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Behind the Scenes: ‘Operation Disneyland’ Shows How ABC Made TV History

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

I am constantly in awe of the documentation I come across in the Walt Disney Company‘s archival footage. If you have seen the live telecast of opening day at Disneyland park, which originally aired on ABC on July, 17 1955, you may have thought – like me – “How did they do that?” This video shows highlights from “Operation Disneyland,” a 14-minute documentary produced for ABC closed-circuit television, which looks at the technical challenges behind broadcasting the opening ceremonies of Disneyland park.


  • All the old pictures and videos are so interesting to see, especially the behind the scenes or how-to ones. Thanks!

  • I just finished watching “Dateline Disneyland” to celebrate as well. We started at 7:30 EDT which would be 4:30 PDT which is when the live broadcast began. The show is literally a time capsule of the 1950’s, absolutely priceless footage. I love the “Walt Disney Treasures” too!

  • Wow… that’s just incredible. We are so spoiled now days, technically speaking. Looking at the forklifts and crane “cages” used to get high-up shots can now be done remotely with drones or balloons using wireless cameras. What they did then was a LOT of work, and they did the show LIVE! I’m impressed! Happy Birthday Disneyland! 🙂

  • I watched the whole thing last night to celebrate. I love my “Walt Disney Treasures” DVDs!

    And a big Happy 60th to Disneyland!

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