Mickey’s Halloween Party Expands to 17 Nights with Return of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, September 11 – November 1

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


The Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration continues into Halloween Time when the season begins again September 11, with the addition of the new “Paint the Night” parade during the expanded 17 nights of Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland park!

In addition to the popular Halloween Time seasonal attractions, Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, Mickey Mouse and his friends in Halloween costumes, the Dia de los Muertos celebration and the special after-hours Mickey’s Halloween Party (a separate, ticketed event), guests will also be able to enjoy the new nighttime spectaculars that are the signature of our 60th anniversary celebration – “Disneyland Forever” fireworks, “Paint the Night” parade and “World of Color – Celebrate!” as well as special sparkling Halloween decor in honor of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration.

Please note: This year, Mickey’s Halloween Party will include “Paint the Night” parade and “Halloween Screams” fireworks. Mickey’s Costume Party cavalcade will not be featured this year; “Disneyland Forever” fireworks will be presented on non-party nights.

You can purchase your Mickey’s Halloween Party tickets early – and on your mobile device – here. Be sure to mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • July 22: Tickets on sale to Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders, Disney Rewards Visa card holders and Disney Vacation Club members
  • July 29: Tickets on sale to general public
  • Mickey’s Halloween Party 2015 dates: Friday, Sept. 25; Monday, Sept. 28; Wednesday, Sept. 30; Friday, Oct. 2; Monday, Oct. 5; Wednesday, Oct. 7; Friday, Oct. 9; Monday, Oct. 12; Wednesday, Oct. 14; Friday, Oct. 16; Monday, Oct. 19; Thursday, Oct. 22; Friday, Oct. 23; Sunday, Oct. 25; Tuesday, Oct. 27; Thursday, Oct. 29; and Saturday, Oct. 31

Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog and Disneyland.com/Halloween for more updates on Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort and Mickey’s Halloween Party, and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #HalloweenTime.


  • Erin thank you thank you so much for posting the Halloween Dates. How much are the tickets?

    • Kristina – Keep an eye on this page for ticket information

  • On party nights is there not a special halloween fireworks show and parade? Or is it only going to be the 60th anniversary fireworks and parade?

    • Wendy – On party nights, “Paint the Night” parade and “Halloween Screams” fireworks will be presented.

  • Finally!!! I didn’t think dates were ever going to be published! There is a date that works with our trip. Whew!! I wish Disney would remember that those of us who have to book flights, rental cars, and hotels in advance would really love info like this sooner!

  • Thanks for sharing! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this post for some time. I love Halloween Time at Disneyland: the decorations, the overlays, the pumpkin carvings at Big Thunder Ranch… Question: Is there confirmation on whether or not Haunted Mansion Holiday will incorporate the Hatbox Ghost? It seems a shame to reintroduce him only to quickly remove him for the holidays.

    • Good news, Derek! The Hatbox Ghost will remain for Haunted Mansion Holiday.

  • Yay! Two parties during our dates! Decisions, decisons! Thanks Erin!

  • My daughter’s 6th birthday is October 23rd. We will be spending October 23rd and 24th at the Disneyland hotel. My friend is a AP holder. I know the tickets are not transferable. Can she help me buy them? Also what time does the park close on party days?

  • Score! Thank you for this info! Happy to say we’ll be there for two possible nights. But… questions:

    1. This blog post mentions that Disney Visa holder can order starting 22-Jul. But the just updated events page at Disneyland’s site only mentions that annual pass holders can order early. How does one with a Disney Visa order early?

    2. Last year’s park hours for the last week of September showed park closing pretty early on non-party nights. Since it was mentioned that non-party nights include Fireworks shows, will the park be opened a big later? If so, great!

    Finally, huge huge thankyou for including Paint the Night parade on party nights! That will give us more chances to see it.

  • Oh, finally! I’ve been waiting for the official dates. I took a chance and booked our trip for my husband’s birthday, September 18, and yesss!!! it works!! A quick fly-down weekend to celebrate his birthday and then back down to San Diego on October 4 for the Halloween on the High Seas cruise. Yay!!!

  • Thanks Erin – do you know if this means Space Mountain will be closed on Labor Day?

  • Finally! Thank you Erin :0)

  • Erin — Thanks so much for the info! You know that a lot of people were getting very restless! Lol. 🙂

    I have to admit that I am surprised that Halloween Time is starting on 9/11, for a few reasons:

    1) 9/11 — It’s not exactly a fun, celebratory date in our nation’s recent history;

    2) It’s only 4 days after Labor Day; and

    3) This means that Disneyland Resort is actually kicking off its Halloween festivities before Walt Disney World begins its own Halloween fun. How often do we get a jump start on a season before WDW gets going? Lol.

