Behind the Scenes: Creating Main Street Enchanted Windows at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Two of the six new Main Street Enchanted Windows designed for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration are now on display at Disneyland park. In the video below, we take you behind the scenes to see how these new animated windows were created and introduce you to the talented team of artists and designers who are bringing them to life.

The first two Main Street Enchanted Windows, featuring the stories of “Peter Pan” and “Cinderella,” are open now, soon to be followed by windows featuring scenes from “Frozen,” “The Princess and the Frog,” “Toy Story” and “Aladdin.”


  • I just wish they all could have been debuted in time for the 60th (day of on July 17th) as that was when my trip was

  • I love the Peter Pan and Cinderella windows and can’t wait to see the other four!! Thank you those who’s hard work, talent and skills made them possible!!

  • Erin when will Disneyland be showing off the third window. I have hear that they do one a month and July is almost over I really though that the 3rd one would be shown by now. So do you know when the next one will be shown at Disneyland. I hope they will show the new one by this Sunday send I will be at Disneyland then.

  • Love this stuff. There is magic in making the magic. Seems like a dream job!

  • So cool!

  • Love them! great work!!

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