Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Birthday Collection Coming Soon

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Disney fans, do I have an exciting tip for you! On July 16, look for a special commemorative birthday collection to debut at select locations as part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration. The collection will include adult tees, a mug, magnet, keychain, button set with zipper pouch, toothpick holder as well as a pin. Most items will feature the July 17, 1955, and July 17, 2015, dates. As you can see the navy blue tee, has a gothic ‘D’ screened on the front with the birthday collection logo on the back. Tip: This particular t-shirt will come in the commemorative cinch bag seen here. Take a look!


Also debuting as part of the collection will be a teal, foil embellished ladies logo tee and grey ‘D60’ tee for men.


Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders, keep an eye out for a t-shirt designed just for you! This light-blue birthday collection logo tee features a silver-screened ‘60’ and an Annual Passholder name drop. Tip: This tee also comes in a commemorative cinch bag.


If you’re wondering about the pins, keep watching the Disney Parks Blog; I’ll be covering all of the details on pins releasing this July very soon.

The birthday collection will be available to purchase at the following locations, while supplies last: Emporium and Star Trader in Disneyland park; Elias & Co. in Disney California Adventure park; and World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District. Shopping Tip: The magnet, keychain and button set will only be available at Disneyland park locations (Emporium and Star Trader).

Not able to make it to the Disneyland Resort? Look for a special online opportunity to purchase the birthday collection logo tee with cinch bag and Annual Passholder tee with cinch bag, available for a limited time only, July 17-23 at DisneyStore.com/ParksEvents.

How are you planning to celebrate?


  • I ordered the AP tshirts on July 17th and have still not received them. Is there a problem with them?

  • Hi. While we were at Disneyland this week, we saw the ladies’ teal anniversary shirt with the foil embellishments. Sadly, the store was out of the size we needed. Could you please share the ID/order number so we can check into placing an order? Thanks so much.

  • Will you be offering the full size pennant flags that were used in the birthday photo ops?

  • any plans for infant sized 60th clothing?

  • I have been looking forward to ordering the Annual Passholder tee since I read this article, now that they are available to purchase online I discover they will not ship outside of the US! that’s one disappointed passholder you now have here in the UK, thanks Disney.

  • The passholder shirt is available online but without a passsholder discount. Does Disney plan on changing this for the online offer?

  • Please note purchasing limits will continue to apply to the birthday collection and diamond celebration merchandise.

    Annual Passholder tee – Limit Two (2) per item, per Guest, per day.

    Birthday Collection – Limit Five (5) per item, per Guest, per day.

  • Is there a schedule of events for 07/17/2015 anniversary opening? I was told they gather early to hand out ears and take a picture- is that true?

  • My husband & I will miss the actual celebration but will be there on Sunday the 19th. Will they still have the 60th Anniversary items available?

    • Hi Kathy! There will be an array of Diamond Celebration merchandise available still. I would just double check at locations such as Emporium, World of Disney and Elias & Co. for any remaining Birthday Collection merchandise.

  • Thanks for showing the upcoming merchandise. I’m glad there’s a magnet. Both my niece and I have been looking for one. We’ve seen the ones that are currently available, but they’re not to our liking. The new one looks promising.
    Will there be any special events on the 17th? Will they reenact the opening ceremony? If there will be a ceremony, where and when will it be held? We’ll be there when the park opens on the 17th!

  • Hi Michelle, do you know if there will be special July 17th park maps available at the gates for both parks?

  • I say enjoy what you already have planned! It sounds fun and amazing! I know the teams have worked hard to ensure that we have enough, it will really depend on the demand on the 16th, but my guess is you will find some items still available on the 17th.

  • Hi Michelle, upon reading elsewhere that the “hope” is that guests would come dressed in 50’s wear on the 17th, that is our plan! Are you suggesting that supply may be depleted on these cinch bag/t-shirt sets, and perhaps pins too, by the 17th at the shops listed at DLR? This development is throwing a huge wrench in our planned itinerary, since we DO Want to embrace the commemorative items from our trip out west – they look amazing!! Arrrgh

  • awesome that you are offering some of the items online instead of just at Disneyland Resort….

  • Will the AP shirts be made available online? If not, is there discussion as to making them available?

    • Yes, the Annual Passholder shirts will be available to purchase online from July 16 – 22.

  • For the online purchase you state “for a limited time only”. Does that mean that for those days I don’t have to get online first thing in the morning to be able to snag one or is this something so popular that they will run out of stock early?

    Unfortunately for me, I won’t be able to go on my birthday (that I share with the park) so won’t be able to get one in person. Though still have to add to my collection of Disney t’s with the date printed on them!

    • Susan, it’s supposed to be offered and available July 16 – 22. But I would still try to get one sooner than later.

