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Fuel Your Emotions with Recipes Inspired by Disney•Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’

Food can change any mood. Nothing can turn a rough day around like a warm bowl of creamy mac and cheese. Or maybe you want to spice up your day with a dish exploding with flavor. Whatever you’re in the mood for, I have a feeling you’ll want to try these recipes inspired by Disney•Pixar’s “Inside Out” and created by Disney Parks Food and Beverage:


  • Joy’s More-is-More S’mores: Chocolate and marshmallows fresh out of the oven just ooze happiness, right?
  • Sadness’s No-Cry Comfort Food: For those times you need a good cry, try this mac. With its FOUR cheeses, it’s better than tears.
  • Fear’s Panko-Protected Long Beans: Vegetables? Never Fear. Fried to a golden brown—this one is mouth-wateringly risk-free.
  • Disgust’s Is-That-Broccoli? Pizza: While broccoli normally triggers Disgust’s defenses, this version passes inspection.
  • Anger’s Hot-Headed Tuna: It’s exploding with flavor—those Sichuan peppercorns have the same fiery spirit that fuels Anger.

Click here to download all five recipes.

Which recipe do you ‘feel’ like cooking?


  • Leonard, they are used to make the pepper-corn crust. It was a bit confusing in the instructions but you add the peppercorn-sugar mix to the zest and that’s what you use to crust the tuna.

  • The recipe for the Hot-Headed Tuna says to Zest and juice an orange, lime & lemon, but no where in the recipe does it use (or say how to use) the juices… huh?

  • Now I wish I would actually go to Big Thunder Ranch but I don’t know if you can get only the dessert

  • Yum Yum!
    This sounds and looks absolutely delicious!
    I’m making these next weekend, next weekend because this weekend we are at Disneyland Resort celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the park!

    • Enjoy! 😀

  • Joy’s More-is-More S’mores looks a lot like the S’mores Bake from Big Thunder Ranch BBQ in Disneyland…which is delicious!

    • It was inspired by the S’Mores Bake at Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue! 🙂

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