  • Finally! I have been waiting for this information. Now its time to plan our trip. Thank you!

  • So Excited! Can’t wait to See HalloweenTime in the Parks again! My Nephew asks me EVERY DAY when we are going to go for Halloween Again. LOL!

  • Thanks for finally posting dates, but WOW! ticket prices sure have gone up!!!!

  • While I am grateful that this information has FINALLY been released, I have to say I’m a little disappointed that there will be no costume cavalcade. I understand it’s the 60th year, etc, but this is a hard ticket event that on some nights is priced at $84 plus tax, per person. That’s a LOT of money for a family when there isn’t even a special parade. Paint the Night is on every other night of the year – why can’t ticketed events still have something special?

  • Are there still going to be the candy stations? I didn’t see anything about it in the description.

    • Yes! Trick-or-treat stations will be included in Mickey’s Halloween Party.

  • What are the prices?

  • How will ticket holders also be able to view World of Color? Isn’t the event only in Disneyland?

    • Sorry for the confusion – I meant that “World of Color – Celebrate!” and “Disneyland Forever” fireworks will continue to be offered during Halloween Time, which is the season that runs September 11 through November 1.

      Mickey’s Halloween Party will include “Paint the Night” parade and “Halloween Screams” fireworks.

  • Are these tickets in addition to the regular theme park ticket? I was going to buy a 3 days pass but might wait now.

    • Mickey’s Halloween Party is a separated ticketed event.

  • @Michael. The tickets only cover the parties.

    Note that party ticket holders can enter Disneyland up to 3 hours prior to the start. On Friday nights, the parties start at 7 PM. And I believe that you should be able to enter Disneyland starting around 4 PM. Thus, that would give you eight hours total. On other nights, the parties start at 6 PM and I believe 4 PM would still be the point of early entry. That would give you seven hours.

    If you plan to go to the park(s) earlier, a separate admission ticket is needed.

    Personally, we’ll have general park tickets already. And so if we are lucky enough to secure a party ticket, it will make for a nice long day. From looking at calendars for past years, Disneyland tends to open early on party night days (say around 8 AM or even 7 AM with magic mornings). That would give you around a 15 to 16 hour day!

  • Hooray! Was waiting for the dates. Now for prices?

  • For those looking for prices they are on Disneyland online under season passholder information 🙂

  • Does this mean that Disneyland Forever will be shown on weeknights during Halloween season, on nights where there isn’t a party?

    • “Disneyland Forever” fireworks will be presented on all non-party nights, with the exception of September 10. But please note that all Entertainment offerings are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check the Entertainment Times Guide when you arrive.

  • The prices are up on the Disneyland website. If you click on the link that Erin posted above (under comment #1 from Kristina), you will go directly to the page with all the info.

  • @Valerie, that’s basically my question too. Considering that fireworks require darkness, that seems to imply that weeknight hours will be a bit longer than in prior years. At least I’m hoping for that!

    I’m very excited about now having multiple nights for Paint the Night. Previously, our thought was that we’d only be able to catch that on the Sunday during our trip (weekend hours).

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! So excited these are out. Thanks so much! Makes our trip feel all the more real! And my son is so excited one of the days will be his birthday!!

  • Does the start on 9/11 means that all decorations will be up on that day ? eventhough there is no special event that night or week ? Thanks that is the week we are visiting!

    • Hi Juan – Yes, all Halloween Time elements will begin September 11.

  • Where do Disney VISA holders sign in to purchase tickets on the 22nd? The event web site only mentions that annual pass holders can purchase tickets early.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Ricky. The site will be updated soon with information for Disney Visa card holders.

  • Hello Erin,
    Do you know yet when HM will be closed in January? I wish they would close it after the Star Wars marathon weekend. This year it was closed already on that weekend with a large crowd of guests in the parks due to the races. I would like to see The Hat Box Ghost while I am ther for the race. Can you please beg the team to keep it open.

  • Thanks for the Halloween info, Erin! Like a few others, I’m unclear on your wording about the Disneyland Forever fireworks schedule. Are you saying that they will happen on EVERY non-party night during the Halloween season or just on non-party weekend nights as usual? Also, I’m wondering the same about Paint the Night. Thank you so much!!

    • Lisa – Yes, “Disneyland Forever” and “Paint the Night” will be presented on all non-party nights, including weekdays. Just be sure to check the schedule on Disneyland.com as all our Entertainment offerings are subject to change.

  • This is the first time we will be going to the MNSSHP cannot wait. We have been to mickeys Christmas party twice and loved it. just have to find a costume for it.

