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First Look at Commemorative Products for 20th Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


The countdown is on to the start of my favorite event at Walt Disney World Resort – the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. The festival opens September 25 and runs through November 16, and will feature more than 30 global marketplaces (including some new experiences in Future World.) This year also marks the 20th time this event has been held at Epcot. Here is a first look at some of the merchandise commemorating this milestone anniversary.


There are three distinct art programs for this year’s merchandise. The World Showcase logo program includes icons from each of the 11 pavilions. The Disney character program will feature Mickey Mouse and, my favorite, Figment dressed as chefs. We will also offer a “Brews Around the World” assortment, a returning favorite from previous years.


Other returning favorite items include Vinylmation of the Swedish Chef from The Muppets, collectible pins on recipe cards, and three new Dooney & Bourke handbags. Guests will also find drinkware, four different appetizer plates, and some holiday ornaments.


I love the coffee mug that uses Figment’s tail as the handle. I also thought the bottle opener on the “Brews Around the World” baseball cap was creative. Finally, I was happy to see salt and pepper shaker trash cans which were inspired by items released last year in Disney Centerpiece at the Marketplace Co-Op.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for details about a new activity called “Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak” that includes limited release pins.

The best place to find many of these items starting September 25 will be in the Festival Center. This location will be found in Future World between Universe of Energy and Mission: SPACE pavilions. Additional merchandise locations throughout World Showcase will also carry select items. There are no plans at this time to carry these items on our Disney Parks online store.

Do you have a favorite item? Please share in the comments below.

I hope to see you at Epcot this fall.


  • What type of bag is it that is pictured in the last set/grouping of pictures – with the country flags on the strap?

  • I was fortunate to get last years style Downey and Burke bag, I’m visiting Oct 2- will they still be there?

  • Do you know if any of the items will be available on the new Disney Shop Parks app? I will be arriving on October 30th, which is over a month later than I usually do and I always get the shopper tote Dooney bag, i’m worried they will be gone by then!

  • Hello Steven,
    Can you confirm if the background colour on the Dooney and Burke bags is black or navy?

  • I know there is a Chef Figment plush this year, but will there be a Chef Duffy plush as in the past as well?

  • Another question about sizing. With a lot of guests being larger, why is the largest size available in most shirts only a 2XL. I am sure if 3 or 4 XL were offered sales would increase and there would be a loot of happy people.

  • Loving all the new merch! Do you know the edition size of the recipe pins? And do you think there will be a lot of them by the end of October?

  • Probably a dumb question, but if I purchase way too much stuff at the Festival Center, I can have it sent to the resort, correct? LOL My entire spending budget for this trip is Food and Wine Festival and MNSSHP.

  • Hi!! Any chance I could get some pricing on the two Limited Edition Food and Wine Fest pins — the two with the recipes attached? I am SO EXCITED to be heading there this fall though I am concerned about my bank account with all of the fabulous merchandise available — how can I choose?!

  • I absolutely adore the Figment mug you have pictured there! I visited Walt Disney World this April, and my Figment collection has grown… albeit I’m still waiting for the coveted purple Mickey ears. I just read your post about new Figment merchandise, written in May 2011. During my April trip, I came across a guy wearing them, but could not find them in any gift shop in Epcot or any of the parks. To think they were introduced so long ago! I know that buying something offered soley inside the parks is a special and extremely unique experience, but I do wish the online Disney Store offered a wider variety of character merchandise. All that being said, I will be contacting the Merchandise Guest Services team come November. Thanks, Steven, for the good read!

  • I will be leaving WDW on 09/20. Any chance of getting the Dooney and Bourke bag before I leave?

    • @Jacquelyn – The Dooney & Bourke items won’t be available until the start of the festival on September 25. I wish I had a better answer for you.

  • This is amazing! I can’t wait to finally experience the Food and Wine Festival! It will be our 1st anniversary and our first adults only trip!! I simply can’t wait!! Thanks for the great posts! Phenomenal job!

    • @Karina – Awesome! I hope you have an incredible time. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  • Thanks for coming back to answer our questions, Steven! You’re the best!

    • @Trinna – You are welcome. Thank you for reading my stories. I love the questions as they keep me on my toes. 🙂

  • Planning my trip for the last week of the F & W Fest. Will passholder T-shirts be available at the retail outlet or by some special process? Thanks.

    • @Karen – The Passholder shirt will be sold at the Festival Center during the event. It’s difficult to say if any inventory would be remaining by that time. It will depend how popular the shirt is with Guests throughout the event. I hope you have a great trip!

  • Looking forward to the Passholder shirt & the trashcan salt & pepper shakers – in memory of a friend who used to pose her children in front of the different trashcans around WDW.

  • Hi, love anything Figment. Will items be available via mail order? Including passholder items?

    • @Fernando – The Merchandise Guest Services team may have access to select items a few weeks after the start of the Festival. It would be best to contact them at that time.

  • Hi Steve. Any statues or busts?

    • @Brian – I’ve not seen any specific development. I will have another story closer to the start of the festival that will give additional looks at things.

  • Hi Steven! We are so excited to go to the Food & Wine Festival this year, it’s our first time!! We won’t be arriving until the last 10 days or so of the festival. Will there still be merchandise available towards the end? Are my odds of grabbing a Dooney pretty low at that point? Thanks!

    • @Camille – I hope you have a wonderful trip! That time of year is one of my favorite times in Florida. The merchandise was planned to be sold throughout the entire event. The challenge is that I’m unsure how popular some items will be with our Guests. In other words, some items may sell out faster than others.

  • Will there be a magicband this year and will it require the hotel package like last year?

    • @Michael – I know we won’t be offering a retail MagicBand in our merchandise locations. I’d have to ask partners in Food & Beverage about any other offerings tied to packages, etc.

  • I love these event-specific Dooneys. Any plans to offer themed Dooneys for the Very Merry Christmas Party? Please please please?

    • @Trinna – There are no plans at this time.

  • Rockin mdse….must start saving…I want the Dooney letter carrier but will settle for a Figment mug! thanks for sharing with us!

  • Thank you so much Steve for always coming through with answers to our questions on your great merchandise articles! (Especially the pricing on the D&B bags!) I really appreciate you being so thorough and willing to share the information you do have or can gather with us!

    • @Gretchen – It is my pleasure. Thank you for reading the Disney Parks Blog 🙂

  • I hope the do shirts in 3x and or 4x this year. My boys are big and need the mens size shirts, and of course a lot of larger adults love the festival and it is a shame that finding a 3x is almost impossible. The only place I know at Epcot is the little store on the left after the wheel chair place, which sometimes can look in the back and get a couple of 3x shirts.

    • @Renita – Thank you for your comment. The Taste and Brews shirts will be offered in sizes small to 2-XL. The Character Chef shirt will be offered in sizes small to 4-XL.

  • Love the Mickey/Figment appetizer plate! Definitely planning to get those, if I can buy them independently of the other plates and they’re made of a good material (not a melamine fan).

    The Dooneys have been knocking it out of the park lately! So many cute designs with Mickey and friends.

    With the Flower and Garden Dooneys, they actually had a small quantity left over that went to Cherry Tree Lane for post-festival sales. I’m hoping they’ll have ordered similarly for Food and Wine!

    • @Trinna – The plates are ceramic. Glad you liked the designs for the Dooney & Bourke bags. They look even better in person.

  • Is Disney offering the VIP Dining Experience again this year for resort guests? I know last year was the first year and hope they continue.

  • This is always the one post I look forward to the most each year (followed by Flower/Garden, naturally).

    It’s always disappointing though that the online store never offers anything from either festival.

    Will there be a deluxe print? I was disappointed there was no deluxe print for the Flower/Garden Festival this year.

    In your third picture, what is the item below the food tray and above the stemless wine glasses that features Figment? Is it a magnet or pin?

    Also, will the plates be sold as a set or individually?

    • @Jonathan – I’ve not seen the full assortment at this time. Stay tuned for an additional article once the Festival Center is open. This article was designed as a preview … an appetizer to the main course. 🙂

      The item you mentioned is a magnet and the plates will be sold individually.

  • James’s wife here – Do you know if those D&B bags will be available by phoning guest services?

    • @James’ wife – At this point, the Merchandise Guest Services team may not have access to these items. It will depend upon availability of inventory as they were created especially for the event at Epcot. That may change but I won’t know until after the event starts.

  • Steve, you are seriously my favorite guy. Thanks so much for this post. As if I needed yet another reason to count the days until my annual October trip. So. Awesome.


    • @Jana – Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. October is an outstanding time to be in Florida, especially for this event. I hope to see you around Epcot. Safe travels.

  • Steven; Thanks once again for sharing all of the wonderful Food and Wine merchandise for 2015 I love the fact I always have an idea as to what I would like to purchase in advance when I attend the event in October. Disappointed about one thing, NO chef Duffy? I always look forward to the new chef’s attire he’s dressed in. Thank You! Anthony

  • I am ready! Just made a list of the items I want to buy but I’m sure that will change once the event opens. Thanks for the preview.

  • I won’t be there until November 2 i wonder if it will all be sold out by then I would love the Figment Pass Holder shirt

  • Allison – Last year the Festival Dooney’s were also being sold at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Health and Fitness Expo in the runDisney booth. You are going to love race weekend! See you at the start line!


  • Will the Food & Wine Festival ever return to the Disneyland Resort? I remember it being such fun when it was there.

    • @Belinda – I’m not aware of any such plans at this time. I know there are a lot of great places to eat at Disneyland Resort. 🙂

  • I love all of the Figment merchandise! Will any of the merchandise be available via the or mail order?

    • @Stacy – These items will not be available via our Disney Parks online store. The Merchandise Guest Services team may have access to select items. I am unable to confirm at this time which items or when that access may happen. That team will have a better idea after the event starts at Epcot.

  • I love the Dooney & Bourke bags! I am doing the Wine & Dine Half Marathon for the first time in November. Do you know if the D & B bags will be available anywhere in the park during the after race party?

    • @Allison – The Dooney & Bourke bags will carried at the Festival Center and in Mouse Gear. I’m unsure of locations for the after race party as it will depend upon remaining inventory.

  • Hey Steve! Was wondering if you have a picture of all the LE/LR pins coming out? Please and thank you

    • @Jake – I do not have all the images at this time. Stay tuned for additional details. You could also visit closer to the event start date. They may offer images on that site at that time.

  • I really want the vinyl chef & the Figment mug–hope they’re still around when we go the second to last weekend!

  • Remember when Epcot was about more than eating and drinking?

  • They really pulled out all the wine bottle stoppers on this merchandise line! Fabulous job everyone! Thanks for being our personal shopper preview artist Steve! Not sure if I can wait until #WineDineHalf?



    • @Erin – Thank you for the comment! I will share your feedback with the team.

  • So many great items! Thank you as always Steve! Do you have pricing for the Dooney? They’ll probably be gone by the time we get there, but still curious! Thanks again!

  • Hi Steve! The Dooney & Bourke, will they be coated cotton or nylon? May we have prices please? Thank you!

    • @Amy – These bags are not nylon. Retails are as follows (please note all retails are subject to change without notice):

      Shopper Tote – $268
      Zip Zip Satchel – $248
      Letter carrier – $198

  • Loving the D&B handbags, hope they are still available when I get there at the end of October……..

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