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‘Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky’ Fireworks Live Stream Set For July 4

Robert Hitchcock

by , Content Director

So you’re not able to be at Walt Disney World Resort for the Fourth of July but you want to celebrate the holiday in Disney style? Well, the Disney Parks Blog has you covered. We are excited to announce that the Magic Kingdom Park July 4th fireworks show will stream ‘live’ at 9 p.m. EDT right here on the Disney Parks Blog.


Join us as “Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert In The Sky” paints the sky red, white and blue and fills the air with patriotic music. This special show features perimeter fireworks launched from around Magic Kingdom Park and an island in Seven Seas Lagoon.

To make sure you have the best view in the house we are providing two live cameras for you to choose from. One camera in front of Cinderella Castle and the other near Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to take in the entire perimeter spectacular. Guests viewing from their desktop will be able to switch between the two cameras during the show. Those ‘on the go’ and joining us on mobile devices, will be able to take in the live view from the castle location.

The live feed starts at 8:50 p.m. on the Disney Parks Blog, with the fireworks show beginning at 9 p.m.

We are excited to offer this unique opportunity and hope you join us as we celebrate this great nation Disney style.


  • The link never showed up. Very disappointing! I hope they put a link up to show a recording of it since we did not get to see it live.

  • First the Disney Blog website crashed for over a half hour and then there is still no link to the live stream of the fireworks. This was definitely NOT a magical evening. Please re-broadcast this sometime and do a better job of give us a link so we can see streaming video in the future. Extremely disappointed.

  • So disappointed! The live stream did not work, I have been trying all night and the website kept crashing and when it did open, there was no link to the live feed. I know you guys are better than this, this was an EPIC FAIL!!

  • I never saw a link or anything showing how to view the fireworks. Where was it?

  • Ok Well did not get to see anything?? Would have been a nice treat to have seen the fireworks being it was raining here at home. There was no link to view

  • Where’s the live feed link? I have a house full of little ones who can’t wait to watch. We’ve been looking forward to this all day and have been searching for the link for some time now.

  • Does anyone have the link to the fireworks?

  • I tried to get on the site at 8:50pm EDT however, apparently your site was slammed. =(((

  • So disappointed! Was hoping to see fireworks and all I got was page errors and no live feed link. Boooooo!

  • Will there be a live stream from Disneyland?

  • 45 minutes.

  • not seeing anything??????

  • Just spend the last 4 minutes trying to find the feed. Never did find it, not happy!!!

  • Disney, you really dropped the ball on this! The links were never posted on your blog site. Very disappointing!

  • Did the stream get cancelled, delayed or something? DPB was slow and never updated with a link, what is going on?

  • so disappointing…couldn’t get in! But was able to watch someone’s home filmed one…jigglie and lots of crowd noise, but better than nothing!

  • The DVC Facebook page directed us to this blog post. However, the link for the live stream was never posted here. What happened?

  • So where is the link???? Maybe next year 🙂

  • Show’s over. Link was posted on Twitter, and now youtube stream of show is private. Missed it, unfortunately. :/

  • Disappointed….couldn’t find live feed. All the links went to park pages, searched and searched.

    My younger Disney fans have sad faces! :(((((

  • So disappointed that we cannot see the fireworks. There is no explanation to a link to see the fireworks. The blog page refereed to will not load because the site it too busy. We were so excited and now we are so bummed. Very sad. We expected an E ticket ride and now everything is closed for renovation…

  • What happened? No links could be found anywhere to view.

  • We searched everywhere!!! Where was the link to watch the streaming fireworks show??? How disappointing!

  • Where was the link for the live feed? Never saw it.

  • Well, that was a bitter disappointment 🙁

    I tried for 45 minutes to get on the blog site and view the fireworks – and was completely unsuccessful! It kept telling me that the website was unavailable.

    I had been looking forward to this all day. Shame on you Disney for getting a girl’s hope up and then dropping the ball.

  • I was very disappointed in how things were handled. No where on this page does it say that we had to go to YouTube in order to watch them. Luckily I thought about checking your Facebook page and that is how I found out. You made it seem like there was going to be a link on this page or on your home page to the fireworks. I only got to watch the final 3 minutes of the show. I would have like to seen it all. I am also disappointed that we will not be able to view the fireworks now because they will not be posted as a video.

    And by the looks of it a lot of people had trouble finding where they were going to be streamed at.

  • Boo – Very disappointed – no link provided and site froze.

  • Am I the only one who can’t get it to load? I tried and tried but no link showed up or server could not connect. 🙁

  • And where was the link to watch the streaming fireworks show???

  • Dear Robert Hitchcock,
    You said “…the Magic Kingdom Park July 4th fireworks show will stream ‘live’ at 9 p.m. EDT right here on the Disney Parks Blog.”

    Right here.
    Right here? No, well not REALLY right here, was it?

    It was really accessed at another link that was posted on the Disney World Passholder FB page. And you had to update (refresh) the page to see the new link when it posted. But if you didn’t happen to do that because you kept hitting the link in the original blog post that said “right here”, you wouldn’t get the new link to show up!

    We spent 15 minutes “right here”, trying to watch the streaming video, getting error after error, database error, page errors, etc. just SURE it was the heavy traffic keeping us from being able to access the streaming concert in the sky…

    Then we went back to the FB page and just by accident, saw the new post with the real link.

    Maybe being “right here” would have worked, actually. But it sure didn’t for us. And there are a lot of other people who experienced the same thing, so we assume we were all following the same instructions.

    We’re happy campers, normally – rah-rah passholders! This was disappointing for a techno-giant like Disney. A fair explanation would be most appreciated.
    Kim and Michael

  • would have been nice to see the fireworks couldn’t find the live feed.

  • I can’t find the live streaming and really wanted to seethe fireworks very upset i cant see them

  • My daughter and I were very disappointed. Instead of watching the local fireworks, she was excited to watch WDW Fireworks(Her favorite)on our TV. The link was not posted, only errors and 30 minutes of time spent trying over and over. Hopefully they will post to be seen later. 🙁

  • SO disappointed there is not link for the exact place to view the fireworks. Trying to go to the blog they suggest does not work. It is giving an error that is connected to the site being too busy. These were to be the only firework we would be (but not now) seeing this year for the 4th. Fireworks not allowed here and our city is not doing a show. So very disappointed there is no way to see this.

  • i was disappointed by no obvious links and/or instructions to watch the live stream.
    glad that your offering it, just wish we knew how to tune in.

  • bust !!!!!!!

    webpage unavailable or no place to click for live feed

    error connecting to database

    fast pass plus anyone

  • So what’s going on guys? No link, 3/4 of the time the page crashes?

  • is there a link to the live stream

  • We were so excited for this, but never found the link on the blog. By the time we searched and found twitter (I’m not a twitter user) it was over. So incredibly disappointing.

  • Ok so we stayed in to log on instead of watching the neighbors do their small fireworks and there’s no link? What a bummer now it seems we’ve missed any fireworks for 2015…

  • how do i view the lifestream? i have been looking for the past 25 minutes

  • Will the show be available again since everything said it would be on the Disney Blog, but it ended up being on Youtube?

  • What happened to the live feed? We’ve been trying to access for 30 minutes now?!?!?

  • is anyone else having trouble in California??? I’m locked out of the website 🙁
    Hopefully they will repost as looks like they weren’t ready for the demand.

  • I was unable to connect to the live stream. Did anyone else have this problem? I suspect the server was overloaded. 🙁

  • I have been having trouble bringing in the Parks blog this evening and cannot find the link to the live stream of the WDW fireworks. Any chance you all could change your mind about not posting the show later on the Blog, please? Thank you for considering this.

  • Does anyone have the link to the fireworks

  • This was so disappointing! We didn’t go for our local fireworks because this was supposed to be 8:55 EST. There has never been a link posted for the live stream.

  • Is anyone able to find the link for the live streaming?

  • I have been searching for the link for half an hour. I have clicked on every link on the original and supplemental posts. Not one would bring me to the live stream. I am furious! I have lost faith in your blog.

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