  • Erin — Could you clear up some confusion on 2 things:

    1) When you say that Disneyland Forever fireworks will be presented on non-party nights, does that mean ALL non-party nights, or just the non-party Fri-Sat-Sun nights when there would normally be fireworks during that specific time of year?; and

    2) Since Paint the Night is being included in Mickey’s Halloween Party this year, is it still going to run on non-party nights too — or is it becoming a party exclusive after the summer season ends?

    • Hi Sherry – “Disneyland Forever” and “Paint the Night” will be presented on all non-party nights, including weeknights. Be sure to check the Entertainment schedule on Disneyland.com prior to your visit, as it is subject to change.

  • Thanks for the info! We are planning our first ever Disneyland trip for October. The nighttime entertainment schedule has me very confused.

    So the only way to see “Paint the Night” will be at the Halloween Party?

    And will the “Disneyland Forever” fireworks be shown every night including weeknights when there isn’t a party, or only on weekends?

    • Jennifer – Both “Disneyland Forever” fireworks and “Paint the Night” parade will be presented on all non-party nights, including weeknights. Check the Entertainment schedule on Disneyland.com prior to your visit, as it is subject to change.

  • A bit disappointed the Halloween Cavalcade parade won’t be offered this year. This was one of my children’s favorite parts of the night and set it apart as special from regular evenings at the park. Hopefully they will bring back a Halloween themed parade next year for the party.

  • What time will the park close to those not attending the Halloween Party? We will be there Oct. 12 -16 and were planning on attending the party on Wednesday the 14th but not Monday the 12th, just wanting to know the time we will be kicked out for the party goers that day.

  • To clarify, if we have passes to the park for some of these days, does that mean the park closes for us at the time that Mickey’s Halloween Party begins? (ours are 9/28 and 9/30)

    • Lisa – Be sure to check park hours on Disneyland.com prior to your visit. On Mickey’s Halloween Party nights, Disneyland park does close early to park guests without event tickets.

  • Erin, will Paint the Night also be run during Non-party weekdays?

    • Yes, it will!

  • Do we know when Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain will close for the overlays?

  • Thanks for this info! I’m curious though, if I have a pass and do not purchase this event ticket, will I have to leave earlier than actual closing time?

    • Be sure to check park hours on Disneyland.com prior to your visit. On Mickey’s Halloween Party nights, Disneyland park does close early to park guests without event tickets.

  • Hi! Would anyone know the likelihood that certain attractions (Haunted Mansion) will be “closed for refurbishment” days before the beginning of Halloween Time (Sept. 8-10)? We are considering changing our trip to ensure that the Holiday attractions are not closed, and welcome any helpful information from anyone. Thanks! 🙂

  • How many tickets can each Annual Passholder buy for the resale advance tickets for the party? I have a family of 3 going and I hope to buy them all in one transaction!

  • Correction for misspelling:

    How many tickets can each Annual Passholder buy for the pre-sale advance tickets for the party? I have a family of 3 going and I hope to buy them all in one transaction!

  • If I apply and receive a Disney VISA card now, will I be eligible to buy tickets on July 22nd? If so, where and how would I do so. The special events page only states annual pass holders can purchase on July 22nd if logged in.

  • Is “halloween screams” new or the same as previous years since the fireworks were upgraded for the 60th?

    • “Halloween Screams” fireworks will be the same show that party guests have enjoyed in previous years.

  • what does this mean “Mickey’s Costume Party cavalcade will not be featured this year”? no trick or treating? no dance party?

    • Mickey’s Costume Party refers only to the cavalcade (or parade) that has been featured in previous years. All other elements remain the same. Please click here for full party details.

  • My questions are exactly the same as #32 Sherry from California about the weekday nights and if the fireworks will be on. I am planning a mid October vacation and if the fireworks and parade are on weekdays, that could influence when I will be going. I look forward to the information.

    • Both “Disneyland Forever” fireworks and “Paint the Night” parade will be presented on all non-party nights, including weeknights. Check the Entertainment schedule on Disneyland.com prior to your visit, as it is subject to change

  • I will miss the Halloween parade on Party nights, since we can see “Paint the Night” any night.

  • @Lisa, yes. Disneyland guests that do not have separate party tickets will need to exit the park. Since the party on 9/28 and 9/30 starts at 6 PM, that will be the time you’d need to leave.

    From what I’ve seen in past years, the parks tend to open a bit earlier to account a bit for the early end time.

  • Still waiting on clarification for Disney VISA cards. The ticket ordering page only mentions annual pass holders can order early on the 22nd. But the blog posting here mentions that Disney VISA card holders can also do the same. Which is correct?

  • @Erin, do we know yet how the early start to the Halloween party is going to affect the closures of Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion in Disneyland?

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