  • I wish the AP shirt was offered in a women’s size! As a 5’3″ woman, the men’s shirts are always wayyyy too long and ill fitting. 🙁

  • I’ve been trying to find a date for then the Diamond celebration ends? Does anyone know!?!?!?!?! I”m going in November for my daughters birthday and really hope it’s still going on.

    • I think it’s safe to say you’ll be in good shape heading to the Resort in November. What a wonderful time to choose, as the park slowly transitions to holiday.

  • Hello… if we wanted to order the Annual Passholder shirt online, will our discounts apply? If not, I will grab it at the park. Lastly, will it be available in a women’s cut or just the unisex which is shown in the picture. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Liz! I believe there will be a discount offered online for Passholders, so keep an eye out. The shirts offered online are more of a men’s style cut.

  • I really want one of those D60 tshirts. But they probably won’t have ’em large enough for a big ol’ guy like me!

    • Hi Daniel! The size range for the tee’s will be XS – 3X.

  • I need to get me one of those when I am down there – since my birthday is on there 🙂

  • Hi Michelle, thanks for a great job keeping all of us informed. What is the status on the Disney Dollars for the 60th? Maybe a special release on july 17th? or ? Please let us all know, we are waiting for a fantasmic release.

    • Hi Michael! No news on the Disney Dollar front, but should I hear anything I will certainly update you.

  • So … these amazing items release on 16th, does that mean they will be Sold Out by the morning of the 17th?!? We have planned out our time, and took a “relaxation” day outside of parks the day before the BIG celebration, but IF these items will be “gone” … this really is upsetting! Why not release ON the 17th, the day OF the 60th?!?

    • Hi Raymond! The 17th of July is actually a rather large block out date for many of our Passholders. We wanted to be able to offer as many Guests and Passholder the opportunity to get these items and if they are enjoying multiple days at the park, perhaps wear the product on the actual anniversary date. While we anticipate that there will be quite a large demand for items, we do hope that items will be available both days. There is always the online opportunity for the Passholder tee and the Commemorative tee, should you want to ensure you are able to get either of those shirts.

  • Good to see some of this will be available on line. My wife and I had our first date on July 17, 1980, at the 25-hour 25th birthday party … and work means we can’t be there this year. Can’t wait to get back!

  • Yes! I am also as surprised as the previous Leigh …. Would love a special 60th autograph book or scrap book!

  • It looks like someone is wising up over in the t-shirt design department. Less is more for adult shoppers! Very nicely done! Maybe this more refined look will infect designs through all the parks’ offerings.

    • I’m glad you like it Bobby!

  • Slightly disappointed it appears the Annual Passholder T-shirt is only men’s cut. Might it come out in a ladies cut at some point? =)

    • Thanks for your feedback Nina, I am passing the request for different styles/cuts on to our teams.

  • Just wanted some clarification, the post indicated that these items will be available on July 16, however the actual birthday isn’t until the 17th. Will I be able to purchase these items the day before the birthday celebration?

    • Yes, the collection will debut on July 16.

  • On the other merchandise blog post from today, I do not see any mention of the 60th AP tee being released online, like mentioned in your post. Can you confirm that we will be able to buy the AP shirt online on the 17th with the other 60th shirt? Thanks!

    • Hi Chad! Yes, both shirts will be available to purchase online July 16 – 22, 2015. Both shirts are $29.95, plus tax and applicable shipping and tax.

  • Any idea on the pricing of the Annual Passholder collection?! I need it!

  • Also, deeply disappointed in that there was no Scrapbook offered ths year – the 60th Anniversary year too. There have been scrapbooks offered for years, and nothing for this special occassion.

  • I absolutely love the merchandise shown and would love to purchase not only the AP tee, but also the other commemorative tee. However unless these are offered for Women in Women Plus sizes (those of us just a tad ‘fluffy’), I won’t be purchasing any of them. Neither will a few of my friends who need that same type of sizing. There’s one thing marking tees XXL, or 3X or 4X, however, those are Men’s Sizes. They in no way take into consideration a woman’s figure as they’re cut straight up and down.
    I’m sure if the marketing folks would just sit and observe guests walking into the park, they’ll see I’m not alone.
    Just a suggestion. 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback Leigh! It’s very much appreciated. I will certainly pass it on to the teams.

  • So excited! I’ll be there on the 17th …It’s my birthday too! 🙂

  • Is there any word on when the halloween events will be available?

  • Michelle, My usual question for you: is the small castle figure available now? It looks like I saw something like it online now (for $300 too)…

    • Hey Jonathan! It appears the Sleeping Beauty Castle figure is now available. The number is 400009233773 and is $149.95. Hope that helps!

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