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Disney Parks Blog Weekly Recap Jul. 5, 2015

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week our look inside Fourth of July Celebrations at the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort included brand-new fireworks photos, a new Disney Parks Blog wallpaper, and much more. If you’re still in need of a “Fourth”-fix, be sure to check out the posts below.


Celebrate the Official 60th Anniversary of Disneyland by Showing Your 1955 Disney Side – Are you planning to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Disneyland on July 17? If so, get your best duds ready and come dressed in your finest suits and circle skirts … we’re inviting you to show your 1955 Disney Side!

Behind the Scenes of Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland Park with Walt Disney Imagineering – Peter Pan’s Flight is open once again for Disneyland park guests after a recent refurbishment which added new magic and effects throughout the classic attraction.

Disneyland Resort Seeking Influential High School Students in Orange County, Calif., to be Recognized as First Class of Disneyland Resort Dreamers & Doers This Fall – Are you or someone you know a high school student doing good in the Orange County, Calif., community?

July 2015 Merchandise Events at the Disneyland Resort – The Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration continues to dazzle! Here are events taking place this July that you don’t want to miss!

Tinker Bell Flies for 30 Years at Magic Kingdom Park – This Fourth of July week marked a milestone event in the park’s entertainment history – the 30th anniversary of Tinker Bell’s pre-fireworks flight.

Disney Days of Past: Fourth of July – In July 1992, Donald and Mickey joined in the fireworks fun for an All-American Salute.


  • I am in the same camp with James (#12). Where was it ever stated that this stream was on YouTube? I would have expected at a least an acknowledgement from Disney that they had may have miscommunicated the stream details. The organizers / moderators of this blog should make some kind of statement regarding this issue. Extremely unsatisfied with this situation. I am huge Disney fan, DVC member, AP holder, and frequent Disney Cruise Line passenger. This has tainted my view if the Disney company.

  • James’ wife here – Thanks Ara,just went on YOUTUBE it’s a full 15 minute show! AWESOME! Next time Disney should give the heads up for it there.


  • Just curious how #11 knew to go to youtube for this with nothing on the blog mentioning advising or recommending youtube?

  • Last night’s stream was well-done, except for trying to funnel tens of thousands of users to the Blog itself when most people were likely going to watch on YouTube anyway. Rather than everyone watching the stream on YouTube, who has the capacity for those events, everyone overwhelmed and crashed the blog, panicking that they were gonna miss the fireworks five minutes to show.

    That said, the two camera angles were wonderful (though I wish you could’ve still switched between them once you started casting the stream to a bigger screen through YouTube’s Chromecast capability), and I’m hoping that since Disney Parks sees how well this works, we start seeing livestreams from more events, preferably with a host narrating and pitching users to the blog throughout.

  • When are we going to get some news on the Halloween party at Disneyland is it going to interview with the 60th special events on Friday nights in the parks or did you all get smart and move it back to California adventure for this year.

  • this was a total let down. At least we were able to watch the fireworks out of Miami on PTZ’s webcams and they didn’t have issues then watched the Macy’s Fireworks Display on TV…. no let down there…

  • I tried and tried to find a link to watch the fireworks last night with no luck. It would have been nice to have a post as to what was going on. Technical problems happen. Not knowing what was going on is the worst.

  • Please consider adding a link for people to view what they looked like although not livestreaming it must’ve been recorded for posterity??
    Next year maybe Disney should consider airing it on television as a special nothing says America like a fun time at Walt Disney World!

  • Same thing happened to me as Shawn, was not able to get connected to link for fireworks being streamed,

  • Complete disappointment! We wasted time trying to load Disney’s fireworks, missed our local NY NBC live stream (watched the re-cap), but were really looking forward to the Disney ones. Wonderful idea, terrible realization. Disney – you are better than this.

  • James’ wife here – any re-do for the fireworks? Maybe next year air it live on TV!! Then no system crash…


  • We have the same question! The same thing happened to us and we were really disappointed also.

  • I want to ask the same question as Shawn. We had the laptop hooked up to the TV so we wouldn’t be huddled around, and there was no post on the blog directing us to the YouTube link. Your blog posts all week mentioned coming to the blog at 8:50 ET on 4th of July, and then there was nothing there. By the time we found the link on Twitter and Facebook, the fireworks were long over. My kids were very disappointed, and in fact, I put my son to bed crying because we missed it. We chose to stay home and watch the Disney fireworks instead of going out and finding a local fireworks show, and we feel like we blew it for our kids, who didn’t see a single thing all day.

  • What happened with the fireworks last night? We were all set to watch it on the blog, but couldn’t get connected. We we did get connected, there was no blog post with a link to the show. Very disappointed.

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