A Look Back at ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure Park

It’s been more than 30 years since Walt Disney Pictures released “TRON,” but it wasn’t that long ago that Disney California Adventure park guests stepped into the Grid themselves during the nighttime dance party, ElecTRONica. Let’s take a look back at this guest favorite.

ElecTRONica Event at Disney California Adventure Park

Video, projections and lasers welcomed Programs (or guests, if you’re not familiar with Grid lingo) through the portal and into the world of “TRON: LEGACY.”


Remember LASERMAN? He was there, with his stunning performance that combined music, lights and lasers.

End of Line Club

End of Line Club was a popular spot for Programs to recharge, serving a variety of themed beverages.

Flynn's Arcade at Disney California Adventure Park

And of course there was my favorite part of ElecTRONica, Flynn’s Arcade, which featured classic ‘80s arcade games.

What was your favorite part of ElecTRONica? Rez in and share yours in the comments.


  • This was totally the best themed party ever for the area. Mad T is fun and all but there was just nothing like the theme they did for TRON. I was excited that we may see it again with TRON 3 but now since Disney’s put that on the backburner… :-/ Help us TRON fans Obi-Erin-kanobi you’re our only hope! 😀

  • My friends and I are huge huge Tron fans. We were actually in the midst of planning a trip west to Disneyland with the goal of getting to do a night of the party when it was announced to close. =\ We ended up switching our trip back to DisneyWorld instead because we couldn’t make it before End of Line. If they ever brought it back, we’d go in a heartbeat.

  • Nothing beat the Mad T Party band, though. They are the best! 🙂

  • While I love the Mad T Party (a lot) more, I really enjoyed ElecTRONica. Especially the opening dance number that started the party and Flynn’s Arcade. I wish they would set up Flynn’s in the Starcade in Tomorrowland the way it was set up for ElecTRONica – not just the games, but the neon and the 80’s music too!

  • Electronica and Glow Fest were both nothing more than a rave, at least Mad T is a bit more than that.

  • Although I can see that the Mad T party is more Disney in theme (especially in the longevity of the theme), I liked ElecTRONica much better, even though I was not a fan of the movie (hubby loved it tho!)! For what the entire concept of nightlife in the Hollywood part of DCA, Electronica brought a much better crowd (more age appropriate crowd for alcoholic beverages and that type of music).

  • ElecTRONica was my favorite nighttime dance party at CA Adventure by a wide, wide margin, and of the various attractions in the dance party, I’d have to say Laserman was my favorite, followed closely by Flynn’s. But I can’t stop without saying that the whole TRON atmosphere was what really kept me coming back.

  • I wish it would come back soon. That glowfest was just blah

  • I loved Flynn’s Arcade. Skeeball for a quarter was a deal.

  • I really hope they bring this back with the next Tron movie.

  • ElecTRONica was a great addition to DCA! It was a fully immersive experience that hasn’t been matched by either the Mad Tea Party or even the Frozen Nights they put in its place.

  • Yes, not having dates early for special events can wreck havoc on plans. We already booked our hotel months ago, so hoping there is indeed at least one night available during our trip. We are also getting very close to the 60 day point where we need to start making dining reservations. Sure hope to know what night the party will be so can plan our dining accordingly.

  • We are also waiting for Halloween dates. The hotels are booking up. Our top three choices are sold out on some of the dates that we have our eye on in late September. We’re getting nervous.

  • Another:When are we getting MHP dates question?

  • While I never got to experience ElecTRONica, it looks amazing! PLEASE bring something like this to Hollywood Studios. It would be perfect!!

  • ElecTRONica is (was) my all-time favorite nighttime event at either Disneyland or Walt Disney World. I miss it greatly!

  • I’m axiously awaiting the Halloween dates as well. When searching for historical data, I think 2014 tickets went on sale starting around Jul 18. So we should be getting close. I was also surprised that Disney World offered all their Halloween and Christmas packages for 2015 so early.

  • ElecTRONica and Flynn’s Arcades were the highlight of my weekly trips. While the current Tea Party is cool, i loved the immersive atmosphere of ElecTRONica. If they converted Tomorrowland entirely into how ElecTRONica was, it would be amazing. They need to do more interactive and video walls throughout the park.

  • This was the best night time party

  • Erin, When will you be posting the Halloween dates?? We have been waiting so long and Florida has had theres for over a month 🙁

  • Erin

    Do you know when Disney will announce Mickey’s Halloween Party dates for 2015?

  • I only got to experience ElecTRONica a few times since I had just moved back to California right before it was discontinued. I must say I absolutely loved it!!! I loved how it seemed to take over the entire Hollywood Pictures Backlot. The awesome lights, costumes, and theming made this my favorite. I like to think that maybe sometime in the future I will get to experience ElecTRONica again!

  • We love Mad T, but miss ElecTRONica and Flynn’s!

  • So glad I filmed the opening show back in 2011. Went on two different nights and the dance sequencies were quite different during the second half. We still enjoy watching it from time to time.

    We much preferred this presentation over the current Mad T Party and do miss it. Perhaps ElecTRONica may return in the future if there’s ever a third installment of the film.

  • ElecTRONica was the best! End of Line Club and Flynn’s arcade were so much fun! …great theming 🙂

  • LASERMAN was amazing! That brings back some magical memories of great nights spent with the family and friends.

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