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Coral Reef Restoration Project at Castaway Cay

Did you know there is a multi-year project to restore the coral reef in the Bahamian waters near Castaway Cay? Disney’s Animal Programs and Disney Cruise Line are working ensure these “rainforests of the sea” will thrive for generations to come. Watch this video to learn more about how Disney is doing research to protect the reef:

At Disney Cruise Line, efforts to share our environmental programs have become an integral part of our goal to inspire others to take environmental action in their everyday lives. For more information about coral reefs and the role they play in our underwater ecosystems, visit Disney Animals.


  • Awesome post Rebecca! I had no idea that DCL was involved in such a fulfilling program. Great report and thank you for keeping us all informed on such a worthwhile project.

  • I am so happy to hear that they are working on restoring the coral reef. I hope they dont stop just at the reefs by Castaway Cay and keep helping all the coral reefs! Save our oceans! Thanks for all the work you guys are doing!!

  • Rebecca, thank you for this post, what a fascinating project. Coral Reefs are the cornerstones for marine environments and it’s great to see Disney making efforts to help bolster the reefs around Castaway Cay. Could Disney undertake the same project at Aulani? The shores of Oahu (and much of the rest of our state) could certainly benefit from such a positive project. Here’s to hoping this project is a success!

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