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Happy Fourth of July from the Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Happy Fourth of July!


Are you visiting one of a Walt Disney World Resort theme parks this weekend? Which nighttime spectacular do you hope to see? Tell us in the “Comments” section below.


  • While I’m disappointed that the link was never posted as promised, I’m even more disappointed that there has been no response from Disney Parks Blog to the lack of a link.

  • Honestly: Epic Epic Fail!
    Please post it online so we can actually watch it. It won’t take the place of missing it live, but we would like to see it.

  • Sadly they did not tell everyone the live streams was on YouTube. By the time many found it, they were over.
    Major communications fail on Disney’s Park Blog’s part.

  • Hey blog staff, why so silent? Speak up! Most of these comments have been understandably frustrated but not rude. Issue an apology. You’ve got so many fans out here who planned their nights around this post and will do it again.

  • I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a comment from Disney. I think they meant well but missed the boat. I had no clue to go to You Tube for the broadcast. This was very disappointing!

  • As everyone has noted there wasn’t a live stream, a link to the live stream nor any information that there were technological issues causing problems. I was lucky enough to find ia link on DisneyParks Twitter account sending me to YouTube about 1/2 way through.

    What is troubling to me is that Bob’s posting was adamant about there would not be a recording of the event for later viewing as one subscriber specifically asked about. So, it was a view it live or not see it. We moved our schedule around to be able to view it. We stopped watching the 4th Celebration from the Capitol on PBS and wasted our time trying to view the fireworks from WDW like others.

    It is sad that Disney’s Parks Blog can’t offer an apology to those who could not find the live stream and offer a link to recorded versions of the event. There supposed to be two separate viewing locations. I could only find one. There was a promotion years ago…… Do you remember the Magic? I do and the Magic was making the guests feel considered.

    We weren’t “Considered” last night”…………

  • I too was very disappointed; especial with the embarrassment of not being able to show the Fireworks to the family after the big build up I did.

    I guess the A Team was not in charge of this project ………

    Only 50 or so disappointments; what is wrong with this picture, would have thought there would be more?

  • James’ wife here – So disappointed, we logged on around 845pm and the system crashed soon thereafter, we thought maybe we were the only one’s that couldn’t enjoy the fireworks display – Can Disney set up a link to see what we missed last night? We were soo looking forward to this show…. 🙁

    <3WDW even still!

  • The website completely shut down from 8:55 to 9:30 and never aired the fireworks show, even after my buddies and I tried multiple browsers, platforms, and refreshes of the page for more than an appropriate amount of time. What happened? This was a huge let-down. For all of the Blog’s advertising of this live webcast throughout the week, it was embarrassing to not have it air. Is there anything the Parks Blog can do to make good on their promises of viewing this “exclusive broadcast” over the last several days?

  • I can’t find the replay? The original blog post said it would be available???

  • So disappointed. I started trying to log on ten minutes early and it took multiple efforts just to get to this page. Only then did I see I needed to get to the original post. DO NOT DO THIS! Put the link on the most recent post. SO anyway then I repeated the process and FINALLY got the original post only to find it did not have a link to the stream. Now I’ve wasted 25 minutes and the show is nearly over and there is no link and I see you won’t record it so I can watch later. If you can’t handle the traffic don;’t offer the service. And PLEASE have a link to the stream. Everything I clicked on took me to resort sites.

  • You could not access the Disney Blog site during the fireworks, due to server capacity, the only way a tech savvy fan could have watched was through a link on the Disney Blogs Facebook page that was posted after the start.

    I know you do a lot of great things but in this instance, the execution was very poor and certainly not what fans would expect from Disney.

  • Man i missed it…There were no instructions on how to view. I kept refreshing the page and at 8:52 i could not get on. I kept getting “Link does not work” error. Did the servers crash? So I missed it. Can you give viewing instructions for future streams?

  • So where was I supposed to go to see this live streaming? I assumed it would be VERY obvious on the main blog page but couldn’t find it anywhere – not even as a link in this post or the original posted linked in this post. VERY disappointed to not be able to see them…

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