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‘Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky’ Fireworks Live Stream Set For July 4

Robert Hitchcock

by , Content Director

So you’re not able to be at Walt Disney World Resort for the Fourth of July but you want to celebrate the holiday in Disney style? Well, the Disney Parks Blog has you covered. We are excited to announce that the Magic Kingdom Park July 4th fireworks show will stream ‘live’ at 9 p.m. EDT right here on the Disney Parks Blog.


Join us as “Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert In The Sky” paints the sky red, white and blue and fills the air with patriotic music. This special show features perimeter fireworks launched from around Magic Kingdom Park and an island in Seven Seas Lagoon.

To make sure you have the best view in the house we are providing two live cameras for you to choose from. One camera in front of Cinderella Castle and the other near Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to take in the entire perimeter spectacular. Guests viewing from their desktop will be able to switch between the two cameras during the show. Those ‘on the go’ and joining us on mobile devices, will be able to take in the live view from the castle location.

The live feed starts at 8:50 p.m. on the Disney Parks Blog, with the fireworks show beginning at 9 p.m.

We are excited to offer this unique opportunity and hope you join us as we celebrate this great nation Disney style.


  • I am extremely disappointed that information wasn’t shared with the hundreds of Disney fans in a timely manner. The only information posted indicated that you had to return to the blog website for the live stream. “We are excited to announce that the Magic Kingdom Park July 4th fireworks show will stream ‘live’ at 9 p.m. EDT right here on the Disney Parks Blog.” Like many others, we returned to the blog website and were met with error connections and no live stream. I found another Disney fan who posted the direct link to the Youtube channel with a few minutes left in the fireworks display on a social media site.

    I am a fan of the Disney fireworks. I appreciate the time and effort everyone puts in to choreograph the amazing fireworks with the music and narration. It was frustrating that the blog website didn’t post additional information and that those who choose to use social media had to hunt around to find access.

    I know the holiday has passed. But it would be a nice gesture from Disney if they would rebroadcast the fireworks display for the fans.

    Thanks, Carrie

  • Was hoping Mr. Hitchcock would offer an explanation for what happened with the non-streaming fireworks event last night. Obviously can’t turn back time, but it would be helpful for those of us disappointed Disney fans to know how to access the streaming for the next time.
    Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • It was on YouTube and no link shared here on Parks Blog only on their Facebook page, major fail.

  • Tried for 20 minutes here. database connection errors, connection resets. It appears the site was slammed the the powers that be were not prepared and the experience fizzles. I told the family instead of going out to the fireworks that we should watch Disney’s live….I ate my hat on that one. Huge letdown.

  • Agree with all above — error after error opening the blog page and never any link. On a whim, I checked the @DisneyParks twitter feed on my phone — saw a link posted and was immediately connected to the live-streaming fireworks show. Twitter for me has been a much more reliable source for all things Disney-related in the immediacy of the moment than the blog itself. Blog is great for “heads-up” something is coming (and I do love the Disney blog), but it’s been twitter on my phone that actually comes through with the goods and the links. Looking forward to hearing from the Disney Blog about what happened — and a rebroadcast!

  • Bob…. we would all like an explanation of what went wrong last night…. please?

  • I could not get into the live feed. Did anyone else have the same problem? Can’t tell Disney what to do, but if they are offering something as exciting as a live feed of the fireworks they should have been ready for a large influx of users. It would be nice if Disney made it available to view to users that could not get in.

  • Was there ever a working link from Disney Parks Blog to the Live fireworks? This was so frustrating trying to find something working to view. Why can’t Disney just dedicate some air time on one of their television channels, live or recorded, so that many more people actually could view them and be Happy, not mad and frustrated ?

  • Bummed out! We couldn’t get on.

  • We couldn’t get on. The site kept saying error connecting to database. Will it be replayed?

  • Did the stream happen? I haven’t found it.

  • Was there ever a link posted? I kept getting sent in circles.

  • I gather it rained and the fireworks never went off.

  • Is there a weather delay for the fireworks? Been trying to find the live stream. No link available.

  • We could never get onto the web site due to site volume for the fireworks. Were they recorded so that we can see them?

  • sure hope they don’t mess this up because we did not go anywhere else–my husband is sick with pneumonia and was looking forward to at least seeing this live stream since we could not be at the park in person. Come on Disney don’t let us down!!!

  • So sad this never happened

  • where is the live feed

  • I see nothing at all where are the instructions

  • I never found he link for the feed.

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