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Disney Days of Past: Hot Dogs From Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom Park

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Today is National Hot Dog Day. Which can only mean one thing – a trip is in order to Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom Park! Here’s a photograph of the Casey’s Corner sign back in 1996.


Did you know that Casey’s Corner was named Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner when the parked opened in 1971? The name was later changed to Casey’s Corner in 1995. Here’s the Refreshment Corner as seen in 1977.


Are you a fan of hot dogs? What are you toppings of choice? Tell us in the comments section below!


  • I was so disappointed that the Chicago style dog with the relish and banana peppers was no longer on Casey’s menu when we went to Disney this Halloween. Our last visit in April 2013 they were delicious and I craved them for two years literally and when I got there…nothing…ugh 🙁

  • Oh how I miss the Chicago Dog. Still love Casey’s, though!

  • I love Casey’s. My families favorite was to cover both the hot dog and French Fries in melted cheese. I read somewhere recently that they removed the cheese. I hope this was only a temporary situation as we really loved our hot dogs and fries smothered in cheese.

  • Omg I can’t believe nobody mentioned the amazing Corn Dog nuggets yummy

  • The patio is absolutely cozy, the scenario as a hole is great! But I must say that the hotdog itself has seen better days. The bread, more than anything, has changed for worse.

    Anyway, a hotdog at Casey’s is still a must! 🙂

  • I miss the Penny Arcade. A simpler time at the MK.

  • Love Casey’s hot dogs. Just wish I could buy a hot dog without the sides. That is not an option. The price is too high to pitch the fries, so…. Wish there was an option for those of us hoping to lose a pound instead of gaining while still enjoying a hot dog (not the healthiest, but so tasty!

  • I love hotdogs. Im going back to WDW in Sept and cant wait to have another hotdog at Casey’s Corner.

  • I remember when it was Coca-Cola’s Refreshment Center, but I like Casey’s Corner as a better name for it. I think it fits more in with the theme of Main Street USA. I’ve never eaten at Casey’s Corner, however, since it seems to always be overcrowded and, I’m not a huge fan of hot dogs. I do cut through Casey’s quite often though to enter the Emporium.

  • Mustard and onions but sometimes a little chili for a bit of a kick.

  • Yes, I am a hot dog fan and I like to keep it simple with just mustard and onions. Casey’s Corner hot dogs are the BEST! Delicious!

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