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Greetings Programs – Celebrating My Love of All Things ‘TRON’

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


Today marks the anniversary of Disney’s live action film “TRON,” which was first released on July 9, 1982. Long before the days of Blu-ray or digital streaming, I recall borrowing a VHS cassette from my local library and memorizing the film. I pretended I was Kevin Flynn trying to hack into the Master Control Program using my personal computer (that had no Internet connectivity). My love for all things “TRON” has spilled over into my office at Disney Theme Park Merchandise. It’s covered with movie posters, artwork and, of course, merchandise from both the original 1982 feature film and the more recent “TRON: Legacy.”


Two of my prized possessions include an activity book from 1982 that I colored, and a 33 ½ long playing record featuring “The Story of TRON” that I received as a birthday gift a few years ago. When the film was released in 1982, there were several action figures of main characters like Kevin Flynn, Sark, and TRON; and a couple of Lightcycle vehicles. Sadly, I don’t have those toys today. They are on my wish list in case anyone needs gift ideas for my birthday in September.


Other items in my office include an ear hat, Vinylmation figures and action figures from “TRON: Legacy.” I also have several pins including a boxed pin set from the Disney Store. I love the die-cast Disney monorails from 2011 (I have both colorways because I’m obsessive). Some of the coolest items in my office were made by extremely talented friends. They include a custom Sam Flynn action figure that resembles me and two nine-inch Vinylmation figures.


I’m particularly excited for the Disney Infinity 3.0 figures of Sam Flynn and Quorra coming later this year. I will be buying these figures for my son who loves “TRON” as much as I do.


Finally, I’m proud to say that I own a Halloween costume of Sam Flynn that was created by Disney Consumer Products a few years ago. I also never miss an opportunity to play the classic 1982 arcade game. I’ve put many quarters in those machines all throughout the United States.

Do you love TRON as much as me? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

Happy anniversary, Programs! End of line.


  • Hi Steven,

    Love these! My wife and I agree that you make a great “program” or “user” for TRON. Wish there was a Magic Band as well.

    So I must ask….. it is July……*clears throat*
    Is there anything for “Christmas in July” we will be getting sneak peaks of?

  • I am a huge fan, as well! The People Mover was a must every time I went to the park because of the Tron section! Here I am many years later and my sons share my love of Tron with me! For years Indinana Jones and the Last Crusade was my go to Father’s Day film but now Legacy has joined it! Uprising was great and we still have fingers crossed for the third film! Although I don’t have as many collectibles as you I do have a Sam Flynn fathead on the wall! If only I still had my old Tomytronic Tron handheld game! Of course, my fingers are a little fatter than they used to be so I don’t know how well I would do these days!

    • @Lance – I loved that section of the PeopleMover. I only got to ride it a few times in 1992 when I first visited Disneyland. I wish I had that handheld game.

  • I second the request for a Tron MagicBand (or two)!!! Maybe when you Touch To… it could say “Rectify” or “Games” haha

  • James’ wife here – If I didn’t know better I’d say that was “my James” #11 lol



  • Sorry, that was supposed to spell out “TRON LIVES”, but it just looks weird. Great memories! I taped a Frisbee to my back so many times…
    Never could get it to hit something and return, though.

    • @James – Ha! That’s great. I’m guessing the Master Control Program must have messed with the formatting. 🙂

  • ____ __ __
    | | \ / \ |\ |
    | |__| | | | \ |
    | | \ | | | \|
    | | \ \__/ | |

    ___ __
    | | | | | / \
    | | | | |_ |__
    | | \ / | \
    |__ | \/ |__ \__/

  • My daughter and I loved watching TRON uprising together. We both agree that it just hit its stride when it was cancelled. We were excited that TRON 3 might be on its way and they might have chosen to finish Uprising in conjunction with that. Now that it looks TRON 3 looks like it is not coming we lost our hope. I held up the TRON-o-rail taking pictures of it. I had no idea they were waiting for me to be done before leaving the station. I have all of the Disney Infinity TRON related items and have pre-ordered the figures. I would love a TRON playset for DI one day.

  • Oops, sorry for the typos earlier. As to the movies themselves, I did watch the original in theatres and was hooked. Our entire family really enjoys both Tron and Tron Legacy as well as well as its musical score by Daft Punk.

    Since our son ended up watching the original Tron after Tron Legacy, he calls it the “new Tron” 🙂

    Am hoping for a third installment; especially if that means a return of ElecTRONica to California Adventure!

  • Our son really took the the ElecTRONica opening performance; sure glad I have two versions captured from 2011 that we can replay. We still enjoy watching it from time to time.

    He had a tron costume for Halloween twice since then.

    I almost put together a custom-built tron costume for this year’s Halloween party at Disneyland. Was going to be based off of some Nike wear (which had nice mesh-like components) and was looking at an LED based light strip system. At the end of the day, just became to impractical. But have to say that would have been a fun project!

  • I liked Tron back before liking Tron became cool again. 🙂
    A year or two back before the pre-Legacy hype, I remember showing the 80’s original to the niece and nephew for a babysitting movie off the shelf, and the next year, he took up the Ultimate Frisbee team at school…Gee, I wonder where he got the idea?
    Legacy was too serious and caught up in “techno raves”, but Tron: Classic had a computer-geek sense of humor and Jeff Bridges’ easygoing goofiness.

    As for Tron 3, however, think the studio is still smarting from Tomorrowland’s box office, and sadly confusing the two, so I wouldn’t wait up nights for it.

    • @Eric – Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Love the Tron post! I love Tron – although I may be a little biased, we both turned 33 today 🙂

    • @Blair – Wishing you many happy returns from The Grid!

  • Tron is amazing! Jeff Bridges, lightcycles, and more recently, Daft Punk! What’s not to love!? I even remember the Disneyland Peoplemover that had a Tron overlay in the 80’s! It’s time for more Tron in the theatres and parks!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Are you sure you’re buying the Disney Infinity Tron figures for your son? 🙂 (And I would love it if all us Tron fans could add blu-rays of the Tron: Uprising series to our collections.)

    • @Andrew – Um … yes, they are for my “son.” Ha!!!

  • Hey Steven, I didn’t see the D23 Tron mouse pad, that was included in one of the magazine issues, amongst your treasures. I believe it was Winter of 2010.

    • @Belinda – Ha! I have that mouse pad. I’m using right now as I type this response. 🙂

  • Tron and Tron Legacy are some of my favorite movies of all time! My son loves Tron Legacy, and he’s super excited about the Disney Infinity characters coming out.

    We also loved the Tron: Uprising show and I have a set of rare promotion artwork from the former Disney XD show framed and hanging in my bedroom (framing them was a gift from my wife).

    My all-time favorite Disney night time event was a the ElecTRONica party at California Adventure. So sad when that closed. 🙁

    Please Disney…. make Tron 3. And where is a Tron MagicBand? 🙂

    • @Ethan – Tron: Uprising was outstanding. My son and I enjoyed watching the series. The art was incredible and I loved the music.

  • #TeamTron

    • @Antonio – As Bit would say, “YES!”

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