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Learn Culinary Secrets of Disney Chefs in New Backstage Adventure at Walt Disney World Resort

Ever wonder how to make a buttery pasta noodle or fork-tender filet mignon? Beginning July 8, the new “Disney Family Culinary Adventure” at Disney’s Contemporary Resort whisks guests backstage for a fun, interactive evening that includes plenty of time with the Disney chefs, hands-on cooking and a festive, five-course dinner with beer and wine served in the kitchen by the professional catering staff.

Aimed at guests 9 and older, the evening starts at 5 p.m. with a friendly introduction to the massive catering kitchen. A maximum of 30 guests put on aprons, hats and gloves and are divided into five cooking groups. And every station has a wow technique, from the ease of making homemade butter (equal parts buttermilk and heavy cream) to a fresh pasta with just three ingredients.


“We want to show them the tricks of the trade,” says Chef Frank Brough. “It’s a guided experience but they do everything from making cheese and butter to rolling out pasta and breaking down a whole beef tenderloin.”

The five stations:

  • Garde manger, is the French term for food produced in the cold kitchen, where guests learn how to make farmer cheese, from-scratch butter, and how to plate a gourmet salad on a rapidly moving electric belt in the professional kitchen.
  • Sushi, with sushi chefs teaching the art of rolling sushi and sashimi. (This station may rotate with other culinary ideas.)
  • Boucherie, or butcher station, where guests learn how to trim a beef tenderloin to make the perfect filet mignon.
  • Pasta, with just three ingredients (semolina, olive oil and egg), guests learn to make tender noodles from scratch, along with fresh basil pesto.
  • Patisserie, or bakery, where guests get to play with chocolate, mousse and other sweet endings.

Once the food prep is complete, guests move freely about the big kitchen to chat with the chefs – no culinary question goes unanswered. It takes about an hour for all the prep work, then everyone is seated at a long table in the center of the kitchen to enjoy the five-course meal they’ve just prepared. (Vegetarian, vegan and selections for guests with allergies are options for dinner.)

Lights are dimmed, background music plays, and a toast begins the special meal, where each course is served with wine and beer. At the meal’s end a special molecular gastronomy demonstration wows guests (we’ll keep that a secret), and they receive a special toque (chef’s hat) to take home, along with a Disney cookbook signed by the chefs.

“We really want them to leave the kitchen with ideas for a spectacular dinner party that they can do at home without opening a can or reaching for something frozen,” says Chef Brough.

The program is planned two evenings a week (days vary), starting at 5 p.m. Cost is $175 plus tax, $125 plus tax for ages 9 to 12. (Younger guests may have their own cooking station.) Complimentary transportation is provided for Disney Resort hotel guests. To book or for more information, call 407-WDW-PLAY.


  • My daughter and I attended the event on 8/3/2015. The staff was excellent.
    Our experience would have been perfect if it were not for the actions of 2 children and their mother who basically ruined the event for everyone. I have very little tolerance for a parent who want control her children. I applaud the staff for there baby sitting during a dipping dots demonstration with liquid nitrogen which is -346 F. While the mother sat oblivious on her IPad, her children proceeded to attempt to touch the liquid nitrogen. While the host for the evening politely told them numerous times to please not touch!!!

  • We will be at Disney for the Food & Wine Festival toward the end of October and would love to be part of this new Culinary Adventure. But need dates in order to book it.

  • Would love to do this while we are there for the first week of the food and wine festive! They don’t have dates yet. I have had my dinner reservations for 2 months! Really sad I will be there a week before the Chew taping, would really love to do this.

  • Can Disney’s Dining Plan credits be used for these experiences?

  • Do we know when this is running through? We are going to be there August 24-31st and my husband would LOVE to do this.

  • Is there a chance of an Adult Backstage Adventure?

  • Wow, this sounds great! I love that they offer options for those with food allergies and dietary restrictions. My son has multiple allergies and Disney has always been very accommodating.

  • Oh my goodness. My daughter turns 16 on Sunday the 5th and her dream in to come to Disney and be a princess while perusing her culinary degree.. She wants to work for Disney resorts as a chef and then open her own bakery someday… She would LOVE this.. Military family on tight budget means we don’t get vacations but WOW this would be amazing. #Dreamin …

  • It would be great if a schedule was out. I know this is brand new, but I just called and the dates are totally random — and they only go through August. I’d love to book this for our upcoming trip in Oct/Nov but I can’t even make tentative plans because the dates aren’t in any sort of pattern. Since Disney expects its guests to have to make plans 180 days out, it would be really nice if Disney itself had all the plans rolled out 180 days in advance as well. There’s still no info about many aspects of the F&W festival either. I’d love to work the French Family Meal traditions event in as well (my daughter just finished her HS French requirements) but again — no info, just a promise of something fabulous. It would be nice if there was enough info to actually book these experiences.

  • This sounds great, looking forward to participating! @Courtney re-read the article, it states half way through that there will be a vegetarian and vegan alternatives

  • This is such a great idea and an amazing value. We can’t wait to participate!!!!

  • Will this be available with a vegetarian alternative?

  • Great idea. Will this be offered in December as well or is this just a summer “adventure”?

    Thank you, Rich

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