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Gardens, Mozart and Puppets: A Trip Through Austria with Adventures by Disney

Amanda Adler

by , Public Relations Manager, Adventures by Disney

If you’re looking to visit a place with a ton of charm, may I suggest Austria? As excited as I was to visit the Bavarian Alps on my recent 9-day, 8-night Austria, Germany & the Czech Republic Adventures by Disney vacation, my eyes were woefully unprepared for the sheer amount of natural beauty they would behold during the Austrian portion of this trip.


First up was Salzburg, where we took a privately guided tour that included enchanting gardens, lush landscapes and striking fountains that will beg for you to burst into song; and I might have done just that on several occasions. Here we dined at a 1,200-year-old restaurant while being serenaded by a duo of Mozart violinists! I felt very fancy indeed.


On our way to Vienna we made a stop in the adorable town of Mondsee, where we enjoyed lunch al fresco alongside the gorgeous lake. The beauty of this place has earned it a spot on my personal “most charming places I’ve visited” list.


In Vienna the one-of-a-kind experiences just kept on coming. We enjoyed a private marionette performance and got to try our hand at operating them (with guidance from the masters). We learned how to make strudel (and sampled it aplenty), toured the famous Schonbrunn Palace, got an exclusive backstage look at Royal Spanish Riding School and even tested our gracefulness during private Waltz lessons! As a very special treat we also visited the Vienna Zoo after hours, where our group enjoyed a private look at the animals and a unique dinner feast at the former breakfast pavilion of the Emperor, located in the middle of the zoo.


But I haven’t even told you about my favorite part yet. Ask anyone who’s been on an Adventures by Disney trip about their experience and they’re sure to tell you about their amazing Adventure Guides. For this trip our group was educated, entertained and delighted by Adventure Guides Stephanie and Dean, and they truly made every moment unforgettable. The number of exceptional experiences they created for us is too numerous to list, but it was in Austria that they really brought experiences to life the very most. Here they donned a lot of hats, literally and figuratively. Seriously, these two love to dress up. And they know their audience; we all loved it!

And so ends my Adventures by Disney Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic trip. Retelling it has made me want to do it all over again!