like knowing our own history. For others, though, it isn’t so well known. What this new show does is shows everyone Walt and Mickey’s importance.

    I think the narration get’s to be a bit much and some of it is a little odd, sure. I would love to have seen a mixture of heartfelt disney music, walt clips and quotes and some clips from the films without the added NPH bits (though I love him). But even with my minor (very minor) complaints, I still loved the show and it still made me cry. I’ll be celebrating a world filled with magic for as long as I can 🙂

  • Previous comment should’ve said “It is *now* near or at the bottom of my list”

  • Agreed with the first couple of comments. World of Color went from being my favorite of all of Disney’s nighttime shows on either U.S. coast. It is not near or at the bottom of my list. Nothing against Neal Patrick Harris–he’s a fine narrator–but I didn’t feel that the show needed a narrator. The nature of the new show requires digging deep into Disney’s archives where black and white and not-so-brilliant colors are part of the show…part of a show whose name is “World of COLOR”. And as others have said, the Frozen segment would’ve been a better fit in the old show where different Disney properties had dedicated segments–it is out of place in this new show. One positive thing, however: The enormous fire balls are impressive. Bring back the old show, update it a bit with some new segments, and include the enormous fireballs and you’ll have a winner.

  • World of color was my all time favorite night spectacular out of all the American parks. Sadly the new version is better suited running as a video loop in the blue sky cellar. The fountains should be the star of the show, here they are an afterthought. The disjointed show lacks the heart and emotion that brought so many to tears in the original version. The inclusion of the random let it go segment is so out of place it actually made me laugh out loud. Please bring back the original sooner rather then later. I am bringing my brother’s family to the resort for their first trip and the original would have been the must-do-every-night-highlight-of-the-trip. Now they’ll most likely just go to bed.

    Please don’t take the constructive criticism wrong, Disneyland is still my favorite place on earth. The change is just a bit hard to swallow. And that’s coming from someone who would be ok if just about anything in the parks was replaced so long as it’s replacement was of equal or better quality.

  • Yes I’ve seen it… Can we please have the old one back??? 🙂

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