Create Your Own Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Video

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE: This limited-time opportunity is no longer available.

For the past few months, we’ve been inviting guests to celebrate 60 years of magic and memories with us during the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration. Now we have a way for you to celebrate at home – with some of your own favorite memories!


Visit, upload your favorite Disneyland Resort photos and create your own video to share! It’s quick and easy to create your Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration video, and when you’re finished you can share your video with friends and family.

Share your Disneyland Resort memories in a whole new way at!


  • Awww! We took a trip to Disneyland in May but I didn’t make a video then because I knew we would be taking a second trip in November. I wanted to make a video combining both trips. So sad to see it gone. Please bring it back. Pretty please.

  • Is this no longer available? The celebration isn’t over until September 2016…why can’t I get a video?

  • What a bummer… this was re-shared on Facebook on 9/18 but now that I’m back from Disneyland I can’t make the video. Please make it available again since they’re still doing the Diamond Celebration!

  • This was such a cool idea!! We are devastated we can’t make this video now!

  • I am also disappointed that the video making option is no longer working! I just got back and was excited to make a video! Does anyone know if they will bring it back?

  • Has the ability to make the video been removed????

  • We took my mom and dad on the actual birthday since they had been there when it opened. I wanted to get the pictures together and make the video. What has happened to the website? It automatically defaults to the disney web site and there is no information on the video making option. Please help.

  • We aren’t able to access the website any more either. We were there for the 60th Anniversary and have finally gathered pictures from the last 10 years of visiting Disney. We were so looking forward to creating the video. Can you bring it back?

  • Hoping to create a video of our trip to Disneyland. But it is not working. Crossing my fingers it is fixed soon. Twas a epic time for 2 57 yr old women !

  • It seems that every video that was created have been posted on the YouTube channel publicly, and can’t access the link, it always redirects me to the Disneyland home page. Help!

  • i’m trying to make a video of our May trip in which we also celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday but it isn’t working. PLEASE HELP.

  • I will celebrate my 60th birthday with Disneyland and my family on my birthday this year! I am so excited1

  • This is really cool, Erin! I just created my first video from pictures from past visits. I can’t wait to create another one from the photos we will have from our next visit!

  • I am so excited for this! My family (immediate and extended) had the great opportunity to celebrate DL’s 60th, as well as my mom and younger niece’s birthdays last Friday. I know what my next project will be today! Thank you!!!

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