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‘Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky’ Fireworks Live Stream Set For July 4

Robert Hitchcock

by , Content Director

So you’re not able to be at Walt Disney World Resort for the Fourth of July but you want to celebrate the holiday in Disney style? Well, the Disney Parks Blog has you covered. We are excited to announce that the Magic Kingdom Park July 4th fireworks show will stream ‘live’ at 9 p.m. EDT right here on the Disney Parks Blog.


Join us as “Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert In The Sky” paints the sky red, white and blue and fills the air with patriotic music. This special show features perimeter fireworks launched from around Magic Kingdom Park and an island in Seven Seas Lagoon.

To make sure you have the best view in the house we are providing two live cameras for you to choose from. One camera in front of Cinderella Castle and the other near Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to take in the entire perimeter spectacular. Guests viewing from their desktop will be able to switch between the two cameras during the show. Those ‘on the go’ and joining us on mobile devices, will be able to take in the live view from the castle location.

The live feed starts at 8:50 p.m. on the Disney Parks Blog, with the fireworks show beginning at 9 p.m.

We are excited to offer this unique opportunity and hope you join us as we celebrate this great nation Disney style.


  • So glad to see Disney broadcasting more and more live streams. For those of us that are watching local fireworks on the 4th, will this stream be viewable after the event?

    • The fireworks can be viewed live only at 9 p.m. on the Fourth. It will not be available for replay later.

  • James’ wife here – THANK-YOU! We cannot be there and will definitely look forward to the livestreaming! What a great treat!


  • i’m so excited! i was hoping for this. i really enjoyed watching the new years fireworks online. i don’t really care for local fireworks as they are not disney fireworks!

  • So exciting! Thank you!

  • Will the accompanied audio also be streamed, or just video?

  • Is there any way to record the fireworks when they are streamed? My wife and I love ALL things Disney, especially WDW. We are DVC members and love being in the parks. I would love to be able to watch this event over and over. Please let me know if there is a way to do it. Thanks and have a Magical Day.

  • This is all new to me. How do I have to do to see the fireworks?

  • Where is the link to go to, to get the live streaming?

  • Where do we go to view the livestream?

  • Thank you! This is fantastic news!!

  • Last night I saw the where the fireworks were going to be live streamed July 3rd & 4th, is this right?

  • I’ll be checking back tomorrow to click the link. Thank you!

  • where are the fireworks??? Am I missing something??

  • Help! I can’t find any link to view the live streaming!!

  • Where is the link for the fireworks live stream?

  • Please provide some instructions!

  • Ross’s wife here — have been clicking around the blog for half an hour and never did find the live stream of the fireworks. Did it not happen?

  • James’ wife here –
    @#7 and 8
    The last time I watched a live stream (not of fireworks), I just came back to the WDW BLOG and they had a new blog article to click on….
    Set your alarm for tonight!!!


  • I think the live stream is only happening tonight. Even if it was streaming last night, I was there in person at the Magic Kingdom, and it did not start until 10:30 due to lightning in the area. They had to wait for the lightning to be 15 miles out due to the (spoiler) perimeter fireworks. Trust me, you will love this show!

  • please post instructions on how to access the live stream this is very vague also what time in Chicago? I don’t want to be searching the last minute

  • would love to be there live but this is the next best thing. my first visit to the Disney World was the 4th of July, 1981. looking forward to this. thanks so much.

  • For many years(close to 20) our family has always gone to Disney World for July 4th and along the way I had a Daughter even born on July 4th, so yes we missed going that year. Over the years we’ve made a point of getting away and focusing on our family for the few days surrounding the 4th, but this year we just couldn’t be there and for us to read that we can still experience just a small part of the Disney magic tonight WOW that’s going to be the best. I’m going to set up some chairs and get some ice-cream cones and try to bring some happiness to my kids this year around the computer. Happy 4th everyone and Julia Happy Birthday we love you.

  • Are we talking California or Florida time for the fireworks?
    Thank you.. Love these live feeds.. :O)

  • I and my wife seated here in Buenos Aires Argentina waiting for 8:50 PM
    Happy 4th of July , Happy Independence Day !!!!!!!!

  • I’m so excited! Can’t wait! I just have a question…do we have to do anything special (download/login) or just come to the blog?

  • Oh it will be amazing. I’m tempted to set my alarm for 1.45 am so I can watch it.

  • FYI if you don’t know your time zone and the conversion, you can google it.
    The live feed starts at 8:50pm Eastern/7:50pm Central/6:50pm Mountain/5:50pm Pacific tonight 7/4.
    The link typically will show on the main page around the time above.

  • Do we just come back to this page for instructions? If we want to set up our TV ahead of time is there a live link? Thanks!

  • the disney provide a link to the live broadcast? Where should I go?

  • Does anyone here know where the link will be found on this blog to enjoy the fireworks tonight that they will be live streaming?

  • How do I live stream in order to watch the fireworks?

  • How do I find it?

  • I’m not seeing anything. So sad, I really wanted to watch this 🙁

  • How do we stream?

  • Big disappointment! Waited all day and cannot see any fireworks!!!!!

  • where are they?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • i am so disappointed. there is no link to view the live stream. Am i missing something?

  • Is the live stream a bust? Ten after nine and still getting “Error establishing a database connection”

  • i can’t find the link everything is coming up no page or bad link

  • can’t find link been looking for past half hour most of my links come up no page found

  • How do we view the live stream?

  • bust

    webpage unavailable or no place to click for live feed

    fast pass plus anyone

  • I was literally in Magic Kingdom, with a seat on the curb near the hub at 7 p.m. My daughter got ill so we had to come home — we are fortunate to live close by. I have been trying to get this live feed since 8:55pm Eastern, and I’m not even sure where the exact link is to see the show. It is unfortunate that the show will not be available for viewing later, as I have not even been able to find the right link to view live and everything is loading slowly — probably because of everyone logged in to watch live.
    Color me disappointed (a cross between Disgust and Sadness).

  • If only this would have worked as advertised. Had to watch it via another platform. Great show though.

  • Can’t get in, but not surprised pretty much anything that is Disney plus computer equals let down!

  • I am not impressed. I spent the entire time trying to get to a live stream and received nothing but “database connection” errors and blank pages. There are no instructions on “Bob’s original post” for the actual page the live stream would be on – so I assumed it would be on the main Disney Parks blog or on Bob’s post page. When I could connect to either of these pages (rarely) – there was nothing there except the original post.

    Maybe next year?

  • I am logged in but never was able to find a link to the live fireworks. The family is a bit disappointed. Was the server too overloaded? How do we stream in the future?

  • It’s not working!!! HELP!

  • Never did find a link for it, so I totally missed it. 🙁

  • Been waiting for the stream for the past half hour. Where is it??? Disney fail